Want to have a second child soon? How Increases Hit Rate?

The comprehensive two-child policy was finally implemented. Lao Wang next door wanted to have a second child for many years, and finally the country gave him a chance.

After working hard for less than half a year, his daughter-in-law’s stomach still did not move. Today, I ran into Lao Wang and heard him sigh with emotion: “I did not dare to have a second child when I wanted to have it before, but now I dare to have it but I cannot have it!” ]

If anyone dares to say that he [can’t], Lao Wang will definitely say [who said] angrily. The last time we went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said there was no problem, and we also checked twice, twice, you know? No problem! ]

Like Lao Wang, there should be not a few people who only see hard work but no harvest. Saying that it used to be family planning, but compared with the second child, how do you think the eldest brother is unintentional, the second child is the real [family planning], the right time, the right place and the right people, the same cannot be less.

How can we improve the success rate of the hit? Can you have a second child before you get older?

Now let’s talk to you about how to do this technical job well.

How do sperm and eggs meet

The time when people are most likely to be fertilized is when they ovulate, usually 14 days before menstruation, even if the menstrual cycle is irregular.

This can be seen from the formation of menstruation:

Menstruation is bleeding caused by endometrial abscission, which is the emotional embodiment of the uterus for fertilization failure.

After getting the news of follicle (egg cell) development at the beginning of the month, the uterus began to prepare for its arrival, transforming the originally barren soil.

When it was learned 14 days before menstruation that the egg cell had emerged from the follicle, it was even more important to work day and night to cultivate the uterus into a fertile soil.

However, when waiting anxiously for 14 days and hard work was really useless, the uterus was so angry that it crammed all over and uprooted the paved red carpet, which led to menstrual blood.

It can be seen from this that 14 days before menstruation, which is the day when women ovulate, is also easier to conceive.

Where is the fertilization site? It’s the fallopian tube. After fertilization, the fertilized egg swims from the fallopian tube to the uterus. In case you swim in the wrong place to settle down, it is ectopic pregnancy.

How to Improve the Success Rate of Giving Birth

Relaxation is important

We all know that haste makes waste, and human creation is no exception. When we are told by the doctor that we are safe, we should relax and don’t be suspicious and nervous.

Tension may cause endocrine disorders, abnormal peristalsis of fallopian tubes, and the egg cannot meet the sperm.

We must create conditions to turn sex life into a kind of physical and mental pleasure exercise. For example, if we have the conditions, we can go out for a trip to relive our honeymoon. If we do not have the conditions, we must at least have confidence. We believe that doctors will not deceive you and that God will not disappoint you.

Time is important

It is best to choose about 2 days before ovulation for sex that is not for entertainment but for pregnancy.

It is possible that dating men and waiting for women starts from the cell period. To be fertilized, sperm must wait for eggs in the fallopian tube, at least at the same time, and never be late. Otherwise, apology is useless. Because sperm can afford to wait for 3-5 days, egg cells only have 24 hours, and cannot afford to be injured.

It is better to seek knowledge than to seek posture.

As you can see, the uterus is inverted in the human body. Will it be easier for sperm to enter the uterus when the human body stands upside down after ejaculation? Is that what you think? The answer must disappoint you-no way. The process and mechanism of sperm entering the uterus are far more complicated than we thought.

Just as we drink water, imagine that drinking water on one’s head will enter the brain instead of the stomach. Try it and you will have the answer: that is, you have already got water in your head before drinking water backwards.

[Energy] Is Important

The energy here refers to the vitality of sperm. It is not to talk about heroes by [urinating high and shooting far]. It is only one of the signs of good or bad prostate gland.

The sperm quality requirements for human beings are similar to those for semen examination. It is best to ensure that they share the same room once a week or so before ovulation. Otherwise, the time is too long, the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled are in the majority, and the number of sperm is too small for too short, which is not conducive to group operations.

Basal body temperature is very useful.

The front said that the first 14 days of menstruation are ovulation days, but menstruation has not yet come. Where do you know which day is the first 14 days? Menstruation rules are good, and calendar can be used to calculate a rough idea. What about irregular menstruation?

At this time, the simplest way is to take the basal body temperature. However, when you find that your body temperature rises one morning, it means that the eggs have been laid. If possible, you should have fun in time. It is better not to wait until night to work, otherwise the hit rate should be reduced again.

In addition to basal body temperature, ovulation test paper is also a very effective monitoring method.

During the safe period, pregnancy may also be possible.

Many people think that the first 7 and the second 8 periods of menstruation are safe periods, but this is not the case.

7 days before menstruation should be safe, even 11 or 12 days before menstruation are safe. But before menstruation comes, how do we know which day is 7 days before menstruation or 10 days before menstruation? This smacks of hindsight.

Eight days after menstruation is unreliable. Different people have a very different time from menstruation to ovulation. For example, if your cycle is 22 days, you will start ovulation on the 8th. The cycle is 24 days and ovulation starts on the 10th day, but it is also possible to conceive if you have sex on the 6th day, because sperm survival time is longer.

In the same person, sometimes illness, mood, menstrual cycle length will also change, ovulation day also varies from month to month, so it is really unsafe to use safe period contraception.

However, for those who want to conceive, don’t just leave [ammunition] in the ovulation period. The so-called safe period may also be pregnant.

If you have nothing to do, practice more.

The latest research shows that even when it is not easy to conceive, regular sex life can also increase the chances of women becoming pregnant. If you have too much sex and your physical strength cannot bear it, it is necessary to concentrate your superior forces before and after ovulation. If your physical strength is good, you don’t need to hold it tightly at ordinary times. You only have sex during ovulation. Taking good sex as a task is not conducive to pregnancy.

In short, faith is also very important. I believe that I insist on exercising and actively prepare for war. I hope everyone can have a good pregnancy.

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