You don’t know the 7 wrong views about private parts yet?

Even today, everyone can easily obtain all kinds of information from the Internet, but all kinds of porn, porn, and messy advertisements interfere with our correct understanding of vagina.

This word is still a relatively taboo. In the face of the true and false statements circulated on the Internet, should we believe them? Let’s look at the professional doctor’s answer.

Error 1: Vagina should be cleaned

Don’t clean your vagina.

Contrary to the hype of gynecological lotions, the vagina is not [healthier to wash], but may [wash out the disease without disease].

The vagina has the ability to purify itself and can secrete protective substances to maintain the stability of the internal environment and resist invading bacteria. Using those lotions can easily destroy the balance of the vagina itself and increase the risk of inflammation.

The best way to protect yourself is to scrub the vulva with clear water and leave the rest to the vagina to handle.

Error 2: Vaginal secretions are dirty,

In a healthy state, vaginal secretions are actually very clean.

Don’t just put yourself in the right seat, I think I am the [leucorrhea abnormality] described in some small advertisements. In fact, at different stages of the menstrual cycle, normal vaginal secretions themselves also have various states, which may be transparent and filamentous or pasty, and the color may be milky white, flaxen or slightly yellowish. Due to sedentary or sultry reasons, there may also be slight smell.

These vaginal secretions contain a large number of exfoliated cells, some mucus and some normal bacteria in the vagina, which can play a role in lubricating, maintaining acid-base balance in the vagina and inhibiting bacterial proliferation.

However, if the secretion is in the form of bean curd residue, or has foul smell, or carries pus and blood, it should go to gynecology examination as soon as possible.

Error 3: It is more hygienic to depilate private parts,

Pubic hair has its significance, don’t choose depilation easily.

Although some people think it is dirty, especially when wearing swimsuits, too thick hair may lead to embarrassing situation, but the existence of pubic hair plays an important role.

Hair removal will not make it more [hygienic]. Pubic hair can relieve skin friction during sexual intercourse, absorb secretions and odors, and hair removal will expose hair follicles and vulvar skin, increasing the risk of vulvar skin infection and folliculitis, so don’t hair removal casually!

Error 4: All women have G-spots

In 2008, scientists identified the location of the so-called G-spot for the first time, but at the same time found that not all women have G-spots.

The study found that those women who claimed to have G-spot orgasm had a thick area of tissue about 3 cm from the anterior wall of the vagina.

However, the key to sex life is that both parties can coordinate. And now you know, some people are born without G-spot, so blindly pursuing G-spot orgasm will destroy interest.

Error 5: Size will affect the quality of the same room.

In fact, size is not a very important issue.

The average length of Asian women’s vagina is 7 ~ 12 cm at ordinary times. When sharing a room, as long as there is enough [foreplay] preparation, its width and length have great extensibility. No matter what his size is, your size can adjust itself according to the actual situation and wrap well.

What if the partner has a giant? In reality, there are indeed many cases of vaginal bleeding and tearing caused by excessive sexual intercourse, but as long as they cooperate with each other, [mercy] a little, they can be completely avoided. Therefore, passion can be available, but it is better to be gentle.

Error 6: Smaller people are more compact.

This statement is totally groundless.

In fact, the vagina is not tight, because it can be adjusted according to the actual situation, under the stimulation of excitement, the size may even reach twice as large as usual.

Small women, The pelvic structure is indeed relatively small, But that doesn’t mean their vaginas are smaller and tighter. If you are small and have difficulty during sexual intercourse, don’t take it for granted that there is something wrong with your vagina. Most of the time, it may actually be caused by thick hymen or muscle tension and spasm. Of course, if the problem has not improved, you should consult a doctor.

Error 7: There will be relaxation after a natural birth.

Many women will worry that natural childbirth will lead to the enlargement of the vagina and will remain loose in the future.

In fact, this has nothing to do with natural labor. Whether it is natural labor or cesarean section, pregnancy itself will cause a burden to the entire pelvic floor and the vagina will naturally be affected.

However, under normal circumstances, the vagina that gives birth smoothly can return to its normal size after several months, which will not affect the same room, so there is no need to worry too much.

For women who have given birth many times, the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction will indeed be higher in the future. However, most of the people who encounter this kind of problem are elderly women, which is also related to the natural aging brought about by age.

Therefore, at a young age, don’t blindly believe in what’s small advertisement of shrinking yin. It is better to insist on doing some training to strengthen pelvic floor muscles (such as Kegel exercise), and the whole recovery process will be faster.

Finally, is there any way to exercise there?

Of course there is a way. Kegel exercise, as an exercise that can be carried out almost at any time, will have a very significant effect as long as it is willing to stick to it.

This exercise can not only help some women to reach orgasm better, but also strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve urinary incontinence (including postpartum urinary incontinence). In addition, it is also helpful to prevent uterine prolapse. Uterine prolapse is a disease in which the uterus descends from its normal position along the vagina, and the cervix and even the uterus all come out of the vaginal opening. It is common in elderly women who have too many or too many children when they are young.

When doing Kegel exercise, you need to tighten the pelvic floor muscles. If you feel anxious to urinate but hold it back, you are doing the right thing. You can also insert a clean finger into the vagina and try to clamp it.