For the sake of baby’s health, six things to pay attention to during pregnancy

A child’s appearance, character and behavior are largely determined by genes contributed by both parents.

However, the environment is also crucial to the healthy growth and development of children, and the influence of the environment has begun to play a role since the baby was still in the womb.

The influence of environment on fetus cannot be underestimated.

It is well known that drinking, smoking or eating unsterilized dairy products can affect the normal development of the fetus. This is already a [commonplace] problem. But in fact, we are talking about [environment] far more than that. There are also other living habits or behaviors that you may not have noticed that will affect the future health of the fetus.

Now, let’s see, for a healthy baby, we can do some what?

1. Proper weight loss before pregnancy

Obesity, which belongs to a word that everyone shouts and beats when crossing the street, But we’re talking about obesity, It has nothing to do with beauty. Because studies have shown that obesity increases the risk of gestational diabetes and premature delivery in pregnant women, and also increases the risk of obesity and diabetes in the fetus. However, just recently, scientists have given many [plump] pregnant women a severe supplement: pre-pregnancy weight is related to children’s future asthma.