Does it matter if the HCG value during pregnancy is abnormal?

According to the agreement, this month’s big aunt should visit, why haven’t you come yet?

In order to relive the confusion in my heart, I will go to the pharmacy to buy an early preponderance test paper to find out.

[Blood hCG] First Knows Are You Pregnant

HCG is called [human chorionic gonadotropin] and is a special hormone secreted by the placenta of pregnant women, so HCG is generally used for the diagnosis of pregnancy.

Early pregnancy test paper is used to judge whether you are pregnant by detecting HCG level in urine. Commonly used early pregnancy test paper has relatively poor sensitivity and accuracy in detecting whether you are pregnant. Generally, pregnancy can only be detected after menstruation is delayed for 7 days.

A more accurate method is to detect blood HCG, which can be used to judge whether a woman is pregnant or not 7-9 days after ovulation.

Therefore, if you want to know whether you are pregnant or not, it is better to go to the hospital to test blood HCG.

Positive hCG test sometimes does not mean pregnancy.

Although hCG examination is of great significance in the diagnosis of pregnancy, positive hCG examination does not necessarily mean pregnancy.

Because besides pregnancy, there are also some factors that can increase HCG:

    For the commonly used early pregnancy test paper detection, the presence of luteinizing hormone and thyroxine in the female body can also make it produce false positive results. Some tumors, such as trophoblastic tumor, malignant hydatidiform mole, chorionic epithelial cancer, etc., will also have hCG elevation.

Therefore, the increase of hCG is likely to be pregnancy, but it may also mean the arrival of some diseases.

How does blood hCG change during pregnancy?

The blood hCG level of pregnant women increases very fast in the first trimester of pregnancy, reaching the peak at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, continuing to decline rapidly after 12 weeks, and then maintaining a certain level until it disappears from the female body 2 weeks after delivery. Therefore, for pregnant women who have had abortion history, routine serum hCG monitoring is generally only before 12 weeks.

Does it matter if the HCG value during pregnancy is abnormal? This may be the concern of many people.

However, in fact, the normal value of hCG fluctuates greatly and varies from person to person, so there is no need to compare one’s own results with others., as long as under the guidance of doctors to pay attention to the changes of HCG, if excessive tension affects the baby is not good!

What is the doubling of HCG?

The so-called [hCG doubling] means that within 3 months of the first trimester of pregnancy, the serum hCG level of pregnant women doubles in about 2 days.

Because hCG is placental secretion, the more obvious the increase in hCG, the better the embryo development. However, it should be reminded that not every pregnant woman’s hCG level doubles the next day.

For pregnant women with threatened abortion (i.e. A small amount of vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy), the blood HCG should increase by 66% every 24 hours at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. If the increase is less than 66% at 48 hours, it often indicates poor prognosis of pregnancy.

Therefore, for those pregnant women with threatened abortion tendency, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of blood HCG level combined with ultrasound examination and progesterone test results are required. For pregnant women with stagnant or even declining blood HCG level during early pregnancy, it is generally suggested that embryo development is not good.

After all, pregnancy itself is a survival of the fittest, the survival of the fittest process, so early abortion generally do not need to deliberately protect the fetus treatment, let nature take its course. However, if it is multiple abortions, women who have not been able to give birth smoothly should seek the diagnosis and treatment of professional doctors.

It is normal to double hCG, which may also be ectopic pregnancy.

The commonly known [ectopic pregnancy] is actually called [ectopic pregnancy], that is to say, the fertilized egg that should have settled in the uterus runs to the part outside the uterus. Ectopic pregnancy is a disease that poses a serious threat to women’s life and health.

Blood hCG detection is very important for early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. During ectopic pregnancy, the hCG level in patients is usually lower than that in normal intrauterine pregnancy.

People often ask me, hCG doubling is very good, can ectopic pregnancy be ruled out? The answer is no.

Double normal hCG can only indicate that the possibility of intrauterine pregnancy is high, but it cannot guarantee that it must be intrauterine pregnancy. Ultrasound examination must be relied on to eliminate ectopic pregnancy.

In short, HCG is only an early predictor, not a diagnostic indicator.

When HCG level is normal, don’t ignore other checks; When the HCG level is abnormal, don’t frighten yourself. Please ask the doctor to judge whether it is really abnormal or not, and timely combine other examinations (such as B-ultrasound) to find out the situation.