Children also develop herpes zoster.

Many people think that children will not get herpes zoster. Not really, People of any age develop herpes zoster, Only three quarters of herpes zoster occurs after the age of 45. Herpes zoster is caused by varicella-zoster virus. The first infection with the virus is usually manifested as chickenpox. After chickenpox is cured, The virus has not been cleared, But lurked in the ganglion, When people’s immunity decreases, The virus travels along the nerves to the skin, Cause herpes zoster. Some small knowledge of different things: 1. Herpes zoster is rare in children under the age of 10. 2. Children’s herpes zoster symptoms are milder than adults. 3. People who have developed chickenpox, There will be a 10%-15% probability of getting herpes zoster. Children who have developed chickenpox before the age of 4.1 or whose mothers have developed chickenpox in the third trimester of pregnancy, The probability of herpes zoster is higher than that of others. Atypical Symptoms Children suffer from herpes zoster symptoms that are not as typical as adults. So sometimes it can lead to misdiagnosis. When adults develop herpes zoster, The main sensation is burning-like and acupuncture-like pain at the affected site. Then there will be a cluster of small blisters. When children get sick, The pain is not so obvious. When a child has a rash, The first thing that appears at the lesion is red pimples. Then these pimples will become small blisters, After that, the blisters scabbed and healed. The skin damage is a bit like chickenpox. But it won’t grow all over like chickenpox, But confined to one side of the body, No more than the midline. And, Postherpetic neuralgia rarely occurs in children with herpes zoster. This is a common sequelae of herpes zoster. The main manifestation is that 30 days after the skin damage occurred, Pain at the lesion site still exists. How to prevent herpes zoster vaccine can effectively prevent herpes zoster. Varicella vaccine cannot directly prevent herpes zoster. Some children who have been vaccinated against chickenpox have not developed chickenpox, But still can get herpes zoster. However, among children who have been vaccinated with varicella vaccine, the incidence rate of herpes zoster is obviously lower than that of those who have not been vaccinated with varicella vaccine. Summary 1. Because herpes zoster is not common in children, it is sometimes misdiagnosed as allergy, contact dermatitis, impetigo, etc. 2. Herpes zoster always occurs on one side of the body and is consistent with the innervation range of the corresponding nerves. 3. Herpes zoster is also contagious. If you have never developed chickenpox or been vaccinated against chickenpox, if you come into contact with patients with herpes zoster, you will develop chickenpox instead of herpes zoster. 4. The main method to treat herpes zoster is antiviral therapy. Drugs include acyclovir, etc. If there is postherpetic neuralgia, pain treatment is required.