Dad-to-be cheated during pregnancy? Don’t be frightened by an example.

The news of [Lin Dan’s infidelity] is not only because Lin Dan is a remarkable Olympic champion, but also because the video revealed that he cheated during his wife’s pregnancy.

In fact, it is not uncommon for a husband to cheat on his wife during pregnancy. However, if we [no longer believe in love and marriage] because of such a big entertainment news, it is not necessary.

Last week, the director of the garden asked the pregnant mothers for the [small things] that his husband had done for himself, and got a lot of sweet and honey-flowing messages… read them several times, it was almost hyperglycemia! These warmth and sweetness remind us directly that men have [good things]!

What does a good man look like?

Let’s take a look. These model husbands do a good job in the role of pregnant father.

@ Susan

The three meals were cooked for me in different ways. I took the initiative to help share the household chores and walked with me every day.

@ Take it easy _ Yuki

One day he came back from a business trip and went to work in the company. After work, he went home to cook, so that I could have food as soon as I got home. After eating, I thought that he had worked so hard today and I would wash the dishes, but he refused and said, “I think you are working harder.”

@ Sugar Witch

I want to take a walk before going upstairs after work so as not to take many stairs after dinner (there is no elevator on the 7th floor of my family). He was tired and hungry, Let him go up first, But he always wants to accompany me, I had to walk a few laps less, but I was worried that I didn’t have enough exercise and accompanied me to the prenatal examination, listened to the hospital lectures and read the articles I transferred to him. These little things reassure me one by one. He is cheerful, not anxious, not thinking much, It’s not that I don’t care about bb and me, But I really think there is no problem. He can solve the what problem with me. There is a kind of honey confidence that can be a good father. Now he is basically free to use his state and do whatever he wants. Although he sometimes procrastinates, he is satisfied with his overall performance ~ I hope he can eat more meat while making a midnight snack for me. I am worried about how to hold BB after his thin body.

@ McDull to and fro

Since I became pregnant, my warm father has been cooking for me. The food he cooks is very delicious. Even my parents like to eat the food he cooks. When I meet what I want to eat but he can’t cook, he will even add a public number to learn how to cook. No matter eating what, as long as he is not sure, he will look at Baidu to see if he can eat it.

@ Viva

Since pregnancy, LG has carefully cooked three meals a day every day, helped me monitor my blood sugar, did all the housework, accompanied me for a walk and shopping, accompanied me to a prenatal examination every time, played music and told stories at night, and applied anti-striae gravidarum lotion … I said it seemed that I didn’t do it in what for a day. Husband: Before pregnancy, too.

@ Sesame paste wood

Accompany me to every pregnancy test, Asking questions is more active than I am. The birth course and the neonatal care course are all attended together. Listening to lectures and taking notes more carefully than I do, I didn’t even bother to listen, Let him tell me again later. The cause of hormones in the previous period and the third trimester of pregnancy, In addition, some things happened to me, which made me depressed for several days and cried at him every day. He finally quit what and took out one night to hold me, enlighten me, comfort me and coax me. Then I really came out of the depression and negative mood. Such a good husband really wants to walk slowly with him all his life.

How is your sugar learning stable? Are you silently abandoning the [rash fellow] around you in your heart…

No, in fact, the fact is this: the vast majority of men are good husbands who are responsible for consideration and care, but in most cases, they do not take responsibility and act meticulously and considerately.

In addition to the candy we see, model husbands will forget to eat and sleep because of games, will refuse to accompany their wives because of busy work, and will sleep like pigs when their wives are uncomfortable in the middle of the night…

Why is this happening? The director of the garden responsibly told everyone another fact: husbands are mostly children in nature.

Don’t laugh, he is really [Dabao]

In fact, there is already a child living in a man’s body. They are the [big baby] in the family. I hope someone can take care of him and protect him. Facing the appearance of the baby, he may be at a loss than the pregnant mother.

In the past, all our thoughts in the family were basically on him, but now, our energy and focus have obviously shifted-after pregnancy, the whole family’s focus is on the baby, so they may feel left out in the cold.

A wise mother with a second child will do the following things:

  1. Before pregnancy, he began to instill the idea of “having a good two treasures” with Dabao, so that the child could accept the arrival of the two treasures voluntarily.

  2. During the whole pregnancy period, children are taught to understand the development process of Erbao in their stomachs step by step in a way that adapts to their age.

  3. From time to time, it specifically depicts some beautiful scenes of children getting along with Er Bao, so that children can look forward to the arrival of Er Bao.

  4. Specifically and clearly seek some help from the child, so that the child can experience [sense of participation] in the process of giving birth to the two treasures.

How, smart, did you think of what?

In addition to the psychological construction work mentioned above, during pregnancy, you can bring him together to complete such things:

  1. Learn pregnancy knowledge together, such as reading articles on [Good Pregnancy Academy], participating in activities and courses in pregnant women’s schools, and reading several classic parenting books;

  2. Carry out prenatal education together, spare a fixed time every day, and talk to the baby with the mother, so that the baby can be familiar with your voice in advance;

  3. To adhere to healthy diet, exercise, work and rest habits to reach an agreement, mutual supervision, common formation;

  4. Cherish the world of two people, look for the time when you are fit and he has plenty of time, and go to a nearby place for a small vacation together.

  5. Go to the hospital together, accept various examinations during pregnancy, and intuitively [understand] the baby’s dynamics with the help of modern medicine.

  6. Cooking together in different ways and doing housework together;

  7. Plan the decoration of the baby’s room together; … …

No matter how precious Dabao is, he must grow up by himself.

Everyone seems to like to tell the pregnant mother when such news appears: you can have sex during pregnancy! No matter how hard you work, you must take care of her feelings! You should do these things well.

This is not the case. The person responsible for the affair should be the person who cheated.

Yes, you can have sex during pregnancy. But if the wife’s situation is dangerous and not suitable for sex, can’t the husband endure it for a few months or solve it himself? Yes, pregnant women have a big temper. However, if the man who arouses his temper is littering the house and collecting unclean clothes, and is a man who comes home in the middle of the night every day and makes all kinds of noise, shouldn’t he have a temper?

Children all want to grow up by themselves, and men can only grow up by themselves.

At least a large part of the model husbands mentioned earlier are mature enough to be pregnant fathers. They can put themselves in the pregnant mothers’ shoes and understand the difficulties. They can overcome their inertia and shoulder the important task of family roles.

They know that it is very hard for the wife to conceive in October, and the pregnant father should be the [patron saint] of the pregnant mother and the baby, and be ready to meet his little partner.

My father is Dabao, but my mother has no obligation to treat my father like taking care of and urging Dabao. My father is already very old, and my mother’s understanding and guidance is a kind of kindness, not [what should have been done].

Are you willing to give some kindness to your speechless [Dabao]?