Children febrile convulsion (burning smoke), how to do?

What if the child burns and smokes?

1. Parents calm down and observe their children’s situation first.

2. Put the child in a flat and soft place, such as carpet and bed.

3. Ensure smooth breathing

Let the child lie on his side with his head tilted to one side and loosen the neckline and clothes.

4. Clean up children’s oral cavity

Clean up saliva and residue in the child’s mouth with soft cloth to ensure that nothing in the mouth hinders breathing.

5. Make relevant records

Record the start time, duration and child status of convulsion, which can be recorded by mobile phone.

6. Take off your clothes and turn on the air conditioner to cool down.

Some appropriate physical cooling methods will make children feel more comfortable.

7. See a doctor as soon as possible after convulsion.

Go to the hospital to confirm the cause of fever.

8. Need to go to the hospital as soon as possible:

In case of the following conditions, it is recommended to find out the reason in detail with a pediatrician.

    Convulsion lasts for more than 5 minutes, breathing is abnormal, and consciousness cannot recover quickly after convulsion. Body temperature exceeds 40 ℃. Convulsion occurs more than once a day, with symptoms such as extreme lethargy, severe vomiting, neck rigidity, etc. Symptoms such as convulsion occur every time fever occurs.

Common Mistakes about Febrile Convulsion

Don’t do any of the following!

  1. Pinch children among those who

  2. Restrict children’s activities

  3. Put towels or anything else in your mouth

  4. Alcohol wiping and cooling

  5. After convulsion, it doesn’t matter, don’t investigate the reason

  6. Take antipyretic drugs to prevent convulsion (antipyretic drugs cannot prevent febrile convulsion)

How to prevent febrile convulsion?

It should be noted that febrile convulsions cannot be prevented. However, febrile convulsions often occur in babies between 6 months and 5 years old, and rarely occur after 5 years old.