Radiation? Carcinogenic? Does microwave oven affect the baby?

Ding Ma recently heard a strange thing.

My best friend said that since she found out she was pregnant, the old man in the family had strictly prohibited her from using the microwave oven, saying that it was not good for the child and the child she gave birth to would be deformed. Another best friend on the side heard that there was also such a situation in his home. The old man would never let his children near the microwave oven, saying that the microwave oven would cause cancer.

In fact, many people around us will have some worries about the use of household appliances, but I am afraid they have the most worries about microwave ovens. There are also many terrible legends about microwave ovens, and it seems to have become [common sense] for everyone to listen to them over and over again.

In order to make everyone feel at ease, Ding Ma will correct the name of the microwave oven today.

Can microwave oven heating cause cancer?

Many people will question the microwave oven, mainly because they hear that the microwave oven will produce [radiation].

As soon as you hear radiation, you will think it causes cancer, but in fact, many electrical appliances such as radios and televisions have radiation, and sunlight is also a kind of radiation in essence.

The only difference between them lies in their different frequencies. Radio waves and visible light will not cause cancer, and microwaves with a solution frequency between them will naturally not cause cancer.

In fact, the [radiation] mentioned here only means that the energy of microwaves can be emitted.

It is different from the radiation produced by X-rays and radioisotopes.

Although X-rays are also electromagnetic waves, their frequency is much higher than that of microwaves, so their energy is also high. Radioisotopes emit particles during decay, so they can make organisms cancerous.

Microwave does not cause cancer to people, nor does it make food produce carcinogens. Even, it helps to avoid the production of carcinogens.

For fish, meat and other foods, traditional heating, especially barbecue and frying, is easy to cause zoom of meat, thus producing some carcinogens.

A scientific review published in 2004 introduced the generation and carcinogenicity of such carcinogens, and finally pointed out that microwave oven heating can effectively reduce the generation of such carcinogens.

Is microwave harmful to the body?

Scientists have done a lot of research for us and found the minimum microwave power that can cause harm to human body.

In a intact microwave oven, the leaked microwave power is still far from the intensity of damaging human body.

U.S. Regulations stipulate that the power per square centimeter should not exceed 5 milliwatts at a distance of about 5 centimeters from the microwave oven. However, China’s standard is stricter, which is 1 milliwatt.

Moreover, the energy of the microwave decreases according to the square of the distance, and this decrease is also quite large.

For microwave ovens that conform to China’s national standard, the radiation at 5cm is harmless to human body, and the radiation beyond 50cm is almost the same as the natural radiation in nature.

Therefore, for microwave ovens, as long as they are qualified products and are not damaged during use, there will be no leakage of microwaves that can harm human bodies.

Therefore, microwave ovens are actually quite safe for pregnant women and children.

Precautions for Using Microwave Oven

STEP 1 Watch out for burns

When the microwave oven heats water, it will not boil even if it reaches a certain temperature, but it will boil violently when encountering a little disturbance.

Therefore, when heating water, milk and other liquids, the time should be calculated to avoid overheating.

2. Food without hot shells

Food with shell (or film) is heated by microwave oven. If the inside is overheated, you will increase the pressure. When it is disturbed by the outside, the pressure will be released and the food will burst open.

For example, if you heat an egg in a microwave oven, you will get a [burst] egg.

Step 3 Use qualified containers

Generally speaking, plastic containers with the words “microwave oven heatable” purchased from regular channels have undergone strict quality inspection, which is quite safe for human body and can be safely put into microwave oven for heating.

If you really don’t trust plastic products, you can completely replace them with ceramic or glass containers.

4. No sterilization

Microwave ovens can heat food quickly, but such heating is generally not enough to kill bacteria.

For food that may deteriorate for too long, microwave oven heating may not necessarily ensure safety.

5. Avoid use by younger children

Microwave ovens belong to electrical appliances. Even if there are no safety problems such as microwave leakage, accidents are easy to occur when children who are too young use them alone.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid children who are too young from approaching or using them.

STEP 6 Don’t put anything strange in it

Any box containing metal materials, ordinary food plastics bought outside, etc. should not be heated in the microwave oven.

Generally speaking, there are rumors about microwave ovens [causing cancer] [producing harmful substances]. Although microwave ovens are difficult to help us make delicious food, the convenience and quickness it brings are irreplaceable.

Under the condition of standardized use, everyone can use it at ease.

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