Do you have dry eyes when looking at your mobile phone? Teach you the correct way to drop eye drops.

Eye drops are one of the most commonly used drug dosage forms for ophthalmic diseases. Before going to bed at night, I often turn off the lights and look at my cell phone. Are my eyes dry? If the doctor prescribed you eye drops, will you really drop them?

The following is the correct method of dropping eye drops. You and the people around you must need it, right?

1. Be sure to wash your hands before dropping eye drops.

Direct contact of dirty hands with eyes may cause eye infection.

2. Pay attention to actions when dropping eye drops.

Head slightly backward, gently separate the upper and lower eyelids with your left hand, look up with your eyes, hold the eye drops in your right hand, and drip the eye drops into the conjunctival sac to make the eye drops evenly distributed in the conjunctival sac. It should be noted that the eye drops should be suspended and do not let the bottle mouth contact eyelashes to prevent pollution.

3. Do not directly drop the liquid medicine on the cornea (i.e. Black eyeball) when dropping eye medicine.

In this way, the liquid medicine may stimulate the cornea, resulting in an increase in the number of blinks, an increase in the outflow of the liquid medicine and a decrease in the curative effect.

4. One drop of liquid medicine at a time is enough.

The amount of eye drops per drop is about 16 microliters, and the storage capacity in the conjunctival sac is usually only 12 microliters. A few drops at a time is just a waste.

5. Close your eyes after dosing liquid medicine.

Eyelid blink will increase the speed of liquid medicine excretion. Every blink of eyelid, about 2 microliters of liquid medicine will be excreted through nasolacrimal duct. Close your eyes for 3 minutes can increase the contact time between liquid medicine and eyeball, which has the function of promoting drug effect. However, do not close your eyes hard to prevent the liquid medicine from being squeezed out.

6. Press and hold the inner canthus after ordering medicine to reduce side effects.

After dropping eye drops, the index finger is applied to press the lacrimal sac for 3-5 minutes, which not only ensures the local effective drug concentration of the eyes, but also can block the systemic toxic and side effects caused by part of the liquid drops flowing into the nasal cavity along the nasolacrimal duct.

7. Do not point in different kinds of potions at the same time.

Tear circulation will excrete the injected liquid medicine within 5 minutes, so one liquid medicine will be replenished after 5-10 minutes, so as to ensure the full utilization of the liquid medicine.

In addition, if you need to apply eye drops and eye ointment at the same time, apply eye drops first and then apply eye ointment every 5 minutes.

8. After opening the eye drops, it is best to keep them away from light or fresh in the refrigerator.

Due to changes in external temperature, bacteria are easy to breed. Do not use any liquid medicine that cannot be used up within one month (except specially packaged drugs).