Facing the computer every day, be careful of these 4 consequences.

The wind and cloud in the world come out of our generation, and as soon as we enter the Jianghu,

As a senior gamer, I have been on the battlefield in front of the computer for many years, but I inevitably end up with injuries. Looking back on the past, I cannot help sighing and only hate that I did not prevent it earlier.

In addition to himself, The IT men around them also felt the erosion of the years one after another. In those days, the defeated generals in Internet cafes also entered the e-commerce giants of various Internet companies. In the endless squeeze to become a code farmer. Every time I was asked to eat, as soon as I opened my mouth, I told them their symptoms like a treasure trove. After they were shocked, they inevitably smiled relatively wry and speechless.

In any case, after all, I am a poor doctor, remain uncorrupted and have no worries. However, they are all IT trenches with an annual salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars. If they want to work for a few more years to earn some money, they have to bear the pain and pay the bill obediently. Then they are not ashamed to ask our poor, can how prevent all kinds of computer diseases?

At such times, I usually pick up the cup, take a sip slowly, close my eyes and taste it carefully. When the fragrant tea enters my throat, I exhale a mouthful of hot air and sigh: Good tea!

The waiter was called to the menu and ordered the most expensive dishes hard. Then, he would explain to the waiting IT trenches.

Code blurred eyes, oh, myopia!

There is no need to explain this too much. There are too many people wearing glasses. Look at primary and secondary schools now. Whether it is because of reading books, watching TV or watching computers, almost all of them are four-eyed children. After that, in my life, I have to endure the merciless exploitation of various glasses shops.

What are the simple ways to protect your eyes?

    Above all, Is every hour I look at the computer, Just look at the green plants in the distance for 10 minutes. But please note that The most important thing here is the word [far away]. Looking far away, Can adjust the focal length of your eyes, To relax the eye muscles. Just put a bonsai next to the computer, Or turn the computer background to green, please, that is your own deception. Adjust the brightness of the screen to ensure that it is not dazzling or dark. At the same time, pay attention to the distance between the eyes and the screen, keep at the same horizontal line, the distance is more than 60 cm. Attention should be paid to blink more to prevent dry eyes! Especially when you are watching movies and TV plays. When watching Korean dramas, you can skip this step, because sparse tears can ensure that there is enough liquid on your eyes…

Close your eyes and have a rest, then click on the link. This article teaches you how to take good care of [the window of your heart] your eyes so hard and how to make them less hurt.

The wounds of clicking bursts and flipping fingers, [mouse hand] [keyboard hand]

Your fingers are no longer flexible and powerful? And his right wrist is faintly black? Don’t be afraid, this is not the poisonous gas that melts bones and palms. It will not extend to the heart pulse and make people die. This is the precursor of [keyboard player] and calluses produced by long-term mouse clicking.

If you don’t correct it early and let the wrong posture continue, leaving your wrists sore and fingertips numb, you will probably develop into [mouse hand] [keyboard hand]-carpal tunnel syndrome or tenosynovitis. Wouldn’t it be sad that even chopsticks can’t be used quickly?

Both of these diseases are caused by excessive movement of wrists or fingers, or incorrect posture for a long time. Repeated friction, friction, tendon sheath will appear bleeding, edema, exudation and other aseptic inflammation, will also involve the median nerve, so the symptoms of hand numbness, pain and weakness appear.

If these early manifestations occur:

    Thumb index finger middle finger, intermittent numbness and pain; The muscle strength of thumb is weakened. Sore wrists.

Then you should pay more attention.

You can first try to make a rest plan for your fingers and wrists:

    Every 30 minutes of using the computer, let your fingers and wrists rest for 2-3 minutes. You often shake your hands and rub your wrists to relax the muscles of your wrists and fingers. Change to a better ergonomic keyboard and operate the mouse with the other hand…

Clicking on links often hurts your hands? May have tenosynovitis. Learn more about how to deal with [tenosynovitis].

Can’t afford to hurt neck, shoulder and old waist

[Neck, Shoulder and Wrist Syndrome] is another common disease sign of Cheng Xuyuan.

Is what the culprit? Answer: It is not correct to sit for a long time.

When we were in primary school, the teacher told us that although we were sitting in class, we still had to hold our chests high and our stomachs closed. Although it was very painful for Xiong Haizi to stick to this posture, it could really protect your spine very effectively.

What is the best sitting position? Simply put, it is three 90:

    Knees bend naturally at 90 degrees, and foot pads can be added below if necessary. The thigh and trunk are 90 degrees, and the trunk is kept vertical. Do not bend over for a long time. It is recommended to buy a computer chair with a backrest. Elbows are 90 degrees to ensure natural drooping and not outward spread. The computer desk should not be too high, and it is better to have a computer chair with adjustable height to ensure that you have the most comfortable height.

In addition, it is the same sentence, often stand up and move, to prevent joint stiffness caused by long-term motionless, at the same time can also promote blood circulation, prevent thrombosis.

Where are the temperament men in IT?

Computers have been used for a long time and lack exercise, especially many ITmen’s diet is not regular. It is easy to have two kinds of fate, either thin or fat.

At the same time, accompanied by deep eye socket, hair loss, listlessness… For example:

How to prevent it?

The sad fact is that almost everyone knows the answer, but most people cannot:

    Go to bed early and get up early, have a good rest; Eat on time, eat reasonably, eat low-fat and low-salt diet, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Exercise 3-4 times a week, jogging, swimming and playing ball games, lasting 40 minutes to 1 hour each time.

A buddy heard this and gave me a wry smile: Do you think I don’t want to? Running programs and losing codes every day, the six-pack abdominal muscles of that year have already fused into one piece.

I could only pat him helplessly on the shoulder and sigh with emotion: Who told us to be children of small companies? Work hard for 5 years and find ways to get some original shares. When the company goes public, don’t you have the money and time to practice 6-pack abs and drive sports cars to pick up girls?

Say that finish, all of our eyes with five murderous look, three jealousy and two resentment, turned to a senior code farmer buddy in an Internet giant company, looked at him with a sad face and took out his wallet to pay the bill.

Dust is like tide and people are like water. I only sigh that a few people in the Jianghu have returned.

Editor: Ni Jiahua

Author: Mo Ran