Drinking tea has many benefits, so it is healthier and longer to live.

China is the hometown of tea, and drinking tea has a history of thousands of years. Nowadays, tea is no longer a simple drink, but behind it are profound cultural details such as the ancient tea-horse road.

Dr. Clove is not good at talking about history, but he wants to talk about the health problems of tea. After drinking tea for thousands of years, is it good for what? What pays attention to friends with diseases when drinking tea?

Drinking tea has many advantages, refreshing and [preventing diseases]

Step 1 Drink tea to refresh yourself

This benefit is well known. I believe not everyone knows why it is refreshing. Because tea leaves contain caffeine, which is also the [active ingredient] of coffee, drinking tea and coffee have refreshing effects. However, [elderly] friends may not like coffee much, but prefer tea leaves with more cultural details and milder contents.

2. Drinking plenty of water is of great benefit. Tea is a good drink.

Water accounts for 60% ~ 75% of the human body, so water is the real source of life. For normal people, it is essential to ensure that they drink water every 2 ~ 3 hours, and 1.5 ~ 2L of drinking water per day.

However, many friends cannot accept plain boiled water because it will feel dull after a long time. The special taste of tea and the profound tea culture in China all make it more feasible to drink more water. At the same time, drinking tea is not only a material need, but also an cultivation of body and mind.

3. Drinking tea is good for preventing diseases.

There are many active ingredients in tea, the most important of which include tea polyphenols, caffeine, theanine, etc. These ingredients endow tea with special potential [efficacy].

At present, some studies have found that people who drink tea are less likely to suffer from senile dementia, ovarian cancer, heart disease, kidney stones and other diseases than people who do not drink tea. This also implies that some ingredients in tea may have the effect of preventing diseases.

Drinking tea is very important, so it is healthier to drink it.

1. Anemia friends should pay attention to

Some studies have found that drinking tea will hinder the absorption of iron. For friends who have iron deficiency anemia, drinking tea is not recommended before anemia is cured. Special attention should be paid to the fact that they cannot drink it together with iron supplements, which will affect the effect of iron supplements.

Drinking tea will hinder the absorption of iron, but for friends who do not have anemia, there is no need to worry. Just pay attention to drinking tea between meals and not during meals.

2. Have [three high] friends and drink leisurely.

Now, there are many friends with diabetes, hypertension and gout. Can these friends drink tea?

    Diabetes: Caffeine in tea can raise blood sugar, However, some studies have found that drinking tea for a long time does not affect diabetes control. It is even good for diabetes. It is suggested that diabetic friends who like drinking tea, Be sure to monitor blood sugar, As long as it does not affect blood sugar control, it can be drunk. Hypertension: Whether caffeine in tea affects blood pressure, There has always been controversy. High blood pressure friends who like drinking tea, When drinking tea, you should also pay attention to monitoring your blood pressure, If it does not affect blood pressure control, you can continue to drink. Gout: Theoretically, caffeine and theophylline in tea will affect uric acid levels. However, some studies have shown that drinking tea has nothing to do with gout. For friends with gout, try to avoid strong tea. If gout is induced after drinking tea every time, don’t drink tea. Barley tea and tartary buckwheat tea are also good choices.

STEP 3 Don’t take medicine with tea

Many drugs will occur with tannins in tea leaves, thus affecting their efficacy. To be on the safe side, it is recommended not to take any drugs with tea.

Step 4 Don’t drink tea in the evening

Caffeine in tea has refreshing effect, and some people are especially sensitive to caffeine. If you have a generation of tea in the evening, it is likely to affect your sleep at night. It is suggested that friends who drink tea should try not to drink tea after 5 pm.

Choose the tea that suits you

There are many benefits of drinking tea, but everyone’s physical condition is different and their reactions to various teas are also different. For example, some friends feel that green tea is bitter and tastes bad and their stomachs are uncomfortable after drinking it. And some friends will feel that black tea is too strong and tired, and that drinking black tea will feel better.

In a word, friends who love tea can try several kinds of tea. There is no absolutely good tea, and what suits them is the best.

It is unwise to be overly superstitious about drinking tea.

Having said so much about the benefits and drinking methods of tea, some friends may think that drinking tea can prevent various diseases and lead to a long and healthy life.

In fact, since ancient times, we have been full of longing for [immortality], and [elixir] is a good embodiment. However, the reality is that we have not found any kind of food or drink alone that can make people live a long and healthy life without illness.

For friends who don’t like drinking tea, there is no need to force themselves to drink tea. A healthy lifestyle is the foundation to a healthy and long life.