Drinking milk is easy to gain weight? Seven Truths about Milk

In the face of milk, we often have a lot of entanglements, such as:

The shelf life of milk is so long, is the preservative exceeding the standard?

Can you drink too much milk and die half a month?

Will milk and brown sugar die suddenly when eaten together?

… …

However, Dr. Clove will give you a one-off solution to the trouble of milk.

First, milk with short shelf life has higher nutrition?


Different shelf life is mainly due to different sterilization technologies, not preservatives.

    Short shelf life, such as pasteurized milk in freezers, is transported and stored through strict cold chain. For those with long shelf life, such as normal temperature milk on containers, high temperature instantaneous sterilization technology is adopted.

The above two sterilization methods may make the taste different, but there is no big difference in nutrition.

Those who like fresh milk buy pasteurized milk, while lazy people hoard warm milk.

Second, the quality of milk in glass bottles is better?

Not necessarily.

Many people have had the memory of ordering fresh milk. Glass bottles look very healthy.


Glass bottles are favored by businesses only because they are environmentally friendly and low in cost.

What can really affect the quality of milk are milk source, sterilization degree, transportation and storage conditions, etc., but it has nothing to do with packaging.

Three, bagged milk directly heated will aluminum poisoning?

I think too much.

Some bagged milk will be packaged with aluminum foil.

There is a layer of polyethylene film (PE film) in the innermost part of this package. Under normal circumstances, the melting point is above 120 ℃. The boiling temperature of ordinary water is not enough to destroy the PE film and will not come into contact with food.

Besides, aluminum itself is also a lazy cancer patient in the metal industry. It is only by simply boiling it that it is too lazy to react.

As for milk in other plastic bags, there is no problem with ordinary hot water heating, but don’t heat it in microwave oven.

Four, milk and XX eat together will be poisoned?


All this may only come from-

Once upon a time, there was a man who happened to have a stomachache after drinking milk and XX at the same time. He thought that eating milk and XX together would cause stomachache. Then he told others his experience, and then others told others.

As a result, milk and various delicacies have inexplicably become bitter rivals.

The fact is that there is currently no scientific theory to prove various claims of “food restriction”.

Five, drink milk easy to get fat?

Not really.

On the contrary, drinking milk correctly is helpful to lose weight.

The protein in milk can well increase satiety. Drinking a cup before meals can make you eat less and control your weight.

It is not milk that makes people fat easily, but a mouth that cannot be controlled under any circumstances.

How do you drink milk?

Milk is a good thing, which is not as good as what [the best time to drink milk]. It can be drunk in the morning, at night, before and after meals, and after meals.

As for some rumors that milk cannot be drunk on an empty stomach, although it is false, you are really not at ease. You can take a small sip first, and then the second sip is not on an empty stomach.

However, if you drink milk, you will have flatulence and diarrhea, which may be lactose intolerance. In this case, it is not recommended to drink it when hungry, which will indeed aggravate flatulence and discomfort.

The latest dietary guidelines for residents recommend eating an average of 300 grams of dairy products per day. Eat 200 grams today and 400 grams tomorrow.

In addition, for pregnant or nursing women, teenagers between 12 and 18 years old and people with too much exercise, you can drink more.

But one thing, don’t drink milk as water.

Is milk drink milk?

Of course not.

Teach you two ways to distinguish:

Look at the name

Cunning merchants sometimes put [beverages] and [beverages] in a very inconspicuous position in a very inconspicuous way, requiring careful observation.

Look at the ingredient list

The first raw material of milk beverage is water, and the second is milk. Moreover, it depends on the proportion of protein in the nutritional composition table. Milk is ≥ 2.9%.