Food Festival, Vernal Equinox: Fresh Spring Day in Tian Tou Wild Room

Today is the vernal equinox of the 24 solar terms.

There is no doubt that some vegetables really have to be eaten fresh, just like bamboo shoots in spring, cucumbers in summer, water chestnuts in autumn and glutinous lotus roots in winter. Only when you find the right time can you feel their taste between your lips and teeth. Even simple and extremely common stir-fried vegetables will add color to many fresh vegetables. And shepherd’s purse is a well-deserved finishing touch.

The fresh taste is due to [leaf alcohol]

Although it is cheap as a weed, the taste of shepherd’s purse is unambiguous. Even if it is simply blanched and drained, the leaves can still give out unique sweetness and a fresh smell. This taste is not our imagination, but caused by [leaf alcohol]. It is this high-grade spice that gives shepherd’s purse a spring-like taste.

If shepherd’s purse is mixed with minced meat rich in oil to make stuffing, or boiled in bone clear soup, it can bring out the flavor of spring.

Nutritional Characteristics of Capsella bursa-pastoris

1. The vitamin C content can reach 48 mg/100g, which is higher than the vitamin C content in common lemon;

2. The carotene content also reached 3.12 mg/100g, which is also a good source of carotene supplement.

3. Rich in dietary fiber, it can promote intestinal peristalsis and maintain the health of intestinal flora.

4. The clear fragrance of shepherd’s purse can stimulate our appetite and make our mouth and eating mood smooth after a winter of humbling.

Be careful [photosensitive dermatitis] and control the total amount of consumption.

Although shepherd’s purse is good, But not everyone is suitable to eat shepherd’s purse. The People’s Hospital Affiliated to Hubei Medical College once reported a case of eating shepherd’s purse. Cases that cause photosensitive dermatitis. Shepherd’s purse contains much less photosensitive substances than celery and mustard. However, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, friends with allergy history should eat as little as possible, and even friends without allergy history should control the total amount of consumption.

The prime time to eat shepherd’s purse, like Beijing’s time, is fleeting. Once shepherd’s purse blooms, it is unbearable to eat. Still waiting for what, hurry up and taste the beauty of shepherd’s purse.

Delicious and nutritious to eat like this

If you want to eat the nutrition of shepherd’s purse, you should pay attention to the way you eat it. Some friends are used to pickling shepherd’s purse with salt first, squeezing out the water and then making dumpling stuffing, or mixing the shepherd’s purse with water until it is very soft. These practices all lead to the loss of vitamin C. Because vitamin C is soluble in water and is easily damaged by heat at the same time.

Cold mix, gently blanch, chop, mix peanut kernels or cashew nuts, is delicious.

Recipe for Festival: Shepherd’s Purse Dumplings

According to the practice of leek stuffing, shepherd’s purse pork stuffing is made, and dumplings, steamed buns and spoiled dumplings are made while mixing stuffing.

Recipe for Festival: Shepherd’s Purse, Gold Needle and Bean Curd

Raw materials: 150g tofu, 50g Flammulina velutipes, 50g shepherd’s purse and appropriate amount of oil.


1. 豆腐和金针菇洗净, Cut tofu into small pieces,Shepherd’s purse is chopped,Cut Flammulina velutipes into two pieces;

2. Put oil into the pan, add scallion and stir-fry until fragrant, add tofu and stir-fry slightly.

3. Add a large bowl of water to boil, add Flammulina velutipes and boil for a while;

4. Finally, add shepherd’s purse, add salt and chicken essence, cook for a while, sprinkle white pepper to taste.