Confessions of Hysteromyoma

Almost when it comes to gynecological tumors, the first reaction everyone hears is [hysteromyoma]. Since this benign lesion is so deeply rooted in people’s hearts, let’s discuss it! According to Dr. Clove’s habit of opening his brain wide, then explain that hysteromyoma is a what [ghost] in the form of confession? Hello everyone, I am a uterine leiomyoma, Now four years old, Now it has grown to 3X3cm, There is no what blood flow signal, This is the result of my master’s gynecological ultrasound two days ago. Our uterine fibroids grow very slowly and only 0.4% ~ 0.8% will become malignant tumors. So it’s not really scary, You don’t have to be too nervous, So that we can have a good chat. Our three brothers, They all grow on the uterus, so in a sense, the uterus is also our [mother], but our existence is not expected, so everyone hates us very much. Our three brothers grow in different places and different sizes. Eldest brother, they grow on the outermost serosa of the uterus. The second brother, who grows in the myometrium, is tightly wrapped by the myometrium of the uterus. I’m the third, Growing in the mucous membrane of the uterus, Even closer to the uterine cavity. Because we are in different positions, the clinical manifestations we cause are also different. Uterine leiomyoma [three brothers], The manifestations are different. 1. A bulge or oppression symptom. As the eldest brother grows, It is possible that the owner will find out, Because it may only be found by pressing the abdomen, especially when you want to urinate in the morning. Usually it feels like a hard mass, which can move and usually does not feel what pain. When it grows to a certain size, it will compress the surrounding organs. It grows in front of the uterus and compresses the bladder, which can produce frequent urination and urgent urination. Compression of bladder on cervix can cause dysuria. Growing behind the uterus, Can compress the rectum, Causing poor defecation and discomfort after defecation. There are also leiomyomas, Can compress the ureter, Even causing hydronephrosis. So you also found out, If it is relatively small, there will be no obvious symptoms. Only when you grow very big will you have some symptoms. But if the eldest brother has twisted or suffered from ischemia and necrosis, There will be acute abdominal pain, Sometimes, if combined with other diseases, it will cause different clinical manifestations. For example, complicated with endometriosis can lead to dysmenorrhea, etc. 2. Uterine bleeding Most women find that uterine leiomyoma only goes to see a doctor because of the symptoms of uterine bleeding. This is why Dr. Clove advises patients with irregular bleeding or menstrual changes to check B-ultrasound every time. Periodic bleeding is the most common one. It can be manifested as increased menstrual volume, prolonged menstrual period or shortened cycle. It can also be manifested as irregular vaginal bleeding without menstrual periodicity. Usually, my second brother and I are more likely to cause this kind of situation. Not too much, eldest brother. Further, As long-term menorrhagia or irregular vaginal bleeding can cause hemorrhagic anemia, Most of the more serious anemia is caused by my submucosal leiomyoma. 3. Leucorrhea increases due to our presence. Enlarged the uterine cavity, The secretion of endometrial glands increased, Combined with pelvic congestion, It can increase leucorrhea. Sometimes when I have ulcers, infections, necrosis, Also can make leucorrhea with blood or pus. 4. Infertility and abortion our three brothers will also compete with the baby in the uterus for seats, so uterine leiomyoma patients are easy to accompany infertility or abortion, the impact on pregnancy and pregnancy outcome may be related to the growth site, size and number of leiomyoma. How to find uterine leiomyoma [three brothers]? In fact, there are many ways: 1. Ultrasonography is currently the most commonly used auxiliary diagnostic method. It is not only helpful to discover us, It can also identify whether our three brothers have malignant transformation (malignant transformation is mainly judged by looking at blood flow signals around and in the middle of leiomyoma). 2. Diagnostic curettage detects the size and direction of uterine cavity through uterine cavity probe. Sensing the shape of the uterine cavity, To understand whether there is a mass in uterine cavity and its location, Of course, this requires experienced doctors to do it. This method can be used to identify endometrial lesions or submucosal fibroids. Because the scraped tissue needs to be examined pathologically. 3. Hysteroscopy uses probes, Entering the uterine cavity through the vagina, Look directly at the uterine cavity to see if there is no submucosal leiomyoma, If it is relatively small, it can be removed conveniently. 4. Laparoscopic examination when the mass is found, When you suspect that you may not be a member of our family, Laparoscopy is feasible, Go straight into the belly to observe it closely and judge its nature preliminarily. 5. Magnetic resonance examination under normal circumstances, No MRI is required, But when we suspect that we have the possibility of continuing to deteriorate, Magnetic resonance comes in handy. Compared with ultrasound, magnetic resonance can show us more clearly, so that even if we get worse, doctors can find ways to deal with us. For treatment, although it is a matter for doctors to worry about, in order to let you know how to destroy us, I will tearfully tell you how to destroy us at one stroke! How to exterminate uterine fibroids [three brothers]? There are currently three options: 1. Observation and Waiting If we don’t make the patient uncomfortable, Or be a good baby, Not bad, Then we can wait and see. 2. Drug therapy mainly reduces the stimulating effect of estrogen, The appearance of our three brothers is related to high estrogen. Therefore, various drugs are used to inhibit estrogen levels or antagonize estrogen effects. Such as GnRH-a, mifepristone, tamoxifen, danazole, etc. 3. Surgical treatment is mainly two options. Either just cut off our three brothers, Or the whole uterus. Just our three brothers, It is for patients who want to preserve their reproductive function, But there’s a half chance, Our three fraternities are making a comeback. If the patient does not wish to retain his reproductive function, Direct excision of the uterus, Took our three brothers’ lair, You can never get rid of future troubles. 4. Focused ultrasound therapy can use the energy of ultrasound to beat cattle across the mountain without damaging external tissues, but it can directly kill our cells. However, because thermal damage may lead to the damage of surrounding flatulence, there are also surgical risks. Well, this is basically the case! I hope you can have an objective and correct understanding of me.