Are you ready to drive home during the vacation?

With the approach of the holiday, have many friends already started to count down the holiday with their fingers?

I believe many friends will drive home by themselves if their home is not too far away from the city where they work. In order to ensure the safety of the road and make everyone happy for the holidays, Dr. Clove came to tell you about the number of people who drive long-distance buses.

Have a drink [a little wine], don’t

Even a small amount of alcohol can reduce coordination and reaction ability, affect eyesight and judgment of speed and distance, and even make people sleepy.

There is no safe way to calculate how much alcohol you drink to keep the alcohol concentration in your blood within the legal limit, because the alcohol concentration in your body depends on many factors, such as sex, age, weight, whether you have eaten or not, type of alcohol, etc.

It takes some time for alcohol to leave your body. Drinking for lunch may not be suitable for driving at night, and drinking for dinner may not be suitable for driving the next morning.

There is no shortcut to sober up, even drinking coffee or taking a cold bath is not helpful. Therefore, the first one is that after drinking alcohol, one must not drive, or else one will harm others and oneself.

Take the cold medicine, don’t

If a traffic accident occurs when driving under the influence of alcohol, the driver belongs to [knowingly committing it]; However, when driving out of traffic accidents after taking medicine, it is often the driver’s [careless fault].

Drugs can also affect driving and lead to traffic accidents. It is estimated that the traffic accidents caused by driving after taking medicine account for about 10% of all traffic accidents in our country every year, and most of them are caused by taking cold medicine.

Some cold medicines are easy to feel sleepy after taking them, and the driver’s reaction and judgment ability will decline, even if he cannot feel speeding, especially on expressways, which is more dangerous.

At a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, if one dozes off [nods his head], the car will [blind] go out 55 meters in 2 seconds. In case of what, emergency braking will be too late, which will easily lead to rear-end collision or rollover.

Snoring at night, don’t

Don’t be surprised! Snoring all the time at night may be caused by obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome.

This disease causes respiratory tract collapse and stenosis during sleep, resulting in obstruction of ventilation. Patients will be repeatedly exposed to the [hypoxia-awakening] cycle, resulting in broken sleep and decreased sleep quality.

If you don’t sleep well at night, you will be extremely sleepy during the day. Published studies have found that the risk of traffic accidents in untreated patients increases by 2-7 times.

Therefore, untreated patients should not engage in dangerous work such as high altitude, underwater and driving.

During pregnancy, be cautious

Researchers found that nausea, fatigue, insomnia and distraction during pregnancy can easily lead to driving mistakes and increase the risk of car accidents. In addition, physiological factors such as insomnia, waist soreness and backache during pregnancy and lifestyle changes can also affect driving safety.

Special attention should be paid to driving during pregnancy, fastening seat belts, reducing vehicle speed and distraction. Attention should also be paid to physiological and psychological adjustment, full rest, relaxation of body and mind, ensuring adequate sleep, and preventing fatigue, insomnia and excessive pressure.

When you decide to drive home, you must make these preparations.

Step 1 Prepare a helper

The role of the co-pilot is very important.

If the other party can’t replace the car with you to let you rest, it can at least chat with you to keep you awake, or it can pour food and water, and it can also help a little in setting up navigation and checking road conditions.

Step 2 Prepare for energy replenishment

Don’t be too full or hungry when driving long-distance buses.

If you eat too much or eat too much rice, noodles, etc., in order to digest these foods, the blood supply to the brain will decrease, making people easily sleepy. However, if you are too hungry, your attention will also drop, leading to drowsiness. It is better to prepare dry food and eat less and more.

STEP 3 Don’t feel unwell

Hold your urine and don’t drive. Female compatriots should try not to drive when they feel uncomfortable for a day or two during their physiological period.

If you feel unwell, you should rest in time and do not support yourself. For example, you feel flustered, chest tightness, chest pain, nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal pain, stomachache, bad rest, flustered, sweaty, leg weakness and other conditions are all signals from the body and do not support yourself hard.

Step 4 Take a good rest

If you drive continuously for more than three hours with high concentration, your body will begin to tire. Maybe a friend with good physical strength can drive for four or five hours.

Don’t hold on hard, but when you feel tired, give yourself room to rest, stop for a walk, breathe fresh air, and also change the posture of your lower limbs to avoid problems such as venous thrombosis of your lower limbs.

5. Pay Attention to Air Conditioning Temperature

Please turn off the hot air conditioner when driving in winter (because closing the window and turning on the hot air conditioner will be very comfortable, but the oxygen will be insufficient).

Or don’t set the temperature too high, high temperature is easy to annoy people, you can open the window every 30 ~ 40 kilometers for about one minute, change the air in the car.

6. Those with children should prepare safety seats for their children.

On the driving car, many parents mistakenly think that it is safer to hold the child in their arms. However, if a car with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour encounters a frontal collision, the child will instantly generate forward momentum, which is 30 times the child’s own weight, and no adult can hold the child.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that everyone must make good use of child safety seats. As for how to choose a child safety seat, click the purple font to view it.