Does cycling also affect reproductive ability?

I went to my friend’s wedding on the weekend. I was very good friends with the bride and groom, so I came forward and talked to them for a while.

Will prostate gland and impotence occur when boys ride bicycles?

Bride: [We both bought bicycles recently and are going to go to Tibet by bike when we are taking marriage leave. Just want to ask you, I heard that boys who ride bicycles for a long time will have prostate gland and impotence problems in what. Is it true? ]

Me: [What you call impotence is “erectile dysfunction”. There are quite a few people who come to consult about cycling and erectile dysfunction. Generally speaking, cyclists, including commuters, leisure tourists and cyclists, have no higher incidence of erectile dysfunction than the average person.]

Groom: [When riding a bicycle, the “bottom” has been pressed on the seat. It’s okay after a long time? I often feel numbness in the vicinity after cycling for a long time.]

Me: [Riding a bicycle does make the blood vessels and nerves of the perineum of men under pressure. What will suffer from various discomforts after a long period of compression ischemia, such as local numbness and pain in what. Take nerves for example. If the compression ischemia time is within 6 hours, it can recover quickly after relieving the compression. However, if the compression time exceeds 8 hours, the recovery time will take several weeks. However, whether these compression ischemia are related to erectile dysfunction is still controversial.]

Groom: [If there is any dispute, I would rather believe it! Why don’t you just take a short time to ride a bicycle? ]

Me: [It’s not just a matter of time. The size, shape, material, inclination, height, riding posture, bicycle type and exercise amount of the car seat are all related to perineal pressure.

“Without the direct compression of the nose of the common seat on the male perineum, the compression of the perineum will naturally be reduced. For narrower seats, wider seats are better supportive to the buttocks, thus reducing perineal pressure. However, these two kinds of seats will seriously affect the pedaling movement when cycling, and we generally do not recommend them.

“A slight downward inclination of the front end of the car seat will also reduce the compression of the perineum. But the forward-leaning bike position increases the pressure on the perineum, This is all proved by research. In addition, As for the material of the car seat, there are currently different types such as colloid, foam and non-filling. It is still controversial which is better, but too much filling material does increase the pressure on the perineum. Also, the height of the car seat, some studies say that the seat higher than the handle will increase the pressure on the perineum, but this is also controversial…]

Groom: [This is too complicated, isn’t it? There are still so many things to do about cycling. I feel chilly “below” now.]

Me: [Not finished yet, these risk factors that increase male perineal neurovascular compression, such as weekly mileage, weekly cycling time, cycling leisure, competitive cycling, seat material, seat angle and height, etc., have no obvious relationship with erectile dysfunction.

“More research is needed to prove whether cycling is related to erectile dysfunction, because at present these studies have different degrees of limitations, either the number of studies is too small, or they only focus on specific groups, and most of these studies lack long-term follow-up observation.

“We all know that exercise such as cycling can improve cardiovascular health, which is good for the whole body and the local health of penis. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to stop eating because of choking! In addition, if it is very clear that cycling causes local numbness, pain and other discomfort symptoms, it is best to reduce or suspend such exercises in an appropriate amount and change to other exercise methods. Ignoring these warning signals given to you by your body and insisting on going your own way may cause irreversible or serious injuries!

“Then there is the problem of prostate gland. Riding bicycles for a long time is similar to sitting for a long time, which will cause congestion in pelvic cavity and prostate due to compression. Blood flows slowly or even stagnates in these parts, and the resistance to pathogens is weakened, which will easily induce prostatitis.]

Girls should also be careful of urinary system infection.

Bride: [Look at you boys, there are still so many things about riding a bicycle! ]

Me: [Girls actually have some problems that need to be paid attention to when riding bicycles. Because women’s urethra is short, wide and straight, it is easy to have urinary tract infection. When cycling, perineal sweat and secretions will have more opportunities to contact with urethra. In addition, if timely and sufficient drinking water cannot be guaranteed after cycling for a long time, the body will be in a state of mild dehydration and urine concentration, which will also easily cause urethra and bladder infection.]

Bride: [I also heard that some girls accidentally dedicated the car seat for the first time…]

Me: [It is really possible…]

Bride: [Well, then let’s pay attention to these problems and do our homework when choosing bicycles and cycling schemes. Thank you for your advice and your red envelope! ]

Well, I thought they could forget and save money in red envelopes.

Write at the back

Regular cyclists or cyclists can adopt some simple and easy ways to reduce the discomfort caused by cycling as much as possible. Including the following aspects:

1. Adjust the car seat and handlebar correctly, and the weight is evenly distributed on the buttocks and hands when riding to form a stable triangle; Never put all your weight on the seat.

2. The most important point: If you ride a bicycle for a long time (for example, more than one hour), wear riding pants or underpants;

3. Choose a suitable seat with a width that can just support the ischium. Is the ischium what? When sitting in a chair, your hand is pressed under your buttocks, and the place where you feel hard is your ischium.

4. If the riding time does not exceed one day at a time, it is better to choose a hard seat. If you need a long-distance ride for several days in a row, you can choose a slightly softer seat, but you must not be soft enough to let your buttocks sink in.

5. The nose of some car seats has a hollow or sunken design, which can relieve the compression on perineum in a small amount.

6. Keep the car seat level as much as possible;

7. When riding for a long time, you need to ensure adequate rest as much as possible, or often stand on the pedal to reduce the oppression of the car seat on the perineum.

8. Road bicycle cushion is narrower and handlebar position is lower. Once the adjustment is not ideal, it will often have more serious compression on perineum and increase the burden on lumbar spine. If there is no special requirement for speed, try not to choose road bicycle. If you really need road bicycles, please find a professional bicycle shop to help you adjust.