Don’t apply facial mask every day, and also apply sunscreen in winter! 15 Little Knowledge Doctors Want to Tell You, After Seeing Beauty for a Whole Year

Today is the second day of the first month. As usual, I’d like to give you a New Year’s greetings.

The second day of the new year is the day to return to one’s mother’s family in many places.

This day is also a good time to compete with my little sister who has been separated for a long time.

Today, Dr. Clove has prepared 15 pieces of knowledge for everyone to become beautiful, so that everyone will not take the wrong road or spend the wrong money on the way to become beautiful.

1. Wear sunscreen in winter

Raising children does not prevent old age, but sun protection prevents old age.

During the Spring Festival, while eating melon seeds and drinking tea in the sun, one cannot neglect sun protection.

When we celebrate the Spring Festival, ultraviolet rays are still open as usual, not because of the temperature discount.

In addition, the skin barrier is more easily damaged in winter, and more complicated skin problems may occur after sunburn, such as redness, molting, long spots, etc.

I don’t want my skin to be one year older after the festival. It is very important to do sun protection honestly.

How much sunscreen do you apply? The size of a dollar coin is enough.

2. Eyes also need sun protection,

The skin around the eyes is thin and vulnerable to the lateral contraction of orbicularis oculi muscle, forming sunscreen dead corners and causing more obvious aging problems.

When applying sunscreen, you should take care of the eye circumference. When you go out, you should wear wide sunglasses and sunshade hat, and then wear a wide-brimmed sunshade umbrella, which is even better.

The eye is the window of the heart, even if it is only the size of mung bean.

3. Without makeup, you don’t have to remove makeup.

There is a clamor:

After a whole day of dust, sunlight, sunscreen and other stimulation, pores will accumulate a lot of dirty things. No matter whether you wear makeup or not, you have to remove makeup to completely clean.

In fact, ordinary facial cleanser can effectively clean these dirty things.

Excessive use of makeup remover products may damage stratum corneum and skin barrier.

4. Facial Cleanser is not the more foam, the better.

What facial cleanser is the most suitable, not only to look at the cleaning power, but also to look at the skin quality.

For people with oily skin, it is more suitable to use facial cleanser with more foam, which is clean and comfortable.

However, people with dry skin or sensitive skin do not have much grease to clean. Using facial cleanser with more foam will cause excessive cleaning, making skin tight and uncomfortable.

Step 5 Don’t be superstitious about deep cleaning

Our skin has a cycle of growth and aging. The aging stratum corneum will naturally fall off and realize metabolism in its own way without additional [deep cleaning].

If you are a well-tolerated skin, in order to make the skin look more tender and white, you should also grasp the degree of cutin once in a while.

Too frequent use of deep cleaning products such as scrub cream and tear mask will destroy the normal stratum corneum and damage the skin.

Especially for people with dry skin and sensitive skin, if deep cleaning products are not used well, it is likely to ruin their faces.

Your face is not a skateboard shoe and does not need friction.

6. Don’t apply facial mask every day.

Frequent use of facial mask will make the skin look fuller and shiny in a short period of time, but it will destroy the moisture gradient of the skin itself.

The stratum corneum cannot fall off and renew normally after absorbing a large amount of water, which will eventually lead to accumulation of stratum corneum.

In addition, if the facial mask is applied too frequently, the synthesis of natural moisturizing factors in the skin will be reduced. After the facial mask moisture volatilizes, the skin will easily become dry, peeling and sensitive.

Mask can be applied occasionally, but to replenish skin water, it is mainly necessary to apply moisturizing cream and moisturizing milk in time after facial cleaning.

7. Cucumber sticks to the face and does not whiten or replenish water.

Skin care programs that rely on cucumbers are mostly yellow from the beginning.

The skin that has just been applied with cucumber slices looks tender because the stratum corneum of the skin is moistened by cucumber moisture, but this is essentially the same as the face that has just been washed.

Cucumber moisture cannot enter the skin and will soon evaporate, causing the skin to feel [tight].

As for whitening, cucumbers do contain vitamin C with whitening effect, but the content is very limited, and sticking a little does not work.

8. Skin care products regardless of age

The criteria for selecting skin care products are not age, but skin quality.

For infants and sensitive muscle groups, skin care products without spices and preservatives should be selected as far as possible, while skin care products without acne should be selected for acne muscle groups.

For a person, no matter how old he is, the basic structure of skin is the same.

Follow the trend of buying only the expensive ones and not the right ones, and in the end you will only be [short of money and face].

9. Cream can also be used to moisturize eyes.

Eye skin is part of facial skin, and there is no essential difference between the two structures.

Comparing the composition of eye cream and facial cream, in fact, there is not much difference between the two. Most facial creams can realize the moisturizing effect of eyes.

If you want to buy eye cream, it is recommended to select it according to the needs. For example, eye cream containing [Liusheng Peptide] and [A alcohol] has certain anti-wrinkle effect, and eye cream containing [caffeine] has certain anti-edema effect.

10. Quick Whitening Unreliable

Whitening is impossible [quick-acting]. All products known as [quick-acting whitening] are likely to contain a large amount of hormones, lead, mercury and other ingredients, which are illegal additives.

Whitening still depends on diligence.

11. Remove blackheads and try tretinoin

Blackhead patch and blackhead outlet liquid can pull out a lot of blackheads for a short time, but they are very irritating to the skin surface. Frequent use will make pores bulky.

In addition, manual blackhead squeezing will have similar problems.

The only advantage, perhaps, is to squeeze out the sour and refreshing moment. Soon, blackheads will [they are tall once more in the spring wind].

In addition, rubbing the face with salt and white sugar to remove blackheads is even more unreliable. It is not only useless, but also easy to scratch the skin and damage the barrier.

Medical research has proved that one of the effective ways to remove blackheads and acne is to use tretinoin drugs, the common one is tretinoin cream.

It should be noted that these drugs have certain irritation and must be used in a small area at the beginning.

12. Don’t lick chapped lips

Don’t lick or tear your lips when they are dry in winter. These actions will only double the damage to your lips.

Choosing lip balm with moisturizing effect and single composition, massaging with finger abdomen, evenly smearing and covering from lip peak to lip angle, is the correct choice to deal with chapped lips.

13. Apply toner without cotton pad

Factors affecting skin absorption include age, sex, body part, environmental temperature and humidity, integrity of skin barrier function, degree of cuticle hydration, etc., which have nothing to do with smearing method.

Cosmetic cotton always rubs on the face, which is easy to destroy the normal stratum corneum.

Toner, just apply it evenly by hand.

After all, half of the expensive skin care products are left on cosmetic cotton, which is very wasteful.

14. Pig trotters and fish glue do not beautify

Rumors that pig trotters and fish glue can beautify the skin may come from: one of the manifestations of skin aging is the reduction of collagen, while pig trotters and fish glue are rich in collagen.

However, this cannot be simply and roughly understood as [what you eat and what you supplement].

Collagen is a macromolecular protein, which will eventually be decomposed into amino acids in the stomach and small intestine, and then absorbed by intestinal epithelial cells. Collagen cannot enter the dermis layer, so it cannot play a role in maintaining water.

Beauty is impossible, but it is fast to gain weight.

15. For good skin, don’t smoke

People who smoke all the year round have more obvious skin aging, including deeper wrinkles, looser skin and subcutaneous tissues, and more prominent eye bags. This is described as [smoker’s face].

Not only smokers, but also their skin will be affected by long-term exposure to secondhand smoke.

According to relevant research, long-term chronic second-hand smoke exposure will eventually lead to skin lack of natural moisturizing factors, increased percutaneous moisture loss, dryness and peeling, coarse and dry skin, etc.

In order to become beautiful, it is very important to quit smoking by oneself and let the object quit smoking.

In the new year, may everyone

Clean up conscientiously

Diligently moisturize

Be steadfast in sun protection

Every day is a little more beautiful than yesterday.

With the little sisters in battle

Always the winner