Don’t Use Children as Toys: The Right Way to Play with Babies under 1 Year Old

Babies under one year old have new changes every day and are full of curiosity to explore the world, but babies at this time cannot express their wishes by themselves. How can we accompany our children well and let them spend this period healthily and happily? Is there something what cannot do?

The most important thing is to play with the baby instead of playing with the baby as a toy. Some people may scoff at this: It is difficult for what to play with the baby? Not necessarily. Generally speaking, if adults don’t pay attention to the baby’s feelings and treat the baby repeatedly just because the baby’s response to some behaviors of adults is fun, then adults are treating the baby as a toy.

You are using your baby as a toy!

First of all, let’s take a look at the ways to amuse the baby. There is a suspicion that the baby is regarded as a toy.

1. Pinch the bridge of the nose and pinch the face

Some people say that pinching the face will damage nerves. This possibility exists, but it requires great strength. Before that, the muscles and skin of the baby’s face have been damaged, and the baby will definitely show crying, uneasiness and resistance. It is not play, but abuse.

Others think that pinching the bridge of the nose will make the child’s nose grow taller. In fact, this idea is very unscientific. If the movement of pinching the bridge of the nose is rough, it may also damage the child’s skin. If the child does not like to play like this, don’t do this.

Step 2 Squeeze Baby

Babies under one year old, because the nervous system is not mature enough to feel itchy like adults, will not respond to tickling like adults and will not laugh until they can stop. As for the claim that tickling babies will affect brain development, this is nonsense.

However, babies will not feel funny either. Therefore, if you want to play with your babies instead of using them as toys, don’t play with them like this. Babies’ smiles are a reflection of their emotions. If you want your babies to smile more, parents can try their best to create a comfortable environment.

Step 3 Swing and Throw High

For such thrilling and exciting games, some children like them very much, while others are very afraid. If your baby doesn’t like it, don’t frighten him just because he thinks it is fun.

In addition, due to the soft ligament tissue, lifting the baby’s hands to let the baby off the ground may cause dislocation of the baby’s joints, which needs to be avoided as much as possible. However, if [throwing high] is wrong, it may also cause serious damage to the baby.

If [throwing high] has protective measures, children also like to play like this, of course. However, note that once such accidents occur, the consequences will be more serious.

Don’t play with the little boy’s genitals!

Please do everything possible to prevent the adults around you from touching the little boy’s genitals casually as toys, which is not good for his psychological development, and the children will not like it.

However, the little boy’s genitals are not completely untouchable. It is very common for the baby’s foreskin to be too long. Parents need to pay attention to cleaning to avoid leaving dirt.

This is called [playing with the baby]

Having said some inappropriate ways to get along with babies, let’s talk about how to play with babies.

1. Cleanliness and safety are very important.

Perhaps some older parents will not think so: the difficult environment in those days has come, but now it is impossible to do this or that. It is only necessary to chew it up and not allow it to be fed. Even the small face cannot be kissed. Is it necessary?

Because the immune system is not well developed, the resistance of small babies is very low. If you want to play with your baby, you need to wash your hands first to avoid infecting bacteria to your child. There are many kinds of microorganisms in the oral cavity of adults. Although it is not as serious as rumors, it is not impossible for your baby to be infected by kissing your baby.

You know, it is precisely because the sanitary conditions have improved that the infant mortality rate in China has decreased compared with the past. In fact, infant mortality rate is an important indicator to measure a country’s public health conditions.

In addition, the baby’s skin is very immature, need to avoid sharp toys, or sharp objects on the body touch the child. And treat the baby’s actions, must be gentle, in case of hurting the child.

2. Play with babies who can’t move by themselves.

For a baby who cannot move on his own, the most convenient way to play is to pick up the baby and let the baby rest in a warm embrace. Adults can let the baby’s head rest on himself so that he can observe more.

More than 2 months of the baby, the eyes can see clearly. Bright colors, moving objects will make the baby especially happy. And the baby in order to be able to see more things, in the arms of adults will try to straighten the head, exercise the neck muscles, this is also the exercise of children.

In a room with appropriate temperature, baby gymnastics and massage will also make the baby happy. Because, the baby prefers to be naked, and gymnastics and massage can help the baby exercise muscles and promote development. However, attention should be paid to the gentle movements and appropriate temperature.

After March-April, the baby’s strength is getting stronger and stronger, and the hand movements will slowly develop well, so that the baby can play with toys suitable for grasping. Toys that can shake and make noise will more easily attract the attention of the child.

Note that toys should be kept clean as far as possible and not too small, because babies like to explore the world with their mouths and are easy to swallow. If small beads and toys are inhaled into the trachea carelessly, it will be dangerous.

3. Play with babies who can’t move yet.

After 6 months, the baby will basically sit down and turn over, so it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of playing and be careful that the baby will roll under the bed in an unguarded moment.

Be careful not to let your baby watch TV or video, which is not good for your child to learn language. Talk gently to your baby and tell him the names of all kinds of things around him. If he imitates you, you can patiently correct his pronunciation by repeating them several times.

At this time, some babies may get tired of the original toys and may consider changing some varieties. At this time of toys, children should choose those that they like to play with, instead of just hanging, placing and watching.

Children over 6 months old often no longer like baby gymnastics and need more ways to induce them to exercise. Children will also show their temper. Some children will like music and some like reading picture albums. You can choose according to your children’s hobbies. You can increase the time for outdoor activities, and contact will naturally make your children very excited.

4. Play with babies who can climb and walk.

8-9 months, The baby will crawl. At this time, They often prefer to pick up or swallow their daily necessities to play with, On the one hand, adults need to do a good job of care, companionship, on the other hand, may cause dangerous items to be placed in places that the baby cannot contact, in order to avoid accidental clothing, falls, strays and other injuries. Similar tragic events are common, esophageal burns, collarbone fractures, straying into washing machines and other accidents, constantly appearing in the news everywhere.

At this stage, large-scale game items will make them happy, such as slides, swings, and boxes that the child can push. When taking the baby to play at this stage, you can try your best to exercise the muscles of the baby’s whole body to prepare for standing and walking in the future.

When the baby is 11-12 months old, most of them can stand up and some can already walk. Parents can accompany the baby to play ball games, ropes, and boxes that can get into. They will like it very much. However, when playing with ropes, the baby is easy to hurt himself by mistake, so parents should pay attention to the care and don’t let the baby be strangled.

There is generally no big problem for the baby to trip over what on the flat ground, but it is necessary to prevent the baby from playing in uneven places. On the one hand, walking is not stable at this time, and it is more likely to fall. On the other hand, the injury caused by the bump is more serious than that caused by ordinary skin bruises.


Within one year old, it is the period of rapid development of the baby’s body and mind. During this period, the intimate contact between relatives and the baby will make the baby healthier. Play with the baby, pay attention to methods, pay attention to safety and hygiene, don’t treat the baby as a toy, and try not to throw the baby alone in front of a pile of toys.

Play is an interactive process. Play is not only for fun, but also plays a deeper role in promoting the development of the baby’s body and mind.

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