Knee pain, what should I do?

Will knee pain have what performance?

Knee pain may occur at all ages. It may occur suddenly, such as after injury or excessive exercise. Others may exist for a long time, starting with mild symptoms and then gradually worsening. Osteoarthritis may occur in middle-aged and elderly people.

What should I do with knee pain?

STEP 1 Take care of it yourself

If it is only simple knee pain, there is no other discomfort and the pain is not heavy, you can try the following methods:

(1) Rest

Exercise and weight bearing will aggravate pain. Try to reduce exercise, especially climbing stairs and mountains.

(2) Ice application

Ice compress can relieve pain. Ice compress can use ice bags and frozen mineral water. When applying ice, use towels to wrap the ice bags to avoid frostbite caused by too low a temperature.

On the first day of pain, ice can be applied once an hour for 15 minutes each time. For the next few days, keep the frequency of 4 times a day.

(3) Use knee pads

Knee pads can protect and assist knee joint movements. Consult a rehabilitation department or orthopaedic doctor before purchasing.

(4) Analgesics

Ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. If you are healthy and have no gastric ulcer, liver and kidney insufficiency and other diseases, you can take some painkillers according to the instructions.

(5) Raise the knee position

If knee pain is accompanied by edema, the edema can be relieved by raising the position of the knee. When sleeping, you can put a pillow under your knee.

Step 2 Find a doctor to deal with

There are many causes of knee pain, including arthritis, bone tumors, fractures, ligament tears, etc. When any of the following conditions exist, you should see an orthopaedic doctor in time:

(1) Joint pain after injury;

(2) The knee joint cannot bear weight, cannot stand or affects walking;

(3) Knee pain is very serious and unbearable;

(4) The knee joint is deformed and cannot bend;

(5) Whole body fever or local redness and swelling of knee joint, purple;

(6) After 3 days of self-treatment, the pain cannot be relieved or even aggravated.

How to prevent knee pain?

(1) If there are flat feet and foot deformities, special sports shoes should be selected under the advice of doctors.

(2) Choose sports shoes with appropriate size and cushion.

(3) Try to choose sports that have little damage to the knee joint, such as swimming, instead of climbing mountains.

(4) Do warm-up exercises well before exercise and move the knee joint.

(5) The amount of exercise should be moderate, too little exercise cannot play the role of exercise, too much may damage the knee.

(6) When running, try to choose soft ground, such as plastic runway; Avoid concrete pavement.

(7) Weight Loss: Obesity will increase the burden on knees and joint wear, so we must pay attention to weight control.