Do these five steps and live to be 90 years old.

According to statistics, 3 million people die of cardiovascular diseases every year in China, with an average of one person killed by cardiovascular diseases every 10 seconds.

Professor Hu Dayi, the country’s chief cardiovascular expert and director of the Institute of Cardiology of Peking University People’s Hospital, pointed out that of the 10 myocardial infarcts, 9 could be predicted. Six myocardial infarcts, five can be prevented.

Everyone knows to see the disease, but no one pays attention to the real prevention, so they say: “It’s your fault not to live to be 90 years old.”

How can we live to be 90 years old? Listen to Professor Hu’s secret!

Eat eight full

If you want to be in good health, eating is very important. Professor Hu Dayi suggested that everyone remember such a principle: the amount of food should be controlled to 8% full, and the reasonable collocation should not exceed the standard.

What exactly should we do?

    The amount of salt shall not exceed 5g per day; Eat less fat, eat more vegetables and fruits, grains; Eat lean meat or chicken, duck and fish moderately. Seafood is moderate; One egg per day. If cholesterol is high or coronary heart disease occurs, eat 4-5 eggs per week.

By four or five o’clock in the afternoon, if you feel a little hungry, it means that the food intake for this day is appropriate.

Quit smoking and drink less

Nicotine in tobacco has been proved to be seriously harmful.

Quitting smoking can reduce the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular mortality rate by 36%. You know, taking statins (one of the most commonly used hypolipidemic drugs) can reduce 29% and taking aspirin can reduce 15%. After calculation, quitting smoking, preventing and treating diseases are the most cost-effective.

For those who like drinking, men should try their best to limit their alcohol. For those who like drinking, men should have 1 or 2 ounces of white wine per day, wine should not exceed 2 ounces per day, beer should not exceed 300 milliliters per day, and women should halve.

Adjust one’s mind

Modern people’s worship of fame and wealth has reached an almost crazy level, and many joys and sorrows, feuds and enmities are born from it.

You know, fame and wealth are not unimportant, enough is the most successful, otherwise you will get deeper and deeper.

So keep in mind:

It is not easy to live a hundred years old. Don’t have trouble with yourself.

I advise you not to cherish gold and wisp of clothes, and advise you to cherish your healthy body.

In life, one must be happy when one is proud, and one must not fail to pass when one is ill.

As long as you don’t be dragged by fame and wealth, you won’t live 100 or 90.

Walk ten thousand steps a day

Walking is the best way to exercise. It is not only simple, economical, safe and effective, but also has little damage to joints, muscles and ligaments of the elderly, and has relatively little burden on the heart.

Regarding exercise, we must remember the four numbers [1, 3, 5, 7]: exercise at least once a day; Continuous exercise for not less than 30 minutes; Ensure exercise for 5 days a week; The appropriate heart rate during exercise is 170 minus age.

As for the intensity of exercise, the moderate and low intensity of exercise that achieves slight asthma but can still talk with peers normally during walking is the most appropriate. There is no asthma at all, the intensity is too low. Out of breath, unable to talk with peers normally, indicates that the intensity of exercise is too high. If you are panting at a little activity, it indicates that the aging of the heart has begun and needs to be prevented more quickly.

Remember two numbers

Finally: Just remember the numbers 140-6-543-0-268 and 120-80-6-5-0-268, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases will be reduced by 90% in the future.

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