Do you understand these 10 questions about swimming?

As for swimming, you have always had some small doubts. You are embarrassed to ask others, but you really don’t know the answer?

Today, Dr. Clove will come to talk with you about these seemingly insignificant but have to say 10 minor problems when swimming.

Question 1: Do you also need sun protection when swimming?

Question 2: Why do you wear a swimming cap when swimming?

Question 3: Why are your eyes red after swimming?

Question 4: Can I go swimming hungry?

Question 5: What if I have cramps?

Question 6: Why do you want to take a bath after swimming?

Question 7: What if the ear is flooded?

Question 8: Can I go swimming with a wound?

Question 9: Can I go swimming with beriberi?

Question 10: Did I do something wrong, what? !

No… … …

All the problems have been understood, but some solutions have not been clearly explained by Dr. Clove. After half a day’s talk, he did not know how to [support tendons] if his leg cramps occurred. Moreover, what if there is a more serious drowning?

No hurry, here is also a full range of first aid methods for drowning. Please take them at will.