Is your blood sugar okay during the Chinese New Year?

The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation, From ancient times [officials have congratulations, Private Sacrifice], Up to now [with money and no money, Home for the New Year], for thousands of years, the Spring Festival has become a symbol of national culture. Naturally, there is no shortage of banquets, cheers, visits to relatives and friends, greetings and deliveries… The lifestyle during the Spring Festival is quite different from usual. For the vast number of diabetics, changes in living habits may bring blood sugar fluctuations and bring many threats to their health.

In this sense, The Spring Festival is also an examination paper for sugar lovers, We need everyone to accumulate relevant knowledge at ordinary times and make full preparations before the exam. Only in this way can we pass the customs smoothly. First, be careful of hyperglycemia. It is said that people are refreshed when they are happy. Blood sugar is high during the Spring Festival.] During the Spring Festival, The whole family is reunited, and the family is happy. Not only is the main meal much richer than usual, but also snacks and snacks are greatly increased. When you feel better, your vigilance will naturally decline, and many sugar friends who are relatively strict in diet management will inevitably lose the gate at this time. Is there any way to make the majority of sugar friends enjoy delicious food and avoid high blood sugar? 1. A little taste, total amount control for all kinds of delicacies, sugar lovers don’t have to fear the head and tail, dare not chopsticks. Do you still remember the [glycemic index (GI)] and [glycemic load (GL)] that I have introduced to you? Simply put, GI is an indicator to measure how much influence various foods may have on blood sugar. Foods with a high index (greater than 70) are not suitable for diabetics, while foods with a low index (less than 55) are healthy foods suitable for diabetes. What GL tells us is that diabetics can actually eat food in what in theory. As long as you pay attention to [quantity], Particularly foods with high GI values, In particular, strict control is needed. When put into practice, It is suggested that everyone should try all kinds of food, Eat a few more mouthfuls for those with low GI value, Those with high GI value should eat less, At the same time, pay attention to control the total intake throughout the day, And maintain a good dietary structure. As the Spring Festival dishes contain more salt and oil, Patients with hypertension need to have a light taste and eat less salty and pickled food. Patients with nephropathy need to control the intake of protein food. 2. Preparing and interrupting drugs is a big taboo. The original regular rhythm of life is disrupted during the Spring Festival. Many patients may forget to dispense drugs in time, and when the medicine bag is found, it is empty. There are also some friends who are immersed in the joy and excitement of the festival, or are busy exchanging pleasantries and chatting with relatives and friends, but forget to take medicine at that time. Even a very small number of people still have superstitious ideas of “not seeing a doctor in the first month” and “not taking medicine during the New Year”. Take the initiative to stop taking the drugs. You know, Interrupting drugs at will is a big taboo in diabetes treatment, Coupled with more food intake during the Spring Festival, It is very likely to lead to a significant increase in blood sugar, Even acute diabetic complications such as [ketoacidosis] and [hypertonic coma] occur, It poses a major threat to health and life safety. Therefore, It is suggested that sugar lovers should, before the Spring Festival, Prepare enough drugs for daily use in advance, Develop good medication habits. Second, the more dangerous hypoglycemia the threat to sugar lovers during the Spring Festival is not only hyperglycemia, There is also hypoglycemia, which is more dangerous and worthy of attention than hyperglycemia. The so-called [hyperglycemia is like a wolf, hypoglycemia is like a tiger], The damage of hyperglycemia to the body is calculated in years, but the harm caused by hypoglycemia is calculated in minutes and seconds. 1. Pay attention to the time and sequence of serving food. There are more dishes during the Spring Festival dinner. Serving often follows the order of “cold dishes-hot dishes-staple food”, Eating time is significantly prolonged. In the event of excessive waiting time, Or cold dishes are too long, while hot dishes and staple foods are delayed, Failure to eat in time and the effect of drugs, Hypoglycemia is easy to occur. This is helpful for patients who take glinide orally or inject quick-acting, short-acting or premixed insulin before meals. In particular, vigilance is needed. If you have already taken drugs, You should take the initiative to ask yourself to have a staple food first. 2. Drinking needs to be moderate. Drinking is often indispensable for fun during Spring Festival dinners. Because alcohol has the effect of inhibiting liver gluconeogenesis, If you drink too much, And didn’t eat in time, It is easy to induce hypoglycemia. Therefore, For diabetics, It is recommended not to drink alcohol or drink a small amount of alcohol. Generally, wine does not exceed 100ml, beer does not exceed 350ml, do not drink white wine, Especially don’t drink on an empty stomach. 3. Take food with you to visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival. Everyone’s time on the road is not short, It is recommended to carry sugar cubes, biscuits and other foods with you. In case of danger. This is a good habit that should be kept all the year round. Keep in mind: Hypoglycemia can occur at any time, at any place, At this time, a candy in your pocket may be a panacea for life. Spring Festival is a festive and reunion day. When you meet, you always greet each other and say some auspicious words. As a doctor, you should start from your illness and give some necessary reminders to the vast number of sugar friends. In short, I wish everyone a happy and healthy year!