Eat a slice of bread in one minute? It sounds simple, but few people can do it.

In the eyes of many people, it is easy to eat a piece of bread in one minute, but in fact it is quite challenging because it is very…


Bread, steamed bread, cakes and egg yolk… must have made you have the experience of [speechless choking], nothing else, just because of dryness.

If chewing is not sufficient and saliva has not completely moistened them, it will produce greater friction with throat and esophagus after swallowing them quickly, forming a feeling of choking.

Therefore, for the sake of everyone’s personal safety, Dr. Clove sincerely suggests:

    Drink a little water before and when you eat. Be sure to chew and swallow slowly. (No one will rob you, you will not be hungry)

If you really choke, it is not only as simple as suffering, but also suffocation and life-threatening when it is more serious.

Dr. Clove is not threatening you. Recently, there was a tragic incident. A 4th grade girl from a school in Changning, Shanghai choked on food while eating at school. Although she was immediately sent to the hospital, she still died unfortunately.

What is easy to choke on?

I believe many people have heard of the tragedies caused by children eating peanuts and peas and the elderly eating jujube pits.

Children’s swallowing function is weaker, and food is more likely to get stuck in their throats, which is more dangerous. Every year, more than 200 children in China may lose their lives due to food suffocation.

When eating, one cannot speak, laugh, cry or run or jump, because it is possible to inhale the food in one’s mouth into the trachea, causing suffocation.

Food that can choke people goes far beyond bread, eggs and fish balls:

Peanuts, soybeans, peas, broad beans, pistachios, jelly, candy, marshmallow, peanut butter, chewing gum, bread, steamed buns, cakes, rice cakes, glutinous rice balls, meatballs, apple pieces, orange petals, cherries, grapes, pomegranates, coins, magnets, bottle caps, etc.

Moreover, the above are really just examples. In fact, there are many strange things that can choke people.

Seeing here, do you think you are really lucky to survive?

What do you do when you choke?

Generally, drinking water can relieve it.

If choking is serious and suffocates are caused, correct first aid must be taken.

In particular, young parents or elders with children should be reminded that children will die soon after suffocation. If they just wait for doctors to give first aid, they will probably miss the golden rescue time.

Please be sure to learn how to save yourself!

Dr. Clove introduced a first aid method suitable for both men and women, old and young, called “Heimlick First Aid Method”.

The principle of this first aid method is to squeeze the abdomen or chest, eject the air from the lungs rapidly, and push out the foreign body blocked in the trachea. According to age, rescuers need to take different postures.

1. For sober infants under 1 year old,

    The combination of double-finger impact on the chest (the middle of the line connecting the two nipples) and palm-heel back beating; Chest compression and impact 5 times, then back slapping 5 times, alternating until foreign bodies are discharged.

2. For sober, children over 1 year old and adults

    The rescuer stood behind the injured person with one leg between the injured person’s legs and his body close to the injured person’s back (as shown in the figure below); The rescuer clenched his fist with one hand, aimed his fist eye at the injured person’s upper abdomen (two horizontal fingers above the navel) and grabbed his fist with the other hand, hitting back and up quickly until the foreign body was discharged.

3. For obese or pregnant women

At this time, squeezing the abdomen may not be effective (or cannot be squeezed). At this time, the hand can be moved up appropriately to squeeze the chest cavity.

4. If you choke yourself

In theory, you can use your fist to hit your abdomen, or use your round and blunt chair back to hit your upper abdomen to save yourself (as shown in the figure below).

However, when things happen, a panic may not make a correct response, so Dr. Clove’s advice is to ask others for help in the first place.

Master this first aid method well, maybe one day you can save people from danger and save yourself.

Then the question arises:

Do you still have to challenge to eat a slice of bread in one minute?