Don’t scold the child in a hurry, the truth may not be what you think.

Before giving birth, we all made up our minds to be reasonable, considerate and patient mothers.

However, when we really raised our children, we found that our patience with our children was no longer the same under the pressure of life and work over and over again.

Why are you getting dirty again?

Why don’t you put away your toys after playing?

How many times have I said that I will sue my mother before I shh!

… …

Seeing the child do something beyond our expectation, the first reaction is why he is disobedient and naughty again.

Just like the following story:

The bell rang and the children finished school.

Mothers waited at the door to pick up their children.

All the other parents have left, and the mother has not yet waited for her children.

The child finally arrived, but the clothes were dirty in a mess.

The mother was about to collapse and said to the child that she hated you making yourself dirty.

Another mother was already in distress when she saw her child at first sight.

The third mother was completely stunned at the sight of her mud monkey-like daughter.

It was so dirty that there was no way to clean it up. Mother was very angry.

The mother saw her daughter and did not know how to say what. Her expression showed how collapsed her heart was…

Every mother wants her children to be clean.

If she hears people say that her child is dirty, she will get hurt.

What exactly did the child do? How can you make yourself so dirty?

The mother saw her daughter elected [as a good student of the day]

It turned out to be a school worker who fell while carrying plants.

The first little girl saw this scene and hesitated for a moment.

But he still stepped over the mud and stepped forward to help the old uncle.

Mother was very proud to see the truth.

Another little boy saw it and took the initiative to run up to help.

Dirty mud stained his white T-shirt.

Then another little girl joined in

Her mother looked at the scene and was deeply moved.

Another little boy came running to help

Seeing what happened, the boy’s mother was very happy, and the child was praised and very happy.

The little girl’s mother knew the reason and was happy and moved.

Without exception, mothers are especially proud, and children’s faces are shining when they hear their mothers’ praise.

The old uncle asked one of the little boys if his mother was angry.

The little boy knew that his mother would be angry, but he would still do so and said he would explain to his mother.

My mother was very touched.

After finding out the causes and consequences, the mother found herself misunderstanding the child, feeling guilty and moved…

The mothers finally gave their children big hugs.

At the end of the video, there was a passage like this: It is much easier to wash away the mud than to teach a great child.

Seeing is not necessarily true. Before getting angry and scolding, please give your children more tolerance and listen to why they do this.

For the baby, some behaviors that make the mother collapse are just the normal manifestations of his age. For example, they often cannot sit still, eat easily everywhere, and cannot control their defecation and urination well…

However, older children often have their own reasons for doing certain things. If parents do not understand the reason, they will blame or even punish their children only by looking at the superficial results, which is harmful to their children’s body and mind.

Just like in the video, after learning the truth, the mothers all regretted their previous blame without asking the reason.

Parents’ understanding and respect for their children can help them form more independent and perfect personalities.

Believe that your children are really great!