Click on it, these methods may make it easier to quit smoking.

When quitting smoking, people complain incessantly about withdrawal reactions such as insomnia, anxiety, weight gain and difficulty in concentrating.

Those who have poor concentration have long forgotten their pledge that I must give up smoking this time.

Some determined, left us a message:

Dr. Clove, quitting smoking is painful. Is there any good advice from what?

Yes, do it.

Throw away all the cigarettes in the house first, don’t stay behind, touch your heart and think about it, [I will give up slowly] do you believe this?

Then everything goes as usual. Apart from the possible withdrawal symptoms, you will only find that your life has become better-your heart is steady, you don’t cough, your breathing is smooth, your foggy world is clear, your eyes are softer, your colleagues smile at you, and you are more energetic in the mirror!

Next, Dr. Clove will provide some tips for your reference on withdrawal symptoms, hoping to help relieve some pain.

Anxiety, irritability

    Go outside and get some fresh air, Take a deep breath, Do some stretching exercises. Give yourself 10 minutes, what didn’t do it, Empty your brain, You can think of what, Just don’t think about smoking. If you have something on hand, Focus on it and do one thing at a time. Don’t multithread when you are anxious. Try squeezing the ball, squeezing the bubbles on the packaging bag, etc. to relieve the pressure. Don’t let your mouth idle, chew gum, candy, carrots, cucumbers, nuts… Do some trivial things you like, such as cooking some delicious food, tidying up the room, playing the piano, singing and dancing.


    Take cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters out of the bedroom, Lying in bed, If you can’t sleep for half a day, It is hard to guarantee that you will not light a cigarette casually. Smoke and enjoy it. After four or five in the afternoon, Avoid coffee and alcoholic drinks, These things can seriously reduce sleep quality. Eat something that is easy to digest for dinner. Don’t eat and drink before going to bed. Develop regular sleep habits, Do some relaxing exercise before falling asleep. Make the bedroom suitable for sleep. It is quiet, warm, soft in light, comfortable in bed, and do not put strong flowers and plants. Reading in bed before going to bed can help you fall asleep. Easy prose novels, obscure classics and English word books are all good choices.

  • If the sleep disorder is serious, you can take sleeping drugs such as zopiclone, oxazepam, alprazolam or diazepam under the guidance of a doctor.

Anger, anger, frustration

    Leave the oppressive place temporarily. Stop, close your eyes, inhale deeply through your nose, then exhale through your mouth, and say silently: Life is very beautiful, I am so irritable, not good or bad; Smoking is harmful to my health and tortures me like this. Quit, quit. Go to the gym, go to exercise, vent your emotions on cold equipment, sprinkle on the court, regain your sanity and find beauty in the swollen muscles and gradually bright lines.

  • Find something interesting to do, attractive novels, wonderful movies, exciting games, temporary distractions, reduce manic depression.

Depression, loss, unhappiness

  • Shout it out loud or say it silently in my heart:

I am getting healthier, which is a good thing.

I am doing a great thing and need to stick to it.

I have smoked for so many years, I must give up this time! Not to prove that I am better than others, but to lose my health because of cigarettes, I must regain it! ! !

In fact, sometimes, we need some blood and chicken soup.

    Friends and family are for what? Tell them your pain, With their encouragement and support, Make it easier to quit smoking. Swing the paddles of friendship and affection, Forget the desire to smoke a cigarette. Watch a movie, Choosing a good movie to immerse itself in it, or choosing a bad movie to spit out crazily, can relieve the bad mood, and-smoking is forbidden in cinemas. Ready to quit smoking, then the original money to buy cigarettes will be saved, online shopping sweeps the streets to buy bags, and in the process of express delivery, unpacking and credit card swiping, the mood gradually becomes clear, and a new goal (more money) has been set up.

Excessive appetite and weight gain

    The lesser of the two evils, In order to quit smoking, We can consider letting the fat meat be presumptuous for a while, Quit smoking and shake your mind again to clean them up. Let your mouth not be idle, you can really reduce your desire to smoke. However, if you change potato chips, fried chicken ice cream and fruit, cereal and vegetable salad, you will be healthier. Regular meals, less convenience food and fried food. Drink more water, not taste tasteless, drink more tea. Exercise, while maintaining a healthy weight, can also reduce the desire to [relapse].

Other recommendations

    Find a reliable friend, Quit smoking together, Support each other, supervise each other and accompany each other. Knowing that you are quitting smoking, Smoking in front of you, He even handed you cigarettes to tempt your people. Stay away from them. Such friends, It’s not worth it. The environmental factors are very big. Don’t always wander in the smoking room of the airport, the corridor of the company and the toilet of the campus. When you are free, go to public places, shopping malls, cinemas, gymnasiums, libraries or tobacco control offices for more rounds. Smoking fines can be restrained. Balanced diet, moderate exercise, adjustment of emotions, and start a healthy new life from all aspects.

If you want to have a secret with smoke, Dr. Clove will leave advice:

First, it is best not to see it, so you can not miss it.

Second, it is best not to order it, so that you will not fall in love with each other.

Third, it is best to quit now. You can try smoking cessation stickers.

However, it is even more difficult to quit smoking if you think about it once you meet.

It was refreshing to smoke and smoke for a while, and relatives and friends advised him to throw it aside.

Dispel clouds, disperse fog, be happy and at ease, and be refreshed and healthy.

When your body and life are changing in a positive direction, you also gradually find that you no longer miss smoking, you have put down your unhealthy past and gained a better self.