Don’t let the baby grind his teeth with his mother’s nipples.

In a certain period of time, Is to explore the world through the mouth, Including using your mouth to understand your mother. Many nursing mothers have encountered the problem of their babies biting nipples. It was originally a happy thing to see the baby tusk, But when the baby began to interact with his granary with millet teeth, This enthusiasm is really intolerable to mothers. According to the proposal of the International Breastfeeding Association, breast-feeding should last at least until the baby is two years old. How can the baby be fed to minimize the harm of toothed babies to mothers and make breast-feeding happy? Then let Clove Mommy give you some advice! How to deal with the baby’s small fangs during teething? 1. How to judge the baby’s teething time? The baby’s teething time is not consistent. The simplest way to judge whether the baby is going to have teeth is to see if there is more drooling than usual. You can also touch the gums of your baby’s lower incisors with your washed hands. See if it is a little swollen than before. In short, if the baby shows signs of teething, the mother should begin to prepare herself: your baby has the first lethal weapon, which may bring you unexpected attacks. 2. Why does the mother need to be psychologically prepared? Whether the mother is ready or not and her performance in dealing with this problem will directly affect the baby’s emotional perception of the mother: the calmer the mother’s response to this matter, the better the solution will be; If the reaction is intense, Shout loudly, The baby will find it very fun, Because it was something he had never seen before, He will try the action he just did again and again, In order to achieve the desired results, On the contrary, it will aggravate the situation of baby biting nipples. Of course, calm does not mean tolerance. But when the baby slowly adds strength, It must be stopped immediately, The best way is to hold the baby firmly, Use the rest of the breast close to the baby’s nose, Causing the baby to temporarily suffer from dyspnea, The baby will naturally let go of his mouth. At this time, the mother needs to tell the baby with a serious expression: It was wrong of you to do so just now, Mommy’s gonna get sick, It’s like you can’t breathe, So you can’t bite mom. Of course, This is not effective just by stopping it once, As long as the baby has this problem, He needs to press his nose immediately. For older babies, The mother can directly press the baby’s nasal alar on both sides with her hands, After several times, The situation of the baby biting the mother will slowly disappear. Never pull your nipples hard, Otherwise, delicate nipples are more vulnerable to injury. Although the baby is still young and cannot speak, But the baby is very clever, You can judge whether your mother is angry from her expression and tone. So when the mother told the baby not to bite, Mom can point her finger at her teeth, Then point to the baby’s teeth, You can also pull your baby’s little hand over and touch your teeth. Then tell the baby that this is the tooth for eating, You can’t bite, Babies will also slowly understand. For the online spread of babies biting their mothers, The mother beat the baby in various ways. Although it can also scare the baby, But Mommy Clove doesn’t agree very much. After all, suckling is the happiest thing for babies. If you get beaten as soon as you eat milk, Then the trust he has just established with his mother will be somewhat affected. It is not a good thing to establish a close relationship between mother and child. In short, the more stable the mother’s mood is, The easier it is to solve this problem. Many breast-fed babies bite their nipples and have the habit of sleeping with milk. Compared with other methods of coaxing sleep, Milk sleep is indeed relatively simple and convenient, However, the sucking power of the baby with long teeth decreases after falling asleep, Will unconsciously bite the mother’s nipple, At this time, we cannot use the method just introduced to solve it: After all, the baby finally fell asleep, If you wake up with your nose covered, you have to lose all your achievements and start over again. The recommended method for clove mommy is to make the baby suck for the first time. Mom can try to pull out the nipples, Sometimes pulling out the baby too early will open your mouth to look for it, At this time, it can be fed again. The baby will go to sleep slowly, Pull it out again. Sometimes it takes two or three rounds for the baby to fall asleep. However, the time to pull out the nipple can be gradually shortened. For example, during the first milk sleep, the baby slept with the nipple for 10 minutes before the mother pulled it out. The second time can be reduced to 7 minutes, The third time only takes 2-3 minutes. Never pull the nipple hard every time, The way to pull out nipples in milk sleep is to press the baby’s lower lip with the back side of the index finger. The thumb can pull out the nipple. This action can be done skillfully with a little practice. It will not wake the baby. Never pull it out when the baby is not sucking at all. At that time, the baby will definitely bite the mother tightly with his teeth, It was a terrible pain, At this time, the first aid method can only be for the mother to put her index finger into the baby’s mouth and pull the upper and lower teeth apart from me. Finally, Clove mommy also remind mothers to pay attention: if bitten by the baby, still need to check the wound situation in time, there is a bite bleeding wound need to be treated immediately, apply some nipple repair cream, prevent nipple infection festering. If you feel fever and discomfort, you should also go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid delaying your illness.