[Hemorrhoids] Don’t think you know everything

As the saying goes: [ten men and nine hemorrhoids], [ten women and ten hemorrhoids], this shows the high incidence of hemorrhoids. Many people who have had hemorrhoids think they know a lot about it, but in fact they may not. There are some things about hemorrhoids that you may not know. Today Dr. Huang will talk to you.

What is hemorrhoid?

Just mentioned [hemorrhoids] is [hemorrhoids] abbreviation, Instead of a single hemorrhoid. Most medical scholars believe that a single hemorrhoid refers to a vascular anal pad. Is part of a normal anatomy, It is not considered a disease. Its main function is to maintain anal pressure. Avoid fecal incontinence caused by sudden increase in intra-abdominal pressure such as coughing and sneezing. [Hemorrhoids] refer to the state when individual [hemorrhoids] are combined with or suffer from bleeding, prolapse, pain and other symptoms. This is also what we people often call diseases [hemorrhoids]. Hemorrhoids can be more than one, depending on the location of hemorrhoids growth. According to the dentate line, it is divided into internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids, which can show different symptoms from each other. (1) Internal hemorrhoids: mainly manifested as hemorrhage and prolapse. Bleeding is mainly manifested in blood adhering to stool or toilet paper; Prolapse is when hemorrhoids are exposed from inside the anus to outside the anus. In addition, Some patients may be accompanied by difficulty in defecation. (2) External hemorrhoids: The main manifestation is anal discomfort, Perianal moist, Pruritus. When thrombotic external hemorrhoids are formed, Severe pain will also occur. (3) Mixed hemorrhoids: Internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids are mixed. After the internal hemorrhoid progresses to a certain extent, Mixed hemorrhoids will form. If the mixed hemorrhoids worsen, A ring-shaped prolapse, It is called annular hemorrhoid. When the prolapsed annular hemorrhoid is squeezed by the perianal sphincter, It is also possible to form incarcerations, Causing necrosis of the bowel, At this time will show as sharp pain, need emergency surgical treatment. However, it should be noted that due to hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer, colon polyps, colorectal mucosa prolapse, are too similar, ordinary people are difficult to distinguish. Therefore, no matter what kind of situation, need to ask anorectal doctors to identify. Hemorrhoids are very uncomfortable, how to prevent? The diagnosis and treatment will naturally be handed over to the doctor, But do a good job in prevention can greatly reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids. 1, physical exercise, Avoid motionless: The occurrence of hemorrhoids is related to hemorrhoids internal vein siltation. When sitting for a long time, because of gravity, blood can silt up in hemorrhoids internal vein, thus inducing hemorrhoids. Regular and active physical exercise can not only contract muscles, promote venous reflux of lower body, thus avoiding venous siltation; At the same time, it can also promote intestinal peristalsis, Help stool to pass through intestinal tract quickly. 2, eat more fiber, Soft stool: Constipation is caused by low water content and dryness of stool. It is easy to cause difficulty in defecation, So as to induce the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Therefore, it is necessary to take in enough vegetables and fruits to ensure cellulose to loosen stool. Intake enough water to avoid dry stool. Develop regular defecation habits to reduce constipation. 3. Perianal hygiene, Hemorrhoids are difficult to disturb: The anus is used for defecation, And the stool contains a lot of bacteria. Moreover, it is relatively private here. It is difficult to ventilate, Therefore, it is often humid. It is more conducive to the growth of bacteria. When there is a slight break in the government department, Can cause infection, Induce hemorrhoids. Therefore, you should clean daily and change your underwear frequently. Hemorrhoids will not lead to serious consequences in most cases. However, the onset of the disease is really painful, and even some people describe it as [life is better than death]. The treatment of hemorrhoids is really painful because of the onset of the disease at the defecation mouth, the treatment process and its subsequent recovery. Therefore, it is better to nip in the bud. As long as we eat healthily, exercise regularly and develop good defecation habits, I believe we can prevent hemorrhoids very well.