Defecation is a science, not only to make a quick decision, but also to squat down steadily!

Some skills seem ordinary, But it contains a lot of skills. For example, everyone can speak, but not everyone can be as popular as Guo Degang. Another example is shit, everyone thinks he is skilled, but the fact is not the case. All kinds of secrets are the secret of this door. Inspired by sincerity (draft) meaning (fee), excerpt from this door’s peerless martial arts essence is as follows:

Body Method: Sitting is Better than Squatting

Let’s give a small example first. For example, if you get up and walk 100 meters now, I think I won’t be tired. Because this journey is not really what. But what if you were allowed to climb 100 meters, Even the knee can’t stand it. From an evolutionary point of view, Since humans started walking upright three million years ago, The human body structure has evolved into a state suitable for this traveling posture. The human body structure is the product of evolution. While form determines function, The shape of the human body determines that human beings are most suitable for walking as their own way of traveling. However, knees are not suitable for bearing loads. By the same token, For millions of years, humans have been squatting and defecating. That is, in the past ten years or so, everyone has only used the toilet. The muscles around the anus are very uncomfortable. When defecating in the sitting position, The muscles around the anus pull the rectum, Make shit more laborious. So, Squatting is more comfortable and convenient. If you don’t know this secret, It is easy to cause anal canal skin damage, That is, anal fissure, and anal fissure recurrent attacks will cause anal stenosis, defecation will be more difficult. Although the truth is understood, but in the city toilet is becoming more and more popular, a pit is hard to find. On the other hand, some people always think that public use toilet is very dirty. So someone invented a new body method, that is, stepping on the toilet. Attention! This is a heresy in martial arts. You think, What a round ass, When sitting on the toilet, The weight of the whole body will be evenly dispersed, but when you step on it, the strength is very concentrated. What’s more, the toilet is really not as strong as you think. If you really squat on it to defecate, it will easily break down. Guess who will win if your thighs and sharp ceramic stubbles compete head-on? Endurance: Not for a Long Time Since Italian Dr. Longo described a structure called anal pad in the rectum in 1975, The doctors figured out a lot of things, Hemorrhoids, Rectal mucosa relaxation prolapse, These problems were originally related to the downward movement of the anal pad. The increase in rectal cavity pressure is the root cause of the downward movement of the anal pad. Therefore, it is especially bad to defecate for a long time, which keeps the rectal cavity under high pressure. Books, newspapers, cell phones and iPads should never be brought into the toilet. Try to limit the defecation time to three minutes. Moreover, prolonged defecation can also cause fractures in very extreme cases. Sounds like a joke. A friend of mine who was extremely anonymous, I looked at my cell phone for about 40 minutes when I defecated half a month ago. My legs are numb, When I got up, I twisted my foot. Avulsive fracture. I can’t feel pain because of numbness, Seven more steps, Fracture dislocation is more severe, After that, he received surgical treatment. Dan medicine: Don’t Abuse Many constipation friends will use some drugs to treat it. For example, commonly used senna leaves, fruit guide tablets, compound aloe capsules in what, There are still some effects in a short period of time, But we don’t recommend it. Because these drugs usually contain anthraquinones, Long-term use can cause melanosis, The whole intestinal mucosa became black, purple, black, purple, There is a certain tendency to become cancerous. As for laxatives that can be used safely for a long time, But in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, I am not in a position to tell you straightforward, If you have any questions about this, go to the hospital and ask the doctor for a number. In addition, The well-known Kaiseru is worth mentioning. Many people think that this thing is to lubricate, Just squeeze into the anus or even the anus opening. Actually, it is not. The design of Kaiseru with a long tip in front is of course purposeful. When there is hard excrement in the rectum, Insert this tip into the dung, Then soak the dung soft, Just pull it out. Dan medicine: Believe it or not, defecation is a high-risk sport, especially for the elderly with heart diseases. For the elderly suffering from coronary heart disease, it is easy to induce myocardial infarction. Because this kind of situation induces myocardial infarction patients are easy to miss the opportunity of treatment, why is this? In fact, it is very simple. Generally, there is no telephone in the toilet and it is inconvenient to call for help. Toilets generally have no windows or the windows are very small, making it inconvenient to call for help. Usually no one wears a bright helmet and a bright armor when going to the toilet at home. Therefore, the first aid drugs often carried with you are not convenient to take. The misfortune of crosstalk master Mr. Ma Ji is an example. For the elderly with coronary heart disease, It is still necessary to prepare a bottle of nitroglycerin in the toilet. Shooting is a wonderful martial arts skill. This article is limited in size and cost, and I can only reveal so much. I hope you great warriors can get something.