Do you really know how to put the baby to sleep?

It is not easy to coax the baby to sleep. There are also many misunderstandings about the baby’s sleep. The following are some precautions to coax the baby to sleep to see if you have made any mistakes.

1. Find out the baby’s sleepiness in time,

If the baby is yawning, you must know it’s time to go to bed. However, there are other manifestations, such as upper and lower eyelid fights, crying and irritability, which are also manifestations of sleeping in infants. Some babies will become especially sticky when they are sleepy, and others will be excessively excited. Babies fall asleep in a state of excessive fatigue, but they will not sleep well. It is very important to find sleep in time.

2. What if you fall asleep in the car

Don’t wake up the baby, check whether the safety belt is fastened. If you haven’t woken up after arriving at the destination, you can move the whole baby’s safety cradle down and let the baby continue to sleep inside while someone should watch. It is not safe to sleep in the baby’s cradle for a long time.

Step 3: Don’t always sleep on the road

Some busy parents will choose to let their babies sleep in the car when they are on their way, Once or twice is no problem. For a long time, the baby will not sleep well, may not sleep well at night, and it is not easy to develop the correct rhythm. If you really don’t have time to coax the baby to sleep, you should consider asking others to help you take care of the baby and let the baby develop a regular and stable sleep.

4. Babies sleep much more than adults

Newborn babies sleep about 16 hours a day, wake up to eat milk, change diapers, and soon fall asleep again. Slowly, they wake up more and more during the day and sleep more and more at night. At the age of 6 months, most babies can sleep all night, and it is enough to take a nap two or three times during the day.

STEP 5 Don’t go to bed after eating

Some babies will naturally go to bed after eating milk. Some even fall asleep after eating milk, which many parents will feel very warm. But in the long run, they will form bad habits and will not be sleepy without eating milk. Try to separate the nursing time from the sleeping time, even if it is only a few minutes. After eating milk, they can pat the hiccups, play with the baby for a while, and then let him sleep.

6. Let the baby sleep [big]

If the baby is over half a year old, Still only sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time, you should start to train your baby to learn to sleep soundly. Play more when your baby is awake, don’t make him bored, and try to consume the baby’s energy during sleep. After the baby learns to sleep soundly, it is easier to become a good night’s sleep [angel baby], and parents will feel relaxed to take care of it.

STEP 7 Develop Laws

How can babies form regular sleeping habits? Put the baby to bed at the same time every day. Don’t go to bed too late in the afternoon. Try to interact more before going to bed at night and don’t make TA bored and sleepy. At night, the baby can fall asleep quickly. Put the baby to bed at a fixed place every night to cultivate conditioned reflex and let him feel sleepy when he enters that environment.

8. Don’t always think the baby is awake

It is normal for babies to purr, sigh and whimper when they sleep. Sometimes even crying does not mean they have woken up. Don’t worry about coaxing and checking diapers when the baby sleeps. This will make the baby sleep unsteadily. You can observe for a while first, and don’t worry about turning over TA.

9. Let your baby learn to sleep by himself

It is not necessary to wait for sleep before you can put the baby down. When the baby is sleepy in your arms, you can put it on the bed and let TA fall asleep. Slowly, the baby will learn to fall asleep without hugging, shaking or feeding. In this way, even if the baby wakes up at night, he can fall asleep again without adults’ coaxing.

10. Make sure you sleep safely

If the baby falls asleep on the sofa and carpet, these places are not safe. It is necessary to carry the baby to the crib and lie down in time. Lying down can also reduce the occurrence of sudden infant death syndrome.

At the same time, remove plush toys, pillows and other things from the crib, and do not let babies sleep with pets or other babies.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Jingyuan