14 Ways to Make Happiness Soar, Causing Extreme Comfort

Hello, everyone! In an instant, it was the fourth day of the new year, and the holiday had already begun the second half.

Reunion, celebration, visiting relatives and other things are less, the rest of the time, just collapse on the sofa to enjoy the vacation.

The following 14 methods and suggestions will help you quickly improve your happiness at home!

1. Install warm yellow light sources at home.

As we all know, human beings have an instinctive love for [yellow] at night.

During the day, the light source in the office is generally white, because white light energy makes people feel refreshed and concentrated.

At night, the warm yellow light source in the home has a higher color temperature, which can simulate the dusk light and make people more relaxed and have a better rest physically and mentally.

Using warm yellow light sources at home is the beginning of a happy night.

2. Vacuum the textiles carefully

Find a time and carefully vacuum all the dust and debris in mattresses, carpets, sofas and pillows. You will find that there is too much dust to be shocked.

These sucked things are mainly dust we bring back from the outside, as well as mites, hair and dandruff. It is not easy to see normally, but they are the source of disease for sensitive people.

Incidentally, the pleasure of seeing the dust is matched by the sense of accomplishment of picking out a dry nose excrement before and after.

Step 3 Replace electronic door locks for your home

Electronic locks are not necessarily more anti-theft, but there will be no embarrassment of [forgetting the key]. It is also a kind of happiness of peace of mind.

Of course, if you forget your password and house number, then there is nothing we can do to help you.

4. Soak your feet when you are under great pressure.

When soaking Jio, the local temperature increases and the nutritious arterial blood flow increases, which will make people feel extremely comfortable.

This is probably the fastest, best and most economical way we can think of to achieve the unity of body and mind.

However, friends with venous thrombosis, arterial occlusion and diabetes should pay special attention to the water temperature and duration when soaking their feet.

In addition, what can not add medlar vinegar ginger, after all, it is not a famous Cantonese dish-pig foot ginger.

5. The table water dispenser is too convenient for Mrs.

Parents with babies must have had the experience of getting up in a daze at night to wash milk powder and testing the water temperature with their arms.

With a desktop water dispenser that can customize the water temperature, it is no longer necessary to bother to flush milk powder. You only need to select the appropriate water temperature and get milk with the appropriate temperature with one click.

There are also senior rhinitis patients. If you need to use nasal washer frequently, you can also prepare a warm, slightly salty and mild-tactile nasal washer through the desktop drinking fountain.

6. Intelligent toilet lid makes your ass feel like spring breeze.

The intelligent toilet lid has the function of heating. If you sit on the toilet in winter, you don’t have to endure the cool feeling that makes you wake up instantly.

When you have diarrhea, wiping your butt with soft paper towel will also bring [chrysanthemum pain], and washing with water flow can greatly relieve this pain. As if taken care of gently.

Ahem, chrysanthemum is, after all, the place of grain reincarnation. Take good care of it.

7. The automatic sensing night light will no longer get up in the dark.

Wake up by urine at night, feel the dark groping to find the room light switch, after turning on the eyes to open the moment? Have you ever felt the pain of going to the toilet in the dark, kicking the corner of the bed and hitting the corner of the wall?

The automatic sensing night light will light up a small light when it is sensed to get up. It will not shake your eyes in particular, nor will it need to switch the light in a daze to illuminate the road to the toilet for you at any time.

For families with old people and children, prepare one to reduce the occurrence of many dangers.

8. Blow your nose with a soft paper towel

When catching a cold or rhinitis, if you wipe your nasal mucus with ordinary paper towels, your nose will be extremely painful over time and peeling on the edge of your nose will become much more serious.

Wipe nasal mucus with soft paper towel with high water content or glycerin, because the paper towel is soft and has little irritation to the skin, and the skin-friendly touch will feel treated gently. Whoever uses it knows who uses it, and it is agreed that it has been used!

9. Mix some coarse grains when cooking rice

Although it is always said to eat more coarse grains, it is not very good to eat coarse grains alone. You can try adding coarse grains to the staple food, giving consideration to the taste of the food and the appearance of the body.

In addition to health, rich colors can also make a meal look delicate in an instant, improve the quality, and eat lunch on weekdays all feel like rich people eat imperial food.

10. Prepare a humidifier in dry areas

One observation is not necessarily correct: fairies are especially good-looking because they always bring their own water mist when they appear on the stage. This is how the real [water muscle] comes from.

Using humidifier to control the temperature of the room within an appropriate range can effectively reduce the generation of static electricity, and can also moisten the skin, oral cavity and nasal cavity at all times, thus artificially creating an environment of “water and soil nourishing people”.

11. Replace clothes hangers with uniform ones

Brain mending a clothes pole with clothes hangers of various thicknesses, colors and materials.

Another clothes drying pole is filled with the same clothes hangers…….

Unified clothes hangers not only cause visual comfort, but also make people feel less [miserable].

12. Make a clean-up and storage for the refrigerator.

Refrigerator can be said to be an important dimension to test the quality of life.

It is also a refrigerator. Some people have bread, vegetables, fruits and milk, but they are full and can’t find anything. Many of them are frozen and moldy. Some people’s refrigerators are neat and refreshing, especially pleasing to the eye.

Split the food into storage boxes and fresh-keeping bags and wrap them neatly. Not only does it look good, but it also prevents food from sneaking into other plates.

13. Use oil spray jugs or scaled oil bottles

Changing an oil bottle can make you know more about the oil when cooking, and you may lose a few pounds before you know it.

For example, the oil spray pot is sour when sprayed five or six times, and the oil produced is not as much as that put down by shaking your hands. It can also make the oil evenly distributed in the pan.

(Even if I don’t put less oil, I at least know how fat I am when I get fat. This wave will not lose.)

14. Use washing machine tank cleaning agent

The washing machine that washes clothes for everyone every day also needs to be cleaned!

There are many places in the washing tank of the washing machine that are easy to hide dirt and accept dirt. Use cleaning agent to regularly decontaminate and remove dirt for the washing machine.

Washing washing machines is healthier ~