Constipation, why eating bananas and drinking honey water don’t work for you?

There are often some minor troubles in life, such as

Constipation, unhappy…

A search on the Internet, many people say so:

    Get up every day to drink a cup of honey water to moisten your intestines. It is useful to eat bananas. Eat more bananas. Drink yogurt, good for intestinal tract!

However, why do many people eat these foods but they have no effect?

Is the legendary three major defecation therapies-honey water, bananas and yogurt really useful?

I. Honey Water

There are indeed some people who have the so-called [laxative] effect after drinking honey water.

But this is not because honey [moistens the intestines], but because your body [fructose intolerance].

Honey contains a large amount of fructose, and everyone has different ability to absorb fructose. [Fructose intolerance] people have slow intestinal absorption of fructose.

Fructose is too late to be absorbed. In order to balance the osmotic pressure in the intestinal tract, water will enter the intestinal cavity, stool volume will increase, and diarrhea may occur.

However, if you want to rely on honey water to relieve constipation, you must have severe fructose intolerance and drink a lot of honey.

The former depends on genes, while the latter is easy to realize. However, if you drink dozens of grams of honey every day, are you really not afraid of gaining weight?

For most people, except for good taste, there will be no obvious difference between a cup of honey water and a glass of water in the effect of relaxing bowels in what.

2. Bananas

The reason why bananas become little laxatives is largely because they complement each other with shape. (You know)

But in fact, bananas are no more prominent than other fruits in terms of dietary fiber, which helps relieve constipation, and even cannot compare with pears and pitaya.

Therefore, you can eat more fruits to relieve constipation, but there is no need to eat bananas.

If it is not ripe bananas, don’t eat them, because tannic acid content is high, but it is easy to cause constipation.

III. Yogurt and Lactic Acid Bacteria Beverages

Thanks to the advertisement in full swing, everyone always thinks that after drinking yogurt and lactic acid bacteria drinks, they can be [naturally unobstructed] [intestinal tract relaxed].

The advertisement will tell you this:

Probiotics in yogurt and lactic acid bacteria beverages can regulate intestinal flora and have the effects of promoting digestion and relaxing bowels.

However, the actual situation is that most yogurt contains only Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, which cannot pass the gastric acid level, are not probiotics, and are not helpful to intestinal health.

As for those yogurt and lactic acid bacteria beverages added with probiotics, it may be true that a bottle with [millions of active probiotics] can be transported, stored, bought home, and finally drunk. It is really hard to say how many of them can reach your intestinal tract alive through all kinds of difficulties.

What’s more, even in academia, there is no clear [final conclusion] on the health care effect of [probiotics]. Drinking yogurt when constipation occurs may not make the intestinal tract unobstructed, but it is likely to gain weight.

After all, a bottle of yogurt (200 mL) has almost a small bowl of rice.

4. Laxative tea

Although laxative tea is not on the [laxative list], I believe there are definitely not a few people who have drunk it.

Although this product has a remarkable effect at the moment, it is completely [palliative] and is especially prone to dependence. If you don’t eat it, you can’t pull it. It is not so much [relaxing bowels] as [drinking poison to quench thirst and aggravate constipation].

Not to scare you, if you abuse this kind of laxative tea or even traditional Chinese medicine with laxative effect for a long time, it will lead to blackening of intestines and loss of function.

Five, the right way to overcome constipation

Having said so much unreliable, should constipation eat what?

In fact, there is no what food prescription for relaxing bowels.

What you need to do is to improve the whole lifestyle.

Here are some simple suggestions:

STEP 1 Don’t eat too little

Eat enough food to stimulate intestinal peristalsis.

Even if you are losing weight, don’t go on an extreme diet. You can choose vegetables and fruits with low calories and large volume.

Step 2: Eat enough fiber

Replace half of the white rice with coarse grains, potatoes and miscellaneous beans, such as coarse grains rice, oatmeal porridge, eight treasures porridge, baked sweet potatoes and steamed purple potatoes.

Hold on for a period of time and you will see the effect.

Step 3 Drink plenty of water

If you don’t drink enough water, you will easily dry your stool.

In addition to drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day, you can also eat more foods rich in soluble dietary fiber such as agaric, tremella and kelp.

Step 4 Move

Moderate exercise can help intestinal peristalsis and improve constipation.

There are no restrictions on the forms of activities, such as fast walking, jogging and aerobics in the office.

5. Regular defecation and careful defecation

It is very important to go to the bathroom, not to play with mobile phones and not to read books.

In addition, if you can get into the habit and have a sense of convenience at a certain time, that would be perfect.

In particular, it should be reminded that sometimes constipation may also be related to certain diseases, such as rectal inflammation and even cancer.

Therefore, if constipation cannot be cured for a long time, it is best to go to a regular hospital for examination first. If there is a real problem, early detection and treatment.

If you are embarrassed to see a doctor because of your face, you will probably delay your illness, because of small losses and big losses.