Do you have 9 bad habits to accelerate aging?

In the mirror, we are tortured beyond recognition by [years] day by day. Is it really just the reason of years?


Many bad daily living habits will accelerate the process of aging, such as eating wrong food, bad sleep habits, misuse of cosmetics, which will even affect people’s life span.

Here are 9 bad habits of accelerating aging, which you may repeat every day.

1. Extra Long Plan Task List

Imagine: As soon as you get up every day, what greets you is not a nutritious breakfast, but a long list of task plans. From the first moment of waking up, you are under heavy pressure.

Some studies have found that chronic stress in life can cause the generation and release of free radicals, which is manifested as continuous aging in human body.

Therefore, it is not necessary to make a long list of planned tasks at the beginning in life and work, but at this moment, focus on one task in front of you and try to complete it before proceeding to the next task.

Make life easier.

2. Sweet food

If you are a sweet eater, then this hobby is not only reflected in your increasing weight, but also your face will age prematurely under the [nourishment] of sweet food.

In cells, carbohydrates combine with proteins and are attached to proteins. This process called [glycosylation] will lead to tarnishing of the face in the human body, resulting in dark pouches under the eyes, muscle relaxation, edema, increased wrinkles, bulky pores and facial contour deformation.

Therefore, if you want to be radiant and youthful forever, you’d better turn sweets into [desserts] and just take one bite.

3. Less than 5 hours of sleep at night

Too [stingy] with your sleep time at night will not only make you grow big bags under your eyes, but also seriously shorten your life span.

If there are conditions such as listlessness at work during the day, mental retardation, inattention and even weight gain, it means that you have developed symptoms of insufficient sleep.

Then, go to bed early at night!

Step 4: Sedentary

The risk of sitting for a long time in daily life has been confirmed in many studies, and the risk of kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer has greatly increased.

As for obesity, it is needless to say. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular exercise to prevent diseases and promote health.

Among them, sitting in front of TV for a long time is the biggest health killer.

Once you sit in your seat for more than 30 minutes, you will be more likely to get fat. Therefore, whether you are watching TV or computer, once you sit for more than 30 minutes, you should get up and take activities.

5. Rarely use sunscreen

As a matter of fact, the sun exposure received when going out to do some small things every day, driving or even picking up mail and buying vegetables back and forth will cause damage to the skin.

The primary cause of premature aging of human facial skin is ultraviolet radiation.

Even in rainy days, ultraviolet radiation still exists. Therefore, it is best to apply some sunscreen, carry an umbrella or wear a sun hat when going out.

Experts recommend that sunscreen products with SPF index of 30 ~ 50 can be used in daily life (sunscreen bottles will be marked with numbers).

6. Love to wear heavy makeup

Too thick and too heavy makeup, such as using metal eye shadow, will make your skin gradually age imperceptibly.

Too much use of cosmetics, especially those oil-based cosmetics, will block pores and cause inflammation in serious cases.

In addition, the use of cosmetics that are too fragrant, contain irritating chemicals, and contain alcohol will cause the loss of natural oil components secreted by the skin, resulting in dry skin.

These will cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear prematurely on the skin. Therefore, in the process of selecting cosmetics, you can consult a dermatologist and choose the most suitable product to use.

7. The room is too dry

In cold and dry winter, it is most appropriate to use humidifier to keep indoor humidity at 40% ~ 60%.

This will effectively prevent skin pruritus and desquamation due to dryness. At the same time, placing a bowl of cold water at home is also helpful to relieve the dry home environment.

8. Don’t touch any fat in your diet

In fact, intake of a certain amount of fat helps to maintain a young face, makes skin soft and plump, and has the effect of resisting wrinkles.

Of course, these ingredients are more conducive to the health of the brain and heart. The function of fat is also to participate in metabolism and hormone secretion. In addition, nuts are also a good source of essential fatty acids.

Step 9 Bend over

Bad posture or frequent hunchback will deform the spine and bear more pressure, which will lead to pain and fatigue in the long run. What’s more, it will cause spinal deformation and permanent injury.

Therefore, we should keep the correct sitting posture in our daily life and work and check whether our ears, shoulders and buttocks are in a straight line. Be a tall and straight beauty with heroic spirit!

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