Eating Feelings and Awakening Insects: The Sprouting of All Things in Su Sheng

Today is the stung in the 24 solar terms.

Stung, the weather warmed up, and the spring thunder began to sound, waking up the hibernating insects dormant underground.

Awakening and stung is a solar term for all things to recover. When the awakening and stung comes, the frozen soil starts to soften, and many thin buds look at it stubbornly and shyly. The cold spring breeze still permeates the breath of spring. After the awakening and stung, everything recovers, and many plants begin to sprout… … …

After the stung, the spring breeze together, delicious Toona sinensis also began to go on the market. Toona sinensis head category is many, generally divided into purple Toona sinensis and green Toona sinensis two kinds. The former is deep in color and thick in aroma, while the latter is light in color and light in aroma.

Fresh Toona sinensis sprouts look like this. Go to the vegetable market and have a look.

Toona sinensis is delicious and healthy

The characteristics of Toona sinensis mainly include:

1. Dietary fiber content is high and energy is low. Therefore, Toona sinensis is very suitable for people who need to control weight and occasionally have poor defecation.

2. Minerals, such as calcium, iron and zinc, are rich. Although the absorption rate is not necessarily very high, they can also play a great role in the whole diet.

3. It is especially fragrant and has a [taste of spring]. This is a special volatile substance from Toona sinensis, including terpenes, sesquiterpenes and other substances.

4. Especially fresh, Toona sinensis has a special flavor. Toona sinensis is very fresh without adding monosodium glutamate because Toona sinensis contains a lot of glutamic acid, which can account for 2.6% of Toona sinensis’s dry matter, and the monosodium glutamate we use is sodium glutamate.

However, it should be noted that the content of nitrate and nitrite in Toona sinensis is relatively high. When eating, tender buds should be selected. It is best to blanch with hot water before eating. Moreover, in the process of blanching in boiling water, the color of Toona sinensis leaves will also change from purples of different shades to bright green.

Recipe for Festival: Toona sinensis and Eggs

Raw materials: Toona sinensis, eggs, appropriate amount of oil and 2g of salt.


  1. Wash Toona sinensis, blanch it with water, drain the water and chop it up.

  2. Beat the eggs, add Toona sinensis after beating, and mix well.

  3. Stir-fry in a pan and add a small amount of salt to taste.

Festival Recipe: Toona sinensis Bean

Raw materials: 100g Toona sinensis sprouts, 100g soaked soybeans, 2g salt and appropriate amount of sesame oil.

  1. Wash Toona sinensis, blanch it with water, drain the water and chop it up.

  2. Boil the soaked soybeans for 5 minutes.

  3. Mix the boiled soybeans and Toona sinensis sprouts, add salt and 2 drops of sesame oil, and mix well.