Eating Festival, Beginning of Winter: Delicious but dumplings, nutrition is very important

Every time I go to beginning of winter, it is a custom in many places to serve a bowl of hot and delicious dumplings.

Dumplings not only resemble silver ingots in appearance and are very pleasing, but also have varied tastes and can satisfy the preferences of different people. They are very popular in our country.

However, it is also important to eat dumplings healthily. Today, Dr. Clove will tell you how to eat dumplings healthily.

Eat dumplings [at the time of making children]

In our country, dumplings have a very long history. According to textual research, dumplings were developed from the Southern and Northern Dynasties to the Tang Dynasty [crescent moon-shaped wonton] and the Southern Song Dynasty [dry meat with double lower horns].

The custom of eating dumplings in beginning of winter has been handed down to this day, especially in the north, especially in Beijing and Tianjin. It is even more popular to eat dumplings in beginning of winter. Why is it popular to eat dumplings in beginning of winter?

Legend has it that the name of dumplings comes from the saying “when the children are handed over”. The 30th of the year is the turn of the old year and the new year, and beginning of winter is the turn of autumn and winter, so the dumplings [when the children are handed over] cannot be eaten.

Now, our living standard is getting better and better, dumplings have entered the daily diet, and people are not limited to eating dumplings [when making children]. Eating dumplings during solar terms such as beginning of winter has evolved into a folk custom to celebrate. In beginning of winter, all kinds of dumplings sell very well.

Of course, China also has the custom of eating dumplings during the winter solstice, New Year’s Eve and other seasons. It can be seen that dumplings are very popular and symbolize festive food.

Delicious and nutritious silver ingot

Dumplings are made of flour as the main raw material, plus different fillings. Our middle-aged and old friends eat dumplings, in addition to pursuing taste, nutrition cannot be ignored. In order to achieve better nutritional value, when choosing and making dumplings, Dr. Clove gives some health tips to everyone.

Dumplings are often used as staple food, because the main raw material of dumpling wrappers is flour, which can provide people with full energy. However, for our middle-aged and elderly friends, we can add buckwheat flour, corn flour and other coarse cereal flour to the flour, increase the proportion of coarse cereals, increase dietary fiber and minerals, and be good for controlling blood sugar.

There are many kinds of fillings in dumplings, from the most common pork and cabbage to the rare squid and sea cucumber. It can be said that as long as you have imagination, you can make various dumplings. So many kinds of fillings, reasonable matching is particularly important. The fillings of dumplings generally have three major components:

The first category is animal food, such as pig, beef and mutton, eggs, shrimps, etc., which mainly provide high-quality protein. The second category is vegetable food, such as cabbage, celery, scallion, carrot, etc., which is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. The third category is seasonings, such as salt and oil.

According to these ingredients, we should pay attention to the following three points when eating dumplings healthily.

1. Less meat and more vegetables, lean and less fat

Our middle-aged and elderly friends, when choosing dumpling stuffing, suggest that we choose more vegetables and less meat, and the fat ratio of meat should not be too high. For example, we can choose pig shoulder meat with lower fat ratio (fat accounts for about 10%), or choose egg and shrimp stuffing to avoid excessive intake of fat.

2. That vegetable juice is retain and the nutrition is retained

Many friends like to squeeze out the juice from vegetables and pour it out when making dumplings in order to pursue taste and appearance, thus losing a considerable part of water-soluble vitamins, minerals and some beneficial phytochemicals.

We can keep these nutritious vegetable juices, add some dried mushroom powder and shrimp skin to the dumpling stuffing to absorb the vegetable juice, or add one or two egg white to mix, so as to meet the taste and appearance requirements and reduce the nutrition loss.

3. Less oil and salt, prevention and control [three highs]

Salt and oil in dumplings also need to be paid attention to. Many middle-aged and elderly friends suffer from hypertension, so they should try to reduce salt and oil as much as possible to avoid heavy taste. Add less salt to the stuffing, add some mushroom powder, kelp crushed and shrimp skin, which can increase freshness and reduce salt. We might as well give it a try.

I would also like to remind everyone that if conditions permit, it is best to make dumplings by oneself, or choose dumplings currently made by merchants, and try not to choose quick-frozen dumplings.

Because, all kinds of quick-frozen dumplings, In order to achieve a better taste, Often a lot of grease is added. For example, Common a quick-frozen dumplings, the general appetite of adults, a meal can eat about 15 ~ 20 dumplings. According to the nutritional composition table of this dumpling calculation, such a meal is 30 ~ 40 grams of oil. And our daily oil limit is 25 ~ 30 grams, eat quick-frozen dumplings, it is easy to eat too much oil, resulting in excessive energy, not conducive to the control of the three highs.

We should also pay attention to one thing. When eating dumplings, we should try our best to boil and steam them and use less frying. Accompanied by a refreshing vegetable, it can be blanched green vegetables, vinegar cabbage and so on.

Don’t use heavy oil red oil dishes for dipping. You can choose the combination of soy sauce and vinegar. For those who like spicy food, you can add a little fresh millet and pepper to the sauce and vinegar dishes. The taste is fresh and refreshing, no less than red oil dipping.

Recommended Recipe: Happy Ever After Dumplings

According to the health tips given to everyone, Dr. Clove recommends a healthy [happy ever after dumpling]. You can try to make it.

Raw materials:

Flour, corn flour, pork shoulder meat, cooked corn kernels, dried mushrooms, carrots, celery, egg white (optional), vegetable oil, salt.

Making method:

1. Mix flour and corn flour in a ratio of 7: 3 to knead flour.

2. Pork is ground into stuffing for later use; Chop celery, carrot and dried mushroom into powder. Cooked corn kernels can be chopped or not chopped and mixed into pork. The ratio of meat to vegetable is 4: 6.

3. If there is a lot of water in the stuffing, 1-2 egg white can be added, appropriate amount of oil and salt can be added for seasoning, the stuffing can be stirred and mixed evenly.

4. Make dumplings, cook or steam the dumplings, and you can eat them.