For the sake of your own health and interests, you should know the [big fool] in these treatments.

Are you familiar with these words?

Yes, these are the high-frequency words appearing in the black-hearted medical advertisements on the streets and lanes of [they are tall once more in the spring wind].

On March 15 Consumer Rights Day, together with Dr. Clove, polish your eyes and find out the [big fool] in these dirty medical advertisements.

Can dorsal penile neurotomy really make “flaccidity” elder brother become “Wei” elder brother?

I believe every man does not want to be related to these two words: premature ejaculation.

Is what premature ejaculation? Please see: What is impotence and premature ejaculation?

Many men with premature ejaculation have turned to men’s hospitals in the streets to revive their glory and solve this problem. Most of these hospitals recommend patients to undergo one kind of surgery: dorsal penis neurotomy.

The dorsal penis nerve is the nerve that controls glans penis sensation. The theoretical derivation of this operation is very good: after blocking the dorsal penis nerve, the local sensitivity of the penis decreases, thus the degree of induction to stimulation decreases. It takes a long time or a large degree of stimulation to reach climax, thus the problem of premature ejaculation [is solved].

However, the reality is cruel.

The authoritative guidance on the treatment of premature ejaculation, < < 2014 Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Premature Ejaculation > >, clearly points out that resection of dorsal penile nerve may lead to permanent loss of sexual function and is not recommended for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Therefore, for the sake of their real [sexual happiness], premature ejaculation patients, please say no to dorsal penis nerve block.

The Obsolete Disease-Cervical Erosion

When it comes to [XX erosion], it will not give everyone a very good intuitive feeling.

If many women hear that they [suffer from] [cervical erosion], they generally cannot stand the deception of some unscrupulous doctors and rush to choose treatment.

Electric perm? Low temperature? Laser? Don’t be busy, let’s see what is [cervical erosion] first.

Cervical erosion is a historical disease, now renamed as cervical epithelial migration. This so-called [disease] has been excluded from the category of medical diseases at the beginning of this century. Now the consensus in the medical field is that cervical epithelial migration is a normal phenomenon.

Although it was called erosion, it was not a disease.

Want to know more about cervical erosion? Please click: Is cervical erosion really a disease?

In fact, the difference between the [erosive] cervix and the [non-erosive] cervix is the same as the personal appearance, only the difference between the melon-shaped face and the oval face.

What is more noteworthy is that blind [treatment] may bring unnecessary troubles to the later delivery process.

Therefore, when any unscrupulous doctor says [cervical erosion] is a disease and needs treatment, please gracefully throw him two words: hehe.

You lost your teeth? Strong man, don’t be impulsive.

Recently, several friends with practical ability Max have introduced DIY agitation into the medical field, following the principle of “do it yourself and have plenty of food and clothing”: if your teeth fall off, you will be safe.

However, in the case of dental implantation, it is really possible to take a [DIY model suit] in a treasure, roll up your sleeves and set up a model by yourself, and install it?

This strong man, wait a minute.

There are many hidden dangers in dental implantation, and every step of treatment is full of dangers.

This is not, there is a friend in the process of DIY dental inlay because of the wrong material, resulting in plaster solidification in the mouth can’t take it out. After a whole night’s ordeal, I went to the stomatology department to find a doctor, and only the plaster was sawed open before taking it down. Please click on the onlookers: missing a tooth, the online seller taught you to install it yourself? It is really too unreliable!

It’s terrible to think about it.

Fortunately, we have reliable stomatologists to help us fill our teeth. Come and see how stomatologists deal with missing teeth: do you really understand the dental implants in your mouth?

All the above treatment methods are unreliable and are likely to lead to serious consequences, bringing unnecessary health and economic losses to patients.

Therefore, for the sake of your own health and interests, in a word, please go to a regular hospital for treatment!