Is your baby full?

For dads and nannies, The first test is how to feed the child. If the newly born baby, If you can’t even eat enough milk, Is really lost at the starting line. Babies are born to eat milk, newborns are born with sucking reflex, This is a survival instinct acquired in the process of evolution. Don’t need the day after tomorrow. The baby can be breast-fed within one hour after birth. Put the mother’s nipple into the baby’s mouth and start to eat milk. You can see the baby’s small mouth and cheeks move. If breast milk is sufficient, you can also hear the sound of swallowing. How much does the baby need to eat? The textbook recommends that how much milk a child needs is calculated according to his weight. In general, Children under one year old need about 150 milliliters of liquid per kilogram of body weight every day. If a 4 kg child, About 600 ml of milk is needed every day. Babies can’t eat so much when they are just born. And for the first two days, The mother’s colostrum is also very small, It is enough to reach this standard by the fifth or sixth day. It should be noted that No baby is completely according to the teaching book to grow, the teaching book just gives an average, adults eat a lot of small, the same is true for children. And breast-fed children, milk is not easy to estimate. So according to the child’s performance to estimate more reliable. Is the baby full? Since the baby can’t speak, I can’t express my feelings, This depends on the careful observation of dads and nannies. Generally speaking, If the baby feels full, I will spit out my nipples. Develop regular feeding babies, If there is enough milk in one meal, Generally, it can last for 3-4 hours, If the baby finishes a meal, Crying in less than 2 hours, Little mouths are whispering everywhere, That is likely to indicate that the last meal was not full. There are also some indirect manifestations that can indicate whether the baby has enough milk or not: 2-3 days after the baby was born, The color of stool should be from dark green stool, Slowly turn yellow soft stool. If the stool does not turn yellow soft stool for a long time, This shows that the baby’s milk is not enough. The baby should urinate about 6 times a day. At least 2 defecate. If the baby urinates or defecates less often, May be the reason why milk is not enough. The baby is born within 3-4 days, sometimes pink crystals will appear in urine. This is the crystallization of urate, which is related to the imperfect development of baby’s renal function. At the same time, it also reminds parents that your baby may not have enough milk and should feed the child more frequently. What if the baby does not want to eat? This is a problem that makes many parents distressed. The baby did not move after eating one or two mouths. After looking at it again for a while, he fell asleep, but the baby was hungry again in less than two hours. Obviously, he didn’t eat enough at the last meal, but how can he let the baby eat more at a meal? A few days after birth, The swallowing and digestion functions are not perfect. Look at the baby’s mouth, You can move your nipples, stimulate your mouth, Most babies will start sucking again. If not, You can pick up the child, Pat the milk hiccups, Let the child’s mouth rest for a few minutes, And then breastfeeding. It’s best to avoid eating once in a while, Eat two at a time this kind of situation, so the child can’t feel full and hungry, but it is not conducive to the development of the child’s digestive system. It is a slow process to let the baby develop a good feeding habit, and there will certainly be some unsatisfactory places at first. I believe that through the patient feeding of parents, every baby can eat well and grow well.