Malatang is actually quite healthy, as long as it is not hemp, spicy or hot.

It’s getting cold, so I want something warm.

Malatang, as one of the popular foods all over the streets and lanes, really makes people love and hate it. Don’t eat, especially want to; Eat, the in the mind a little worried.

Is Malatang healthy? Is it safe? Do you really want to give up your love with pain?

Don’t worry, Dr. Clove, as a senior malatang enthusiast, will tell you today how to rub malatang healthily and unbridled.

1. Can Malatang be eaten?


As a kind of delicious food that can be seen everywhere, Malatang is actually very simple and real: a pot of boiling stock/spicy soup, various vegetables, tofu, meat slices and balls, choose whatever you want, and a large bowl of warm food.

Tut. Think about it, it is very suitable for winter.

Malatang is [boiled vegetables with seasonings], of course it can be eaten.

2. But… are all kinds of bad rumors true?

I have to say, Malatang is really delicious, but Da Ji is still very beautiful.

The ingredients used are poor…

Put poppy shells… … …

Old soup… … …

There are bacteria and insects…

In these rumors, except that [bacteria and insects] are absolutely fabricated (there is no such species), other problems are indeed possible…

Malatang is mostly small profits but quick turnover. In order to reduce costs, improve tastes and retain diners, some shops are likely to have problems such as poor quality of raw materials, heavy flavor, stale ingredients, long-term non-change of soup base, use of illegal additives, etc.

However, Dr. Clove said to be honest, these situations are not unique to malatang, and other unreliable restaurants and roadside stalls may also have the same phenomenon.

Unfortunately, these problems cannot be identified by us at a glance, so in order to be relatively safe, when choosing a store, we should not only consider the price and taste, but also try to choose those with complete certificates (all kinds of licenses and hygiene ratings should be displayed conspicuously in the store).

As for the cart stalls on the roadside, the wind and the sun, the exhaust gas and the smog, it is better to refrain from it. It is not that there is no other choice ~

Although it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad malatang, if my heart beats faster and I want to have diarrhea after eating, I will never have to go to this store again.

3. Just want to eat malatang… how! Huh! Do it!


In fact, as long as the door is safe, Malatang is indeed a very good fast food.

Hot cooking can reduce the anti-nutritional substances in vegetables and will not cause the problem of oil oxidation. We can also choose and match according to our own preferences, so as to achieve a variety of ingredients and a balanced meat and vegetable.

How can you choose a malatang full of nutrition outside?

Pick your order first.

Vegetables, mushrooms, algae… It is best to have a little of all kinds, and choose more things that you don’t eat very much at ordinary times, which can make up for the regret that you always don’t eat enough food.

More protein.

Bean products and eggs are good sources of protein. If there are beef and mutton rolls, it is a deluxe version.

It is not recommended to choose too many meatballs. First, the oil is large. Second, the raw materials and quality are not easy to judge, which tests the conscience of the merchants (who cannot stand the test most).

On the whole, vegetables and proteins are about 2: 1.

Then pick some staple food.

In addition to the common flour, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn segments, lotus root, pumpkin and yam slices are also good.

Finally, choose the soup base and small ingredients.

Tell the shopkeeper not to be too spicy or salty, you can choose a clear soup, and then put it yourself if you want to eat spicy. If you don’t feel fragrant enough, you can also have some sesame paste, garlic juice, vinegar and other seasonings.

In this way, it is easy to choose more than 10 kinds of ingredients, with thick and thin matching and balanced meat and vegetables, which is much healthier than most fast foods!

If you can do it yourself at home, the above principles are also applicable, and the ingredients are safer and the seasoning is freer.

Finally, no matter where you eat spicy hot food, it is still recommended that you choose a light taste, put less spicy food, and eat the hot food after cooling, that is, to achieve [no hemp, no spicy, no hot] and perfection.

4. Malatang, string, maocai, hot pot… What is the relationship?

Speaking of this problem, perhaps our first thought is: Maocai is a person’s hot pot, hot pot is a group of people’s Maocai…

But! In order for friends from all over the world to sit on the same table and stop quarrelling and embarrassing, Dr. Clove should force popular science.

    Hot pot: Pay the bill according to the number of copies, and rinse yourself while eating. String: Pay the bill and sign it, while eating and rinsing it without fishing. Maocai: Pay the bill according to the number of shares, and the boss will help cook and eat directly. Malatang: Pay the bill and sign it, and the boss will help cook it and eat it directly.

However, many malatang shops do not need to sign several signatures now… it is completely unclear…