Diabetes can’t eat what? This article tells you

Dr. Clove often tells everyone that diabetes should be [shut up]; And the question that diabetics ask most is [diabetes cannot eat what].

However, there does not seem to be a unified answer to this question. Sometimes there are conflicts between different doctors. No wonder sugar lovers are always confused.

Today, Dr. Clove will show you what authoritative information says.

This is what the authoritative guide says.

The treatment guide for various diseases is a [baton] written by top medical experts in China to guide clinicians in diagnosis and treatment.

There are many guidelines for diabetes, and to answer the question of “diabetes cannot eat what”, let’s first look at < < Chinese Diabetes Medical Nutrition Treatment Guidelines (2013) > > [1], which are closely related to diabetes diet.

There are several clear restrictions on food in this guide:

    According to individual conditions, limit the total energy; Limit the intake of saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids, such as fat meat, animal oil, crisp cakes, fried foods, etc.; Quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption: prevent cardiovascular diseases and hypoglycemia; Salt restriction: helps reduce blood pressure and the prevalence rate of cardiovascular diseases; Patients with diabetic nephropathy: under the guidance of doctors, limit protein.

In addition, the guidelines issued by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) can be regarded as a weathervane for global diabetes treatment.

In the guidelines just released this year, < > [3], two food ingredients, artificial trans fatty acids and sugary beverages, which were not strictly restricted in the past, were also included in the taboo category.

Artificial trans fatty acids are commonly found in sandwich biscuits, crisp biscuits, cream cakes, French fries, fried chicken, fried dough sticks and other processed foods.

Sugar drinks include soda, fruit juice, etc.

Taboo food, don’t eat or eat as little as possible

The latest scientific research has fully proved the health hazards of smoking, sugary beverages and artificial trans fatty acids (mainly from sandwich biscuits, crisp biscuits, cream cakes, French fries, fried chicken, fried dough sticks and other processed foods).

We should also keep pace with the times. All sugar lovers should quit smoking, not drink sugary drinks and not eat processed foods, baked snacks and fried puffed snacks.

If you can’t give up immediately, at least you should reduce your consumption and eat as little as possible.

A limited amount of food to eat

In addition to the above taboos, there is no absolute prohibition of food.

For example, cholesterol, the guidelines suggest that the daily cholesterol intake of diabetics should not exceed 300 mg, preferably not more than 200 mg [1, 2]. However, this does not mean that sugar lovers are best not to eat foods containing cholesterol.

Some foods containing cholesterol, such as egg yolk, seafood and lean meat, are also rich in high-quality protein and other essential micronutrients, and are indispensable components of daily diet.

If you don’t eat all foods containing cholesterol at all because of cholesterol restriction, you may [pick up sesame and lose watermelon], resulting in your body not being able to eat enough nutrition.

Therefore, sugar lovers can eat restricted foods, but they need to be limited.

[Shut up] It won’t solve all the problems

As we all know, shut up and take your legs are the core of sugar lovers’ lifestyle improvement.

Some sugar lovers, especially those who find diabetes, are disgusted with drug therapy and feel that they can control blood sugar by improving their lifestyle.

However, not all sugar lovers can control their blood sugar by simply adjusting their lifestyle. When the blood sugar still cannot reach the target level after adjusting their lifestyle, they should follow the doctor’s advice and take oral drugs or insulin to help the blood sugar reach the standard.