Everyone can get cancer, and these nine symptoms cannot be ignored.

Sometimes, the symptoms of cancer are obvious, but sometimes they are not necessarily obvious. It is a pity that it is too late when the patient finds out.

The nine kinds of symptoms to be mentioned below are the possible manifestations of cancer. Of course, the opposite is not true. It cannot be said that having these symptoms is equivalent to getting cancer. These symptoms are not formal diagnostic criteria for cancer. Please don’t panic.

This is just to remind everyone to pay attention to their health and not to ignore any physical discomfort. Even if it is not cancer, these physical abnormalities should also attract everyone’s attention.

Long-term weakness

In general, fatigue is caused by physical fatigue, which can be adjusted quickly as long as you have a good rest. However, extreme fatigue needs attention.

The American Cancer Society warns that leukemia, rectal cancer, gastric cancer, etc. may show long-term fatigue and fatigue, and this feeling will not improve much even after full rest.

Sudden weight loss

If you live a regular life and are not dieting or losing weight, your weight will not fluctuate violently.

However, if the eating habits and life rhythm have not changed, the sudden weight loss should be paid attention to. According to the American Cancer Society, many cancers, including esophageal cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and gastric cancer, may lead to sudden weight loss.


There are many reasons for physical pain, but the pain caused by cancer is characterized by persistent pain, which cannot be relieved even by using some basic analgesic drugs.

Data from the American Cancer Society show that rectal cancer and ovarian cancer may cause waist and back pain, while brain cancer may show long-term headache, and early bone cancer and testicular cancer may also cause severe pain in corresponding parts.

Please pay more attention to physical pain, even if it is not caused by cancer, it is still necessary to pay attention.

Body mass

For example, breast cancer and testicular cancer will have lumps in the corresponding parts.

However, other parts of the body may also have lumps. Once the body has abnormal lumps, the best way is to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to eliminate the possibility of cancer.

Edema of lower limbs

Cervical cancer in women may be manifested as edema of legs and feet in the early stage. Of course, there are other manifestations, such as increased vaginal secretions, back pain, dysuria, etc.

There are many reasons for edema. Although only some of them are caused by serious diseases, we should still pay attention to the abnormal performance of the body.

Oral leukoplakia

Oral leukoplakia, accurately referred to as oral mucosal leukoplakia. If you are a long-term smoker, the sudden appearance of leukoplakia in your mouth and gums may be an early symptom of cancer.

Oral problems can easily be ignored, so if you smoke for a long time, you should pay special attention to the changes in your oral cavity. Although both male and female smokers may suffer from oral leukoplakia, this manifestation is more common in men.

Skin changes

Skin cancer is more common among Caucasians, but Chinese should also pay attention to their skin changes.

For example, moles on the skin: Benign moles are generally uniform in color and clear in edge, but if moles suddenly become larger, change in color, suddenly bulge, and the edge becomes blurred, festered, painful, etc., great attention should be paid to them.

Changes in defecation and urination

Have you ever paid attention to your defecation and urination?

Early bladder cancer and prostate cancer may show sudden increase or decrease in urination, while colon cancer may show bloody stool and frequent diarrhea.

Persistent fever

Fever is generally not caused by serious diseases, but if the fever has not decreased after routine treatment, attention should be paid.

Fever is a regulatory mechanism of the body. Many cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma will affect the immune system. In order to combat this problem, the body may show persistent fever.