Eat, drink, play, wear, live and travel, look here for a healthy New Year!

First of all, I wish everyone a happy New Year!

No matter whether the past year has been hard work or leisure, it is time to enjoy life in the new year.

What are the health tips for eating, drinking, playing, clothing, living and traveling during the Chinese New Year?


The nutrition is well balanced,

With a small spoon of salt,

Boil more and fry less,

The meal is full at seven.

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Visiting relatives and friends, there is always a lot of talk, and it is always inevitable to have wine-it hurts one’s body.

The happiness of family ties, full of children and grandchildren, drink some drinks and have fun-high sugar;

Have a pot of good tea and talk about a period of life. Only when you are leisurely can you be happy-healthy.

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Firecrackers are set off on New Year’s Eve, temple fairs are held in the first month, and the New Year is celebrated with excitement.

Firecrackers are of good quality,

Safety is festive;

Celebrate the New Year and attend temple fairs.

Don’t squeeze when there are too many people.

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The benevolent Leshan, the wise enjoy water.

Watch a Spring Festival Gala, listen to a ditty, and sing two passages with interest.

Relatives and neighbors gather together mahjong tables to fight for wisdom and courage and become hale and hearty.

In any case, often get up and walk.

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Wear new clothes for the New Year,

It doesn’t count in the emperor’s new clothes.

Let the neighbors have a look and see that we are bright and warm.

Shoes and socks need to be comfortable to warm your heart.

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New Year’s Day cleaning, the window is clear.

It is also necessary to properly handle the potential safety hazards at home.

The socket is in good contact and the floor is not loose.

Electric blankets and electric heaters are within the effective use period.

Grandchildren and granddaughters are noisy and have a stronger sense of safety.

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Travel thousands of miles and read thousands of books, no problem!

Travel plans have been prepared early.

Patients with chronic diseases should not forget their medicine when going out.

Necessary items and identification documents should be taken with you.

Comfortable journey, timely rest, don’t be tired.

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