Exercise but no weight loss? Ten Mistakes Inadvertently Entered

For the sake of health, For the sake of good body shape, Many people start to exercise. Clock-in has gradually become a fashion. We share our fitness photos or experiences on Weibo and friends. Not only do you show your sports achievements and encourage you to stick to it, but you also encourage more people around you to join the ranks of sports and fitness. Many people are enthusiastic at the beginning of sports, but after a period of fitness, their body shape progress is not obvious and they are somewhat depressed. Why can’t you lose weight when you clock in every day? According to my fitness guidance experience, I sum up the following ten points, hoping to help the people concerned get out of the erroneous zone of slimming as soon as possible and reach their ideal body shape as soon as possible.

First, the time is too short

[I have been exercising for three days, why haven’t I lost weight yet? Many people want to reach their ideal body shape as quickly as possible, But building body shape is a long-term process. Fat accumulates over months, years, even decades. Of course we shouldn’t expect to lose in a week or two. Generally speaking, boys lose one kilo a week. It is a good time for girls to lose a kilo every 2-3 weeks. Of course, People with a large weight base, In the early days of weight loss, they may lose weight slightly faster. Many girls’ weight base is not large in itself, They may lose weight at a slower rate than the above reference value. Usually, It takes us four weeks to discover the changes in our bodies, Your friends may need eight weeks, While others need 12 weeks to notice your body changes. It is no accident that popular weight loss programs abroad, such as Insanity and P90X, usually take 2-3 months. If you are a novice in sports, you should often stick to exercise for at least 2-3 weeks to see a little change. Give yourself some time.

Second, the wrong scale

Many people think that they are not thin. In fact, they may have read the wrong scale. There are two situations here: using the wrong scale and reading the wrong scale. [How can you use the wrong scale? I bought a very advanced electronic scale! ], many people may think so. There are roughly two types of electronic scales on the market: Weight scale and body fat scale. Weight is one of the indicators to measure the progress of slimming, But it is not the only indicator, Not even the best indicator. Many girls in the early days of fitness, In fact, fat has begun to decrease, However, due to muscle congestion and edema, There will be short-term weight gain. Gaining weight instead of losing weight will give you the illusion that you haven’t lost weight yet, but in fact your body fat percentage has begun to decrease, your waist circumference has become thinner, and your body shape has become better. Walking on the street, people don’t care about your weight figures, others only see your body shape, don’t they? Therefore, weight is just a floating cloud, and body fat is king. Body fat scale can not only measure body weight, but also measure the percentage of body fat according to the difference in electrical conductivity between body muscles and adipose tissue. Therefore, it is a better monitoring tool for fat reduction progress than weighing scale. Should all people buy individual fat scales? Of course not. Body fat scales are convenient, But after all, it also costs money, and body fat changes can also be replaced by other measurement methods, such as measuring body circumference. Many girls are more concerned about thin abdomen and thighs. You can use a tape measure to measure abdominal circumference or thigh circumference every week to monitor your fat reduction progress. With electronic body fat scales, won’t you misread the scales? Neither is it. Whether it’s a weight scale or a body fat scale, Many factors may affect the accuracy of measurement. For example, Eating will lead to increased body weight and body fat measurements, Many people lose weight due to dehydration after exercise, Taking a hot bath will cause sebum measurement values to drop temporarily due to blood flow to muscles. Whether it is to measure body weight, body fat, or circumference, It is recommended to get up early on an empty stomach, After going to the toilet, Before eating and drinking, Naked or wearing only underwear, Measured with the same scale, In order to increase the accuracy and comparability of measurements. Without data, There is no basis. I generally suggest that my students use a notebook to record their physical parameters. I call it setting up my own body shape management account. Don’t get too obsessed with the absolute value of a certain measurement. It focuses on the change trend of body fat or weight over a period of time. Most of the time, after recording for 3-4 weeks, Not only did they clearly see the changing trend of their body shape, Getting to know more about the impact of various factors on your body. If you measure it correctly, you may find that you have actually started to lose weight, just because the changes are so small that you have not noticed before. If you have not lost weight, then the problem is nothing more than training or diet, and we will continue to discuss it.

Third, lack of planning

Many people clock in every day, It is. It is better to move than not to move, However, doing sports is not equal to training. This is why although the grandmothers who dance in the square often exercise, few of them have the figure you want. The biggest difference between doing sports and training is that the latter has a scientific training plan. Including clear training objectives, Training content, intensity, time, Eating plans, etc. The weather was fine yesterday, In a good mood, So you went out for a run. It was smog today, I can only do yoga at home. I just saw a group of abdominal muscle training pictures on the Internet. So it becomes your training plan for tomorrow. Without clear goals, There is no target-specific training program, There is no scheduled intensity and time, no diet plan to match the training, no planning, no consistency, and of course there will be no ideal results. If you have a personal trainer, then you should cooperate with your trainer to formulate a fitness plan suitable for your body goals. The plan should be specific to practicing what every week? How many times a week? How much time each time? The intensity of how? Is the progress indicator what? Even if there is no private education, There are also many fitness tutorials on the Internet. In fact, Almost all fitness tutorials, If we can stick to the plan and stick to it, Most will have good results. The key is to stick to the plan to the end. Don’t be fooled by the [latest] [most popular] fitness programs circulating on the Internet, Give up halfway. If necessary, print out your workout plan in the form of a calendar and stick it on the mirror. In this way, your weekly training plan will be clear at a glance, and you will check it every day when you finish it. If you don’t finish it on any day, you will remind yourself to make it up as soon as possible when you see the mirror the next day.

Four, only do aerobic

[I run 5 kilometers a day, why still can’t I reduce it? The human body is an amazing adaptable machine. The human body will adapt to new movements within six weeks. Especially aerobic exercise. If you have been running like this for a year, Your body may have adapted for ten months. With the same amount of exercise, But your fat burning efficiency has declined. It is suggested that people who use the same exercise mode for a long time can try to change some exercise modes regularly. Always do constant aerobic exercise ( Such as jogging, can try to add some strength training. Constant aerobic usually only consumes calories during exercise. Adding some strength training can help you improve your basal metabolic rate. Let you consume calories at rest, like the motor running when the car is parked, helping you consume fuel (burn fat). Even if running is your only way of exercising, you can change some tricks. For example, switch from uniform jogging to intermittent variable speed running. Constant aerobic is a more economical way to consume energy, like driving slowly and saving fuel. Oxygen-free intermission is a way of production capacity under the condition of large energy demand. For example, the car accelerates rapidly, with large production capacity but not high efficiency and high fuel consumption. Reducing fat just requires large fuel consumption, doesn’t it? Try some new exercise methods to give the body a reason to change.

Five, the intensity is not enough

One of the main reasons why many people don’t exercise well is that they don’t do enough training. [I train for two hours at a time, have no oxygen for 30 minutes, run for 30 minutes, add a bicycle for one hour, and say I am not strong enough? ] Yes, long time does not mean high intensity. And long time just means low intensity. For aerobic exercise, One of the main measures of training intensity is heart rate. 10 minutes of intermittent aerobic exercise with a heart rate of 160 is more intense than 20 minutes of jogging with a heart rate of 130. This is one of the reasons why housework cannot completely replace fitness training in many cases. The former is too low in intensity. It cannot induce the secretion of related hormones (such as growth hormone and thyroxine) that really bring about body shape changes. The main indicators of strength training intensity are weightlifting weight and rest time between groups. Many people complain that their strength training is not effective in burning fat. Most of the time weightlifting is too light or the rest time between groups is too long. If you have time to talk to beautiful women and handsome men during training, Look in the mirror, Playing with mobile phones, Take photos, clock in, Then it is very likely that your training intensity is not enough. To increase the training intensity, Constant speed aerobic can be changed to variable speed intermittent aerobic, Shorten the break time between groups for strength training. If you want to try what’s high-intensity intermittent training, you can try my four-minute family fitness video series. Training depends not only on time but also on quality. If you have been plateau for a long time, you should ask yourself if the training intensity is enough. Perhaps, your fitness is just a warm-up for others.

Six, cheating father flat panel

[I do 200 sit-ups every day, why still have no abdominal muscles? ] The abdominal muscles with lines are sexy and good-looking, which is the goal of many people to lose weight. However, unfortunately, many people may never be able to practice abdominal muscles in their exercise style. Why? Because their training is too limited to abdominal muscles. Recently, Pictures of Plank are going crazy on the Internet like moving-picture sex movies. Some people are starting to pose more than who does Plank, The time is longer. Some big V’s, such as Pan Shiyi, also posted pictures of their flat supports on their microblogs. There are also reports that former U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke can last 51 minutes. Unfortunately, we have never seen their abdominal muscles. Sit-ups, flat support and other abdominal muscle movements can enhance the core strength, but it is basically useless to practice abdominal muscles, and it is useless to last for an hour. Why? Everyone has abdominal muscles, and most of the time they are only covered by fat and cannot be seen. Don’t believe it? Tighten your abdominal muscles and pinch the fat on your abdominal muscles. Abdominal muscles are not practiced, they are exposed! To expose the abdominal muscles, The most important thing is to consume the fat covered on it. The most effective way to reduce fat is to consume energy through full-body exercises (such as running, strength training, etc.). Sit-ups and flat supports do less work. It consumes less energy and is pitifully small, so the effect of fat reduction is extremely poor. Flat support is not impossible, but don’t hope it can help you develop abdominal muscles. It is the right way to reduce fat and expose abdominal muscles through whole body training.

Seven, eat misunderstanding

Q: Why do most girls like to call themselves food? A: Because I don’t say I am a food, People will think that you are born fat. Good body shape, Three-point practice, Seven points. It is no exaggeration to say that abdominal muscles are eaten. If all girls eat too much, However, most people have poor slimming effect and have problems in eating. As for the principle of slimming down and healthy diet, due to the limitation of this article, it cannot be elaborated here in detail. Interested can click on the video to watch here. Here are two common misunderstandings about eating. Many people have heard that [how can you have strength to exercise without full belly? ], so eat a full meal before exercising. It’s great to supplement a banana or a glass of milk 1-2 hours before exercising, but if you eat too much before exercising, the calories you consume far exceed the calories consumed by exercising, of course, you won’t lose weight, but you will gain weight. If you always fill up the fuel tank, how can you burn fat? It’s not that you can’t eat before exercise, But the quantity should be controlled. Others have heard that [Exercise is the best time to supplement nutrition, Therefore, you must have extra meals after exercise.] This is only half right. Exercise is indeed the best window to supplement nutrition. Newly exercised muscles are sensitive to nutrition absorption. Eating at this time, More nutrients are absorbed into the muscles, It is rarely stored as fat. However, For those who want to reduce fat and weight, The right thing to do is to move the food that you should have eaten to eat after exercise, instead of adding extra food after exercise on the basis of your original daily diet. If you do this, you will gain muscle instead of losing fat. It is actually very simple to move eating to exercise. For many people who want to lose fat, it is only necessary to schedule the training time before meals.

VIII. Estimation Error

Mistakes about eating, In fact, the root cause of many people is the wrong estimation, Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize here. The reason why exercise loses weight instead of losing weight is that many people make two mistakes. First, they overestimate the amount of calories they consume during exercise. Second, they underestimate the amount of calories they eat. Some people think they exercise. Psychologically, I feel that I am qualified to eat more. However, I did not realize that I would eat all the 200-300 calories I consumed after running for half an hour. It is not impossible to reward myself occasionally, but be careful not to treat myself too frequently, and the choice of food and the control of the amount of reward are very important, otherwise all previous achievements will be wasted.

Nine, insufficient preparation

Many people know how to eat, but they always do not perform well. The root cause is insufficient preparation. Many people may know the principle of healthy eating, but the following two eating laws ultimately determine success or failure: (1) if the food to be eaten is not ready on hand, it will be eaten indiscriminately; (2) All the food you bring home will eventually be eaten. To achieve real eating control, it is best to follow the above rules and do the following two things: (1) Take a little time every day to prepare the meals you should eat all day. Even if you are not cooking for yourself or eating out, eat what at every meal? How much do you eat? It should also be planned. (2) It is best not to buy unhealthy food at home. Fitness diet starts from purchasing.

Ten, time bomb

If diet control is the biggest difficulty in losing weight, Then the dinner party may be a time bomb on your way to pursue your ideal body shape. Many people work hard to exercise, Hundreds of calories are consumed every day, and only 1,000 or 2,000 calories are consumed in a week. A weekend dinner may come back and fall short. Dinner is inevitable. Mastering the following principles can minimize the negative effects of time bombs. Avoid eating until you are hungry: a meal is not hungry, almost 500 calories; It may be 1500 calories to eat full and 3000 calories to eat full. You are right. There may be six times the difference between eating hungry and eating full. Picky eating: Try to eat only vegetables and protein, Avoid staple foods and desserts. Lightly cut off: If eating more is inevitable, you can cut off one day before and after the dinner, which is actually halving the amount of food you eat in these two days. Since you can eat a lot at one meal, of course you can eat less at several meals in order to control the overall calorie intake. Remedial Exercise: Increase the amount of exercise before and after the dinner to consume the excess calories.