Do you really need to [defecate, clear intestinal poison]?

I don’t know from which day, The concept of excrement began to appear around us. With the vigorous promotion of various [health care products and health institutions], Even children will casually say [excrete toxins and relax], [excrement] is linked with tumors, beauty treatment, obesity and so on. Beauty agencies promote [intestinal spa], and health care providers introduce [excrement removal and intestinal poison removal]. It seems that we are already sworn to [excrement] and have to expel it quickly. Is this really the case?

Is what a “constipation”

If you want to talk about sojourn, First of all, we have to talk about how food becomes shit. The food we eat, It takes 6-10 hours to digest and absorb the stomach and small intestine, The rest goes into the colon, Walking slowly inside, At the same time, a large amount of water and some electrolytes are absorbed here. This process takes about 20 hours, And then to the rectum, This is the formed soft stool. When these soft stool accumulate in the rectum for more than a certain volume, There will be convenience, If conditions permit, You can defecate. If you are good at math, you can calculate. From food to shit, It will take about 30 hours, For dinner today, Under normal circumstances, It will be lined up the day after tomorrow morning. Not see you tomorrow, But see you the day after tomorrow.There is no such term in medicine. According to the meaning of the advertisement, [Stool] is stool that has accumulated in the body and has not yet been excreted. Indeed, After defecation, It is true that there is some unformed stool in the colon. However, most of what happens in the subsequent accumulation process is the absorption of water and electrolyte. For healthy people, There is no so-called absorption of [toxins]. The so-called excretion of [enterotoxins] is simply nonsense. [excrement] is an unscientific concept. So the treatment we use for [constipation], For example, [intestinal hydrotherapy] and [moistening tea] are naturally not necessary for application. However, some people will still say, I don’t want to detoxify and lose weight, I just want to wash my intestines, Comfortable. This idea is not acceptable either. Intestines cannot be casually [bathed], whether these beauty agencies are referring to intestinal spa or not, Intestinal spa is also good, In fact, it is all an enema treatment. The principle is very simple: Artificially filling the rectum with liquid, Let the rectum think it’s time to defecate again, Sends signals to the brain to start defecation in advance. This deceives the rectum and the brain to defecate in advance. It affects the absorption of water and electrolytes in the colon, Long-term frequent use can lead to dehydration or electrolyte disturbance. Improper operation may also lead to intestinal perforation, rupture, Causing peritonitis, Serious can lead to death. Long-term enema defecation, It will reduce the sensitivity of the rectum, More and more rely on enema to defecate, Even if there is no enema, defecation will not occur. Health products that claim to moisten the bowels and relieve constipation cannot be eaten indiscriminately. Their effective ingredients are usually Chinese herbal medicine rhubarb and foreign herbal medicine senna leaf. The reason why these ingredients can promote defecation, Because it contains anthraquinones, Direct stimulation of intestinal mucosal nerve, Causing defecation reflex, Causes the colon smooth muscle to contract, Intestinal peristalsis accelerates, thus promoting defecation. Long-term application will lead to irreversible intestinal nerve damage and muscle atrophy. More and more dependence on drugs will be effective only if the dosage is continuously increased. Apart from drug dependence, this stimulation will cause pigmentation in the intestinal wall and colon melanosis. You and I don’t want to see this darker and darker bath, do we? For most normal people, As long as you have good defecation habits, Not because defecation problems affect the quality of life, It is not necessary to gild the lily and use all kinds of products to relieve constipation and clear intestines. It is enough to develop a healthy lifestyle. If it is really constipation patients who meet the diagnostic criteria, Nor can you use products that moisten your bowels and relieve constipation without authorization. Instead, you should find a doctor in the digestive department and take different drugs according to your own symptoms and characteristics. The products advertised cannot solve the problem.