What changes will take place in your body after quitting smoking?

Smoking is a bad habit, which is well known to all ages, but what are the adverse effects of smoking on health? [What are the health benefits of quitting or not smoking? Faced with these problems, I am afraid not many people can make it clear.

In fact, understanding the positive impact of quitting smoking on life is far more conducive to smokers quitting smoking than talking about the harm of smoking.

So, is [smoke-free] life a [physical] test of how?

What changes will take place in life after quitting smoking for one month?

    In the process of exercise, the condition of shortness of breath and weakness is rapidly improved. No matter at home, in the car, clothes or yourself, it will smell more [fresh]; The sense of smell and taste will become more sensitive. Smoke spots on teeth and nails are slightly lighter.

What changes will take place after quitting smoking?

After observing the recovery of the body after quitting smoking, the American Heart Association found that the longer you stay away from smoking, the greater the benefits of the body.

Give up smoking for 20 minutes

The soaring blood pressure and heart rate caused by smoking will gradually calm down.

Quit smoking for 12 hours

The content of carbon monoxide in the blood will return to normal.

Quit smoking for 2-3 weeks

The circulation function and lung function of human body began to improve compared with smoking period.

Quit smoking for 1 ~ 9 months

Cough and shortness of breath decreased significantly, and breathing began to become smooth. Dry cough and expectoration weakness are reduced, and the risk of lung infection is significantly reduced.

Give up smoking for one year

The risk of coronary heart disease increased by smoking was reduced by 50%.

Quit smoking for 5 years

The increased risks of oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer and bladder cancer due to smoking are reduced by 50%, and the risks of stroke and cervical cancer are reduced to the general level.

Give up smoking for 10 years

The risk of death from lung cancer is reduced by the general level, and the risk of laryngeal cancer and pancreatic cancer is gradually reduced.

Quit smoking for 15 years

The risk of death from coronary heart disease was reduced to the same level as that of non-smokers.

All these changes come from actions. From now on, quit smoking.

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