Food Festival and Small Man: Cherry, Cherry, What’s the Difference in Nutrition?

Today it is full. The grains of early rice and wheat begin to fill and become full, but they are still far from mature.

In early summer, all kinds of fresh fruits are dazzling. This is also the season when cherries eat fresh. Cherries can be bought everywhere on the streets.

Just like litchi in those days [a princess riding on the world of mortals laughed] and now [flying into the homes of ordinary people], cherries were originally high-grade offerings of the royal emperor to worship the ancestral temple and were planted as early as the Western Zhou Dynasty. By now, cherries have already become fruits that everyone can eat.

Cherry? Big cherry? Cherries?

Some of the cherries sold in the market are called cherries, while others are called cherries. Some people say [cherries are made in China and cherries are imported? ]

It’s like a lot of hype. What’s going on?

The cherries sold most are mainly Chinese cherries and European sweet cherries. Chinese cherries are [small and exquisite], small in size and mostly light red. European sweet cherries are [full type] and are generally large in size, which is what we call big cherries. Their color is dark red.

In fact, cherries and cherries are both deciduous shrubs and fruit trees of Rosaceae, but the varieties are different. Cherries are a variety of European sweet cherries, which is characterized by firm pulp, abundant water and relatively large size.

The name of cherries should come from the transliteration of cherries. Just like many imported fruits have other names, for example, strawberry sold in supermarkets is actually the transliteration of strawberry. There is also the transliteration of snake fruit from [delicious].

Big is beautiful, expensive is good?

In fact, apart from the difference in size, the difference in nutritional value between the two is almost negligible. In terms of price, imported big cherries will be much more expensive, which does not necessarily guarantee freshness…

However, fortunately, the breeding technology is becoming more and more advanced, and many foreign excellent cherry varieties have already been successfully cultivated in China.

Many businesses call big cherries cherries, claiming that imported cherries are sold at a high price, so we should keep our eyes open. After all, there is no difference between the two kinds of nutrition in what, and it may be produced and sold in China.

How is the nutrition of cherries?

Because cherries are delicious and lovely, people always love them and praise them more naturally. Many people also praise cherries for their high nutrition, iron and blood supplement, and high vitamin C content. As a result, many friends will grind their teeth to buy back some cherries for their relatives. How is the nutrition of cherries?

Cherry’s deep red appearance immediately reminds people of abundant blood flow, so cherry is usually considered as a good thing to supplement iron and blood. However, what is unexpected is that the iron content in 100 grams of cherry is only 0.36 mg-0.8 mg in Chinese cabbage. Therefore, cherry enriching blood is more like a legend of supplementing shape with shape.

As for vitamin C, 100 grams of cherries usually contain only 7-9 milligrams, which is not as good as Chinese cabbage. Apart from iron and vitamin C, the nutrition of sugar, protein and minerals in cherries is not prominent, so the nutrition of cherries is not as good as everyone thinks.

Then why do you eat cherries? Isn’t it good to eat Chinese cabbage?

But… cherries are delicious!

Moreover, cherry is also rich in plant polyphenols and is a healthy fruit.

Take two servings a day to lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

The New England Journal of Medicine, the world’s top medical journal, once reported that people who eat more fruits have better blood pressure and blood sugar. People who eat fruit every day have fewer cardiovascular diseases than people who do not eat fruit.

Therefore, cabbage cannot be used instead of fruit! Quick look at how to eat the two fruits every day, click to view > > eating fruits like this every day can reduce coronary heart disease.

Recommended recipes

Cherry is delicious, eating raw is of course the most convenient. However, you can also try to make some delicacies with its side dishes.

Cherry roast meat

Ingredients: more than 10 cherries, 500 grams of pork belly, 35 grams of granulated sugar, 100 grams of edible oil, appropriate amount of salt, rice vinegar and cooking wine, appropriate amount of ginger, scallion and geranium


  1. Cut the meat into pieces and blanch it in cold water, then soak it in ice water for 2 minutes.

  2. Heat the pan well, add oil, pour in the meat and fry it until the surface is slightly crisp. Pour out most of the oil for health.

  3. Add granulated sugar and cherry and stir-fry. When the cherry is Microsoft, add cold water to cover the meat, add a little salt and stew over medium heat.

  4. When receiving half of the juice, add ginger, scallion, geranium, cooking wine and other seasonings. When cherries are stewed and there is still a little juice, add seasonings such as salt and vinegar, stir-fry over low heat, leave some juice, remove the slices, and then put on a plate.

Although pork belly is fragrant, don’t eat too much! It is enough to eat 70 grams at most every day. Click to view > > How to eat braised pork to be healthy?