Diabetes clinic is not as simple as prescribing drugs.

With diabetes, going to the endocrinology department to see the diabetes clinic is a link that every sugar friend cannot bypass.

The national basic public medical service has lightened the medical burden on sugar lovers, and at the same time, it has also made some sugar lovers regard hospitals as pharmacies, simplifying the purpose of seeing outpatient clinics into prescribing drugs.

However, it is really not as simple as prescribing drugs to see the diabetes clinic. Here is what an endocrinologist wants to say to you.

1. Complete information

(1) the most basic information

Medical cards, medical insurance cards and medical records are the most basic. Understanding the process of hospital treatment and reimbursement can also save sugar lovers’ time.

(2) Drug use

Each sugar friend may use different varieties and doses of drugs, Doctors receive many patients every day, and it is likely that they cannot remember that each patient has used what medicine. Therefore, before going to the clinic, sugar friends had better sort out the list of drugs used at home, including the variety of drugs, the dosage used, and the amount left over from each drug, to help doctors adjust the drugs, so that they can greatly save their time.

There is a simple way to take the medicine list or medicine box previously prescribed to the hospital, or take a picture with your mobile phone to show the doctor. In particular, we should remind everyone that there are many kinds of insulin, so we need to pay special attention and don’t remember the kinds wrong.

2. Check your blood sugar regularly and tell your doctor when you see a doctor.

(1) Check blood sugar regularly

If you have a blood glucose meter, you should check your blood sugar regularly at home and record these conditions in detail, and bring them to the doctor for reference when visiting the clinic.

Examination of blood sugar not only requires fasting examination, but also can appropriately increase postprandial blood sugar. The blood sugar of 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner can be checked alternately, which is also helpful for doctors to find the blood sugar rules of sugar lovers and provide basis for adjusting drugs.

If the doctor has recently adjusted the drug according to the blood sugar situation, sugar lovers can measure the blood sugar several times more to find possible problems at an early stage. After a period of time, the blood sugar is stable, and then reduce the number of examinations appropriately.

(2) Pay special attention to hypoglycemia

Sugar friends also need to pay special attention to hypoglycemia. If there is any hypoglycemia in the near future, and how much is the specific blood sugar at that time, you should also tell the doctor when seeing a doctor. Sugar friends can try to find out the cause of hypoglycemia and record it to help the doctor judge the disease.

(3) Pay attention to the maintenance of blood glucose meter

What also needs to be reminded is that if you buy a blood sugar meter to check your blood sugar, you must pay attention to the maintenance and correction of the instrument. Otherwise, the blood sugar that you work hard to check is not accurate every time, which not only misleads doctors, but also delays the treatment of sugar lovers.

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STEP 3 Find out the discomfort in time

(1) Discomfort may be other diseases

Sugar friends should find out their discomfort in time and tell the doctor.

Because sugar friends are easy to combine blood pressure, blood lipid abnormalities, may also appear coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular diseases related symptoms, early detection is very important. Tell your recent discomfort symptoms to the doctor, help the doctor to analyze, when necessary, the doctor will guide sugar friends to other specialties for examination and treatment.

(2) Don’t stop taking medicine without authorization when you feel uncomfortable.

Some sugar friends may stop taking drugs because they are uncomfortable, but this may delay treatment. Indeed, sometimes uncomfortable taking drugs is due to side effects of drugs, but it may also be signs of some diseases. Therefore, doctors are required to make judgments.

If it is clear that it is a side effect caused by drugs, it may be necessary to stop taking drugs or change dressings. Otherwise, it is necessary to further find out the cause of discomfort and carry out treatment.

(3) Don’t neglect the examination if there is no discomfort.

It should also be emphasized that everything is not easy if blood sugar is stable. Sugar lovers also need to pay attention to routine physical examination and complication screening, which is conducive to early detection of complications, active treatment and improvement of quality of life.

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4. Instruct family members on medication and examination

A considerable number of people who see diabetes clinics are patients’ families.

For the family members of patients, it is very important to know the types and methods of drugs used by the family members with diabetes.

If the doctor adjusts the type or dosage of the drug, the family members of the sugar friends must tell the sugar friends when they go back. It is best to remind them repeatedly that when the drug is just adjusted, the sugar friends may not remember it at once.

With the support of their families, sugar lovers not only get safer and more effective treatment, but also get full care from their families.

Family members of sugar friends can also regularly check the remaining drugs of their families, remind their families to check their blood sugar, conduct regular physical examination and screen for complications, and occasionally accompany their families to the outpatient service, so that the human body you care most about will come to your love.

For the vast majority of sugar lovers, long-term use of drugs may be required to control blood sugar. However, we must know that the treatment of diabetes is not only to control blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipid, weight, complications and so on are all aspects that need our attention.

No matter the patient himself or his family, don’t regard the hospital as a pharmacy just prescribing medicine, and make use of the rare outpatient time to have a good communication with the doctor. Only by working closely with doctors can we do more and better for our own health.