What if you are always hungry? 3 moves to help you control your appetite

When people say they are hungry, they are often not very accurate.

You may be [hungry]: you eat too little, digest too fast, your stomach is empty, and your stomach feels uncomfortable.

However, [Hungry] is actually a morbid condition. It is a feeling of long-term lack of staple food, lack of carbohydrate, low blood sugar to insufficient brain energy, brain failure and headache.

More likely [greedy], puzzling want to eat.

To lose weight intelligently, one must learn three points: one must not be greedy, one must avoid hunger, and one must bear hunger.

The difficulty coefficient cannot be greedy.

Let’s talk about the hardest. Yes, this is the hardest.

Let’s give you a few tips:

  1. Drink plenty of water and make any light tea with taste.

  2. You can drink sugar-free cola and homemade bubble water.

  3. Chewing xylitol gum

  4. Don’t always sit and lie down, the quieter the more greedy it is.

  5. Start tidying up the things at hand.

  6. If you want to eat, stand up and take two steps.

  7. It is best to do some simple exercises, and activities are the most appetizing.

  8. Don’t bring money (and mobile phones with payment function)

  9. Take a detour to avoid the usual grocery store.

  10. Food is only allowed to appear in the dining area, out of sight and out of sight.

  11. Talk more, call more, or sing more. Don’t let your mouth idle.

  12. The most important thing is to have no difference in food: it has no taste of what and must be eaten.

The master led the way in, abstaining from greed and relying on individuals.

Avoiding Hunger Difficulty Coefficient

However, many people are greedy because of [hunger]: dieting, not eating staple food, not eating dinner, low-carbon diet…

All these will make the body very eager for carbohydrate starch food! I can’t stop eating once I eat.


    Regular three meals: divide the staple food equally to three times throughout the day; Eat less and eat more: halve the staple food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat fruits and dried fruits in the morning and afternoon, and add extra meals to the other staple food. Carbohydrate supplement before exercise: avoid fasting for a long time before exercise and eat fruits or oats 1 ~ 2 hours in advance; Calculate nutrition: If mathematics is OK, learn to calculate the daily carbohydrate intake to ensure that it is above 110 ~ 130g.

Difficulty coefficient of carrying hunger

On the premise of controlling the proper total energy per day, choose natural foods with large volume, high water content, high fiber, strong satiety and indigestion as much as possible: potato coarse grains, miscellaneous grains and beans, high fiber dark vegetables and low sugar fruits.

1. Cucumber

In vegetables, melons belong to some with low nutrient content and parallel imports. However, their common characteristics are low calorie, high water content, large volume and good fiber content, which are suitable for people with large appetite to appease hunger and have a bite to eat.

Suggestions for eating:

    Can’t take cucumbers as food; Try to eat one kilo of vegetables every day, and try to eat more than half a kilo of dark leafy vegetables.

2. Tremella

Dietary fiber has strong water absorption capacity, which is manifested in increasing the volume of contents in the stomach, increasing satiety and reducing people’s food intake.

In the intestinal tract, it is manifested as increasing the volume of feces and shortening the time of feces in the intestinal tract, thus relieving constipation.

Suggestions for eating:

    As an extra meal in the morning and afternoon, you can stew red jujube and agaric soup and medlar and tremella soup without sugar and bring your own sweet taste. You can add milk according to your preference. Chilled before drinking, the taste is better. As long as about 10g of dried tremella, you can cook a large bowl of tremella soup. Add two meals a day and only need 20 grams. Don’t complain [where did you get tremella soup when you were hungry] ~ you need to learn to predict in advance that you will be hungry in what and prepare healthy and suitable food.

3. Auricularia auricula

Tremella and Auricularia have very low calories and are very advantageous. By eating more Auricularia and more dietary fiber, you can increase your satiety, control your appetite and reduce the possibility of eating other junk foods.

Suggestions for eating:

    In three meals, especially breakfast, add cold dishes with black fungus as the main part, such as black fungus mixed with shredded bamboo shoots, mixed with meat slices and mixed with three shreds. Use black fungus as side dishes and cook refreshing vegetable dishes, such as lotus pond stir-fry and clear stir-fry kale. If you are lazy, just mix it with hot black fungus.

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