Cold weather is not the reason to stay at home. You can also move in winter.

When winter comes, there are two choices: to nest in warm beds every day, or to cheer up and start a winter sports trip.

Falling temperatures should not be an obstacle to exercise. In fact, for healthy people, exercising in cold seasons can get more benefits.

Adequate exercise can improve the basal metabolic rate and help to better resist the cold. Moreover, when the weather is cold, exercise needs to work harder and consume more calories. Going out for exercise is also a good opportunity to bathe in winter sunshine.

According to the American Heart Association, maintaining exercise has the following advantages:

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes;

  2. Improve sleep quality;

  3. Have more energy to deal with the work;

  4. Contribute to mental health;

  5. Help to establish good living habits. Once time is occupied by sports, there will be less time to eat and drink.

  6. Get better social intercourse. In sports, you will come into contact with friends who also love sports.

  7. Maintain a healthy weight and avoid [not losing weight in winter and feeling sad in summer].

Readers are specially reminded that the exercise suggestions in this article are only applicable to healthy people without any basic diseases. If there are basic diseases such as lung diseases, hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc., doctors should be consulted before exercise.

Which sports are better in winter?

Walking is really useful

Although it seems that the amount of exercise is not large, walking can also achieve good results. There are five reasons to support this argument:

  1. Effective walking for only 30 minutes a day can improve blood circulation, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and help lose weight.

  2. Free walk, do not need any space and equipment, just a pair of comfortable shoes.

  3. Simple don’t need to learn any skills, no matter where, can start at any time.

  4. Fun can choose to take a walk with family and friends. While exercising, it can also enhance feelings.

  5. Customize according to your habits and work and rest time, choose the appropriate route and distance, and start your walking plan.

Walking can also be efficient.

Although walking does not require any skills, proper attention can double the efficiency of walking and unconsciously shape a better body.

  1. Look up and look straight ahead.

  2. Your arms should swing with your steps.

  3. Stand tall and straight, chest up;

  4. When walking, pay attention to shrinking your stomach, you can feel more energetic and energetic.

If walking alone cannot meet your needs, you can choose more efficient exercise.

Moderate intensity exercise

Moderate intensity sports suitable for winter include: fast walking, ballroom dancing, skating and skiing on the ground.

During these exercises, you will feel your heart beating faster, sweating slightly, breathing faster, but you can talk to people.

Suggestion: 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week.

High-intensity exercise

High-intensity sports include: fast cart uphill, long-term uninterrupted jogging, rope skipping, basketball and fast skiing.

During high-intensity exercise, you will feel slightly overwhelmed, feel stronger and faster heartbeat, and feel that your heart will jump out at any time. If you want to open your mouth and speak, you must stop exercising.

Suggestion: 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise per week.

Keep warm

It is very important to keep warm when going out for sports in winter.

When starting strenuous exercise, do some low-intensity warm-up exercises first, which can improve the exercise efficiency and make you more comfortable when exercising.

Wear more layers to help keep warm. For example, wear short sleeves and a medium-thickness vest outside. If you feel cold, you can add a thicker cotton-padded jacket. After warming up, you can subtract one piece appropriately. After the exercise is over, put it on in time.

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to safety during winter sports.

It’s cold, don’t let your body hibernate. Cheer up and start exercising!

Responsible Editor: Chuyang