How reasonable is it to always say [what you eat and what you supplement]?

People often talk about “supplementing shape with shape” and “supplementing what they eat with what they eat”. However, these statements are most likely taken out of context in the process of circulation. Without modern science as the basis to support them, they are somewhat too simple and crude.

Which statements are reasonable and which are rumors? Let’s sort it out.

Eat liver to tonify liver?

For example, when eating pig liver, pig liver will be directly absorbed by intestines after being digested and decomposed by stomach, thus it cannot directly act on liver in human body.

Especially for some patients with liver discomfort or liver diseases, if they want to achieve the purpose of recuperation by eating animal liver, they will not produce any effect, but will increase the burden on the liver and make the disease more serious.

For example, the fat metabolism ability of patients with [fatty liver] is worse than that of normal people, so it is necessary to choose a diet with high quality protein and low fat, such as eggs and fish, and eat as little animal fat as possible.

Eating kidney to tonify kidney?

By the same token, eating animal kidneys cannot directly affect the kidneys.

Especially for people with renal insufficiency, such as uremic patients, the nutrition they absorb in a day needs to be controlled within a certain limit. However, the cholesterol and protein content in animal kidneys are relatively high, and such patients already have symptoms of low urine volume.

Once you eat the kidney, it will lead to accumulation of waste in the body, which is more difficult to discharge out of the body and further increase the burden on the kidney.

Eating skin and mending skin?

Want smooth skin? Want to be beautiful? How about eating pigskin? Or chicken skin? Or duck skin?

However, how much [skin] you eat cannot realize [face-saving] people’s pursuit of beauty.

Collagen in our skin makes skin smoother, softer, firmer and shiny by keeping moisture in the dermis.

However, the collagen eaten by the belly will first be decomposed into amino acids, which is no longer collagen and has no function of collagen. Therefore, eating [skin] directly cannot directly produce effects on skin.

But fortunately, eating all kinds of skins wastes much less money than eating high-priced collagen health products.

Eat brain to nourish brain?

Eating pig brain cannot directly act on pig brain… ah no, it is human brain.

[Eating Dolphin to Remove Brain] means that it is best not to eat pig’s brain. Although pig’s brain is delicate in meat quality, tender and delicious, with high contents of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other mineral elements, its cholesterol content is also very high.

Young people can eat a small amount of pig brain to taste fresh, but if the elderly start blindly eating pig brain to pursue the purpose of restoring memory when symptoms of memory loss occur, it will only add blockage to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Especially for the three-high population, it is even more harmful than beneficial.

Eat eyes to mend eyes?

Eating eyes cannot directly act on eyes. (If you are familiar with it)

Take fish eyes as an example. Fish eyes do contain collagen and-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids help promote retinal development and prevent cataract and macular degeneration and pathological changes in the eyes of the elderly.

However, the content of the two is similar in the eyes of fish and other parts, so there is really no need to eat fish eyes for the reason of rich content.

However, there is also a little good place, even eating it is no harm.

Eat bone psoralea?

Rumors of [drinking bone soup to supplement calcium] have gradually been shattered.

The main unreliable part of this rumor is that the amount of calcium in bones that can be dissolved in soup is very small. If you pick up the bone and chew it directly, the absorption rate of calcium is still very low. (Hey, there seems to be something wrong …)

The wonderful kitchen tips on [adding vinegar to make soup to help dissolve calcium] have also been proved by experiments:

Adding 100-200 grams of vinegar to every 500 grams of bone and pressing it with a pressure cooker for 1-2 hours can indeed significantly increase the solubility of calcium acetate.

However, it is so sour, can I still drink it? (Strong man, dry this bowl of vinegar.)

In addition, statements such as “eating heart to tonify heart”, “eating belly to tonify belly”, “eating legs to tonify legs” and “eating lung to moisten lung” are mostly untenable and can be overturned by the above similar logic.

So, [eat whip to strengthen yang]? One word: No!

What about what to supplement what? Tell the truth…

Eat blood and enrich blood!

Only the article [eating blood and enriching blood] is generally recognized.

This is because animal blood is rich in heme iron, which is easily absorbed by human body.

Compared with iron from non-heme sources contained in kelp, black fungus, red dates, etc., it can better meet the needs of iron deficiency anemia patients for iron supplement and blood benefit.

At the same time, the protein contained in the blood is also relatively high, which is suitable for people with weak digestion and weak body after being converted into amino acids.

The answer is what?

A single [eating A and supplementing A] is not feasible. The key is to eat a comprehensive and balanced diet so as to benefit the whole body.

However, I have to say that [eating fat and supplementing fat] is definitely the truth that thunder cannot beat.