Do infants really need to learn swimming?

Editor’s Note: Recently, the Beijing News revealed that its reporter made an unannounced visit to the infant swimming pool and found a large number of [problems] hidden in it. For example, chlorine tablets (forbidden for infant swimming pool disinfection) were used to disinfect the swimming pool. Towels are difficult to change every day. Touch teachers, non-professionals, etc. Behind the condemnation, do a small survey first, [Please smile for parents who did not let infants swim? ], the likely result is that, No one can laugh. Almost every qualified parent, Will let infants learn to swim soon after birth, But don’t ask why. It is said that [parenting rumors] in the swimming pool, Allowing infants to swim can [effectively stimulate the development of infants’ nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, muscle and bone, and stimulate the early potential of infants]. This theory originated in the 1960s. Many European and American countries have been doing the same. Why not make sure [scientific parenting]? Let the baby swim in the water before he can’t walk upright, which is an alternative. Parents can immediately see the lovely appearance of his dancing, which makes parents happy and reminds people whether the baby is the same in the mother’s amniotic fluid. However, is this really the case? In fact, according to the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Let infants learn to swim, To prevent drowning, Not for the so-called potential development. By 2010, The American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines do not recommend infants under 4 years old to learn swimming, and according to the latest version of the guidelines, infants under 1 year old are not recommended to learn swimming. However, infants aged 1 to 4 years old, whether to learn swimming depends on the comprehensive evaluation of infants’ body, psychology and reaction to water. Why do infants not recommend learning swimming? According to the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Infants under the age of 1 cannot master the necessary swimming skills and water survival skills. In other words, Let infants under one year old swim in the water, It’s just for fun. According to reports, Some infants drown instantly when their parents turn around to pick up things. In other words, Infants and young children are in the water themselves, There is no self-help ability or consciousness at all. The collar around the neck, It may also lead to injuries to infants, Causing damage to cervical joints, Even compressing the trachea, Causing dyspnea. It may also compress the carotid sinus in the neck. Causing blood pressure to drop and heart rate to slow down, Causing shock. At home, Infant swimming is mostly a single player game. Parents stand aside to watch, Sometimes fiddling with splash to encourage the baby, Or take a nice picture. Abroad, Infants learn to swim, A parent must accompany you into the water. You can’t put a collar around your neck. But the parents held his arm with both hands all the way, In order to keep floating on the water. Some foreign infant swimming courses stipulate that, Infants should not swim for more than 20 minutes, Parents must guard their children all the way. In case, Parents had better learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation for infants. The hidden [crisis] in the swimming pool is not only the infant’s own factors, Not suitable for learning swimming. There is also a [crisis] hidden in the irregular infant swimming pool. These crises may also bring health hazards to infants and young children. One of the crises: The chlorine tablets mentioned in the chlorine damage disclosure article, like the disinfection principle of chlorine, have strong irritation and are forbidden to disinfect swimming pools for infants. Some studies in Europe suggest that chlorine disinfection may greatly increase the probability of respiratory diseases and asthma in developing infants. At the same time, the water quality after chlorine disinfection, with irritation, Not only may it damage the cornea of infants, Skin allergies may also increase. Crisis 2: The thermoregulatory system of infants with unwell water temperature is not yet fully developed. The temperature cannot be adjusted according to the surrounding environment. If the water temperature in the baby swimming pool is too cold or too cold, The body temperature of infants and young children may also change accordingly, Thus bringing danger to infants and young children. Crisis 3: Contaminated towels Many swimming pools offer towels, Towels should be one person and one towel. Clean and disinfect after use. If not disinfected, For use by many people, Towels can become a vector of disease transmission. Crisis 4: Amateur Touch Teacher Infant Touch is a medical method, This way can be through massage and other means, Stimulate infant skin, So as to promote the development of infants and young children. Only through training, Those who have obtained the qualification certificate, In order to be able to engage in infant touching work. In order to save costs, Many swimming pools often recruit employees who have no infant touch qualifications or even no training experience. By self-study. Amateur strokers can’t grasp the strength well, May hurt infants. The guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, After all, it is aimed at the environment of infant swimming pools in the United States. In view of the poor supervision of infant swimming pools in our country, The cleanliness of the environment is worrying, Therefore, infants under 4 years old are not recommended to learn swimming. Parents, Everyone is keen on [scientific parenting]. Unfortunately, Many parents lack rational identification, It is believed that as long as it is harmless, It doesn’t hurt to spend money. Businessmen are more concerned about this than you are. They know how to dig. Cater to everyone’s mentality, Sell a set of Mozart classical music to you today, and a set of perfect plans for early education tomorrow. Let the baby swim as soon as possible is only one of them. Unfortunately, the potential worries have never been eliminated, and the tragedies caused by this are not uncommon. Calm life is not lonely, and natural growth is OK. Rational, please start by refusing to blindly follow the trend and let the baby swim.