Is it a what problem with the body when the stool sticks to the toilet?

I shared a [interesting] outpatient story with you.

When sitting in the clinic, a slightly fat beauty registered to see a doctor: [Excuse me, is it here to see the stool? ]

[hello, do you come to see a doctor because you have a bad stool? ]

[Yes, yes…] The beautiful woman sat down, a little embarrassed, [just… just… recently the stool has been sticking to the toilet, and it stinks…] sounds a little embarrassing, but the problem is quite common.

[I heard that bad stool is due to heavy moisture in the body? I also heard that this may be a precursor to cancer? …… Doctor, is this really the case? ]

One thing is certain, such stool is definitely abnormal.

Why does stool stick to the toilet? Anyway… You can’t blame the toilet.

Maybe you ate a lot of greasy and high protein food.

Many people in the workplace eat very unevenly, except meat or meat, vegetables and fruits are less than normal, intestines are easy to be like range hoods, over the years there are more and more [oil stains] left, and the stool pulled out is not much better.

I always like to eat things high in oil and protein, and the oil and protein cannot be completely digested and absorbed. As a result, the dissolved stool will become hard and heavy like sand added with cement.

Moreover, this kind of poop stays in the intestinal tract for a longer time than normal poop and is not discharged in time, thus becoming an ideal medium for the growth of various bacteria.

Then the bacteria multiply and decompose the residual protein in the stool to produce substances and gases harmful to human body. Among them, [indole] and [fecal odor] are the main culprits for the especially foul stool.

Maybe you have gastrointestinal dysfunction

There are many factors leading to gastrointestinal dysfunction. Diet is on the one hand, environment and psychology are also very important.

Is your life and work under great pressure?

Often stay up late, don’t eat on time, sometimes starve, sometimes eat support, also not very able to relieve the pressure, always anxious and depressed, go to work to the computer (knock on the keyboard), go off work is Ge You lying down, no exercise habits…

It is this group of people who are most likely to suffer from gastrointestinal dysfunction. Gastrointestinal peristalsis decreases, and stool will become sticky and difficult to discharge, becoming like toothpaste that is almost used up and has to be squeezed hard.

Maybe… Your intestines are really sick

Some people say that [stool sticking to the toilet is a precursor to intestinal cancer], which is not completely accurate. It can only be said that this is possible, and on the other hand, intestinal cancer does often have stool changes.

Stool sticking to the toilet should be alert to the possibility of intestinal cancer. Many intestinal cancer patients do not have special discomfort in the early stage, but poop has changed.

A few days ago, another elderly woman came to see a doctor and also mentioned the trouble of sticking her stool to the toilet. Asked about her eating habits, although she did not like high-greasy and high-protein diet, she especially liked spicy food.

I suggested that she have a colonoscopy, and the result… showed [sigmoid colon cancer].

If the stool suddenly changes its characteristics, it must first be examined to eliminate the causes of specific diseases.

What should I do if my stool sticks to the toilet?

Sometimes, poop is left over from the last person who did not wash it away. You endure going to the toilet, but when you come out, you will be killed thousands of times by the next person with his eyes… that’s an embarrassment…

In fact, there is a very simple way, one move can avoid the embarrassment that cannot be washed away, and the pro-test is effective:

Before going to the toilet, spread toilet paper on the toilet wall.

Of course, we should not only treat the symptoms but also the root causes. Many people have heard a saying that [stool sticking to the toilet means heavy moisture in the body]. Ah, where does so much moisture come from?

Don’t always think about eating some red bean and coix seed water, you can cure the fundamental problem. Poor metabolism, easy edema, people getting fat… are all bad living habits.

STEP 1 Change your eating habits

Three meals should be regular, do not eat pickled, smoked, roasted and fried foods, quit high-fat and greasy foods, and eat less refined snacks and sweets. Ensure a kilo of vegetables, half a kilo of fruits and a handful of nuts every day, and the staple food should be matched with thickness…

Yes, change these old eating habits, and you will find that you may lose a few pounds.

2. Insist on Exercise

Adhere to moderate intensity exercise, aerobic and anaerobic combination, do 4-5 times a week, each lasting 20-40 minutes. Quit smoking, alcohol and drink more water.

3. Work and rest regularly to release pressure

You should know that intestinal nerve is rich and is the second brain of the human body. Therefore, we must keep a regular schedule, adjust our mentality in time, learn to release pressure, sleep well and not stay up late.

4. Consult a professional doctor and do lower colonoscopy when necessary.